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Handy tip!

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I always thought it wasn't "MS has no games" (which is obviously hyperbole) but "MS has limited worthwhile exclusives -- especially lately". The latter I would agree with.

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Sounds very promising.

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Agreed. Would hope so!

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My favorite genre continues to bring me gaming goodness!

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All of the platforms are overloaded with games. A good problem for gamers to have but not so much for smaller and middle devs struggling to get publicity and the word out on their games.

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I'll see you all in 2027!

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No game interests me on the system except Rare Replay.

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Probably due to how grueling game development is now with the more powerful systems, higher budgets, and all that stuff that slows down the pace of Rare and many development studios for that matter.

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That's quite interesting!

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Foxtrot probably doesn't go to the types of parties many of you who constantly defend people like PDP seem to go to, where spouting racial slurs is considered okay. I think they're white supremacist parties and rallies run by groups like the KKK.

Actually, that's not a fair comparison at all. The KKK doesn't have a legion of young, impressionable children following them, thinking PDP's behavior is cool to do, unlike PDP does.

No idea w...

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It's going to be interesting, for sure.

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It was hilarious to me, and that's all that matters. :)

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Hello. No worries--the God of War series has been represented on this series multiple times. :)

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This is interesting.

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I just liked seeing a year break between titles. Using that to polish the game even further is even better.

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I think there will always be room for more traditional gaming experiences and VR, among with any other interesting type of gaming that enters the industry, so I wouldn't worry. :)

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Really excited for this one. After so many games, the series was feeling stale to me, so I'm glad this is such an impressive and worthwhile shakeup from the seems of it!

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Dude! Ultimate Spider-Man built off the foundations of Spider-Man 2 and is my favorite! :)

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Nah, not Blockbuster. Our county library branch checks out games as well as books and movies. Probably did back when we were still renting from Blockbuster around the PS3 gen, too.

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