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It's going to be interesting, for sure.

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It was hilarious to me, and that's all that matters. :)

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Hello. No worries--the God of War series has been represented on this series multiple times. :)

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This is interesting.

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I just liked seeing a year break between titles. Using that to polish the game even further is even better.

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I think there will always be room for more traditional gaming experiences and VR, among with any other interesting type of gaming that enters the industry, so I wouldn't worry. :)

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Really excited for this one. After so many games, the series was feeling stale to me, so I'm glad this is such an impressive and worthwhile shakeup from the seems of it!

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Dude! Ultimate Spider-Man built off the foundations of Spider-Man 2 and is my favorite! :)

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Nah, not Blockbuster. Our county library branch checks out games as well as books and movies. Probably did back when we were still renting from Blockbuster around the PS3 gen, too.

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This looks like a game that I'd check out from the library or a budget purchase, but probably nothing I'd buy at full price.

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*checks calendar* Whoa. It's been TWO weeks since I started this play session, man! Sorry I missed your funeral, Aunt Myrtle.

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Agreed. It's a perfect handheld game!

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That's how it's been working for the PlayStation brand and Nintendo systems too. I think it's working out well. I hope Microsoft gets enough content first-party wise to be able to release major titles all year round!

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A nice sentiment, imo.

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This comment section is a cesspool of corporate cheerleaders trolling one another's favorite electronic toy of choice. Keep up the great work, N4G users!

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I would have thought it was obvious that my comment was a subjective opinion, so no need to be so defensive. Jesus Christ, some of you get so attached to electronic toys.

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The problem I have with a "crazy powerful box" is that it's meaningless if it doesn't have the exclusives I want on it, which the Xbox brand has had a problem with, especially this generation.

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This is one of my most anticipated games coming out! Can't wait. :)

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It's a neat name, so I hope it works out for them (as well as the price, of course).

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Yeah. these are popular souvenirs in the Southwest in the US as well. Things seen at gas stops and such.

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