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Got both, like both of them. Gamer here, no fanboy. #14
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There is no fanboys. What you got is a kid, say Mike, for his birthday his parents get him a PS4 (cheaper). He is automatially thinking, oh no David down the street has a Xbox one. He's thinking oh no mine has got to be better than his. A adult, a working one anyways knows if budget is right, and cards fall in the right place they can afford to get both systems and enjoy the best of both worlds. Some adults will just pick one since working and family will take most of their free time. #51
I'll give the moderators about 10 minutes to delete this or there will be legal action for all the racist comments. I have been banned for way less, and it's fine I guess if your black. #117.2
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Even forza is kinda last gen looking, don't get me wrong I enjoy it. #2.1
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Well who ever posted the video will not be getting into the 2nd beta, guess they didn't read the fine print. #87
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Why are people having a discussion over a pedophile? If this was a white guy, radio stations and retail stores would have burned his merchandise #1.3
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Check out for a gaming website, the fanboys get banned. Which I'm sure plenty here already are. #6
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fanboys don't exist, It's what you call not being able to afford multiple systems, or a hatred towards one and loyalty to the other. I own both PS4 and XB1, thankfully my bank account and wife allow this. I prefered 360 last round, this round PS4, I didn't like what MS had to say at E3, though they did change. I can't imagine not getting both systems in the future also, god willing. If I had to pick one, I'm pretty sure it would be Sony. #27
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Got killzone shadow fall, madden, nba 2k, fifa, ghost and BF4, and of course the free games on PSN. #50.1.1
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I have both so enjoying the best of both worlds, but I will honestly say, if I could have found another PS4 black friday, I would have purchased my second instead of the xbone one, got forza 5 with it, and it looks last gen. #50
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No one hates FOX news but blacks, wake up and be truthful and not allowed to speak the truth. #5
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Campy are you really that paranoid ?They make medicine for that. How often is your girl laying on the couch in panties? All the time u say, chances are she a ho. #9.2.4
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So basically you join a group, and do online mission with friends? If so what is the big hype, this will get boring after 2 days. Someone please tell me there is more. #7
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Add online time trials, don't understand why GT5 didn't have them, adds so much more replay value, trying to beat No 1, or a friends score. The seasonal events were terrible. #5
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Zebra is your typical sony fanboy, has no clue who even develops games. Xbox one for me, thanks Zebra. #1.2.4
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$45 a year is breaking your bank? For a superior online service. I have both systems and play both, like most on here claiming to have a 360, you look up their gamertag and boom they have played 2 games.You know whats a ripoff a cell service charging $30 a month for smartphone internet , and they already have internet at home paying for it. hmm $45 a year for xbox live versus 360 a year for internet on a phone, and the internet on the phone is about as slow as PSN. #15
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$50 for a button mashing game, no thank you. #22
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Unplayable online though, lags way too much, but hey it's free online. #3
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OMG why, sony told me it was the best in the world, now the truth comes out and sony once again lied about a system that doesn't even exist yet.I'm a sony fanboy and can't stand when someone searches the internet and find lies that sony have told. I believed all the specs of the PS4, no wonder they didn't show it to us. I'm gonna cry now. #138
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And Microsoft makes money on every computer of theirs that has windows. #2.1.6
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