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Fanboys are kids that can't afford both systems,Daddy buys him a PS4/XBOX for birthday, Jimmy down the street has the opposite system, so as children will do, they defend the system cause they know they won't get both. No working adult is going to be a fanboy.

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I have a T80 for PS4 driveclub and Project cars, I have the Logitech force feedback for PC project cars. The T80 at $300 cheaper gives me times as good or better than the Logitech $399 wheel. The T80 is great.

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Stopped support Wiiu and now this. I will not buy another Nintendo product.

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Old you have 1 game for the xbone. Look me up pal. I have and enjoy both systems.

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Guys look it up, the PS4 is junk compared to the Kinect cam, Christ what fanboys on here. But yes a PC will trash them both.

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Exactly why I play very few PC games.

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I have both and both of them are trash, give you games that are years old, or some indie game that looks like it belongs on Atari 2600.

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Not much into the button mashing hack and slash. Game is boring after 15 minutes.

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I don't understand this suspend/resume, I quit my game and save. Why is this getting so much hype?

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Still buy physical copies. If I don't like game, tired of it, etc., At least I can get some kind of trade in value for it. Digital I don't have that option.

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And your xbox live and PSN names are what?

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AD705 what is your steam name, I can take you to many games with cheaters. I have all consoles and play on PC. Let me know yor wii, xbox , and playstation names also, we will see who the fanboy is. My steam name is the same as here PHIBALNATION. Hope to hear from you soon on all platforms, cause your not a fanboy right?

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Has anyone ever played PC online through steam? There is so much cheating, and nothing is being done about it. That is how your free service will be ran. .20 a day for mostly cheat free gaming and a unified community. SIGN ME UP!

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Driveclub is not a sim like forza 5, christ come on fanboy. I have both and DC is a arcade racer.

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Could you please supply a link to back that up. WTF

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Forza 6 or 7 will be out by the time we get the next GT.

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They should start giving loyalty discounts, I been with them since the beginning. Xbox live I have not paid more than $45 for a sub, and the last 3 yrs. it's only cost me $30 yr.

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Hated Gears online. You had to unload a magazine or 2 to kill someone.

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Got both, like both of them. Gamer here, no fanboy.

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There is no fanboys. What you got is a kid, say Mike, for his birthday his parents get him a PS4 (cheaper). He is automatially thinking, oh no David down the street has a Xbox one. He's thinking oh no mine has got to be better than his. A adult, a working one anyways knows if budget is right, and cards fall in the right place they can afford to get both systems and enjoy the best of both worlds. Some adults will just pick one since working and family will take most of their free time.

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