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Article forgot about Grimgrimoire.

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Gwendolyn and Oswald in Odin Sphere. A beautiful and dark Shakespearean romance.

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My most anticipated game at the moment. Vanillaware always impresses on all fronts.

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I will never understand the appeal of FFX. I found the game to be pretty bad in all respects, especially in comparison to its predecessors, the superb FFVII and FFIX.

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Yeah, I shouldn't have brought up Bayonetta and Vanquish. I was comparing them in terms of satisfaction as action games, not really in terms of gameplay (except when it comes to the timing-based combos in Bayonetta).

It's true I didn't enjoy Catherine, but it lacks any real comparison.

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Bring on another classic Vanillaware!

Also, the site music is fantastic.

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Absolutely. Bayonetta is the defining game of this generation for me.

This is because Bayonetta completely focuses on the one factor that matters most in videogames: gameplay; a factor most developers place behind graphics and production values these days.

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Bayonetta is easily the greatest action game ever made; nothing stacks up to it. I think this is pretty much a solid fact if you actually play Bayonetta. Those who say otherwise, just probably haven't played Bayonetta.

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Castlevania is looking to be a spectacular game; though since God of War 3 was an immensely disappointing game, it wouldn't be hard to trump it.

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Bayonetta would beat them both.

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Even though it sold decently, I don't think enough people played Bayonetta. It really is the best 3D action game made so far.

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Vesperia, despite being a good game, was disappointing. The Tales formula is really becoming dull over the years. Granted, I haven't played Graces, Tales needs a strong revamp; even though it is destined to be met with a ton of backlash from series fans.

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I have never played an MMO but ever since the demo video last year, I've been interested in Blade & Soul because of the awesome looking combat. Can't Wait!

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Can't wait to for Vanillaware's next game. They have become one of my favorite developers of all time with only 3 games released!

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10 for Bayonetta! Looks like I chose the right game to get hyped up for!

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Kamiya always sets new standards with his games, and it's because him and his team are one of the few develepors who aren't afraid to take risks.

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Bayonetta will easily be the best action game ever created, and become one of the best games of all time. I've said this for months, and everyone calls me crazy, but at least I've got something to back me up, even if it is a Famitsu review, heh.

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This game is actually looking pretty good. Like a Super Robot Taisen but with the Queen's Blade characters. The fanservice is just a great bonus, heh.

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It'll never happen. Microsoft tried, but ultimately failed. Not even getting Dragon Quest XI exclusive for the 360 can save them.

360 is dead in Japan. Just focus on the West now Microsoft, you have lost.

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