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Legendary game. I got the chills just seeing the image from the game art :)

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User? like he's a ps4 druggie lol

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LoTuZ, thats exactly what I came in to say. +1

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They need to bundle the vita with the ps4, thats the easiest way i'd justify buying one. i'm astounded that they havent made one already... even a ps3/vita bundle.

unless im missing something

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i'm eager to get my hands on it, literally.

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well it depends on the games that appeal to you.

LoU and Rain were neat games but they werent my kind of games. i lost interest in GTA. Sly is great for sure, im playing through it from PS Store.

Its not the ps3's fault per se, as oldassgamer stated it just happens towards the end of the cycle.

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Tired of this gen consoles? Not really.

Tired of this gen games? Yes.

I enjoy my PS3 a great deal but im at the point where i just keep the older games i have rather than buy the next in the series. ive had a ps3 since launch and the majority of my lineup is sequels.

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shiva kamini soma kandarkram!!!!!!

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what a fu*kin dummy

no shit consoles are 5-6 years behind, they've been out for 5-6 f'n years, whereas PCs are constantly upgraded and can be manipulated and modded piecemeal

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well duh

it only does EVERYTHING!

plus, seeing the tremendous support from the devs (thank you Naughty Dog and Guerrila Games) why would anyone opt for anything else for gaming!!!!

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yes, i most certainly am envious...

however, if i did get an early copy and was kickin ass, i'd be pissed when they reset the leadeboards....

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it f*ckin better be, its been in development forever it seems....

ive lost interest

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i expect very strong sales all the way through the holiday.....

sales of all consoles will dip at the beginning of the new year, but watch for the ps3, especially to pick back up very strong come March 2010 w/ GOW III and GT 5..

sony has the momentum and also has the greatest potential of keeping it for the long haul


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not many devs have the balls, or the belief in their product to come out and make a claim like this... good for them

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""I'm glad we're friends with those guys, so we can find out how they did it!," Stevenson said. "I'm happy for them. They deserve all the success in the world. The first game was a victim of the PS3's installed base at the time. It did well but it could have reached a much larger audience. This one's getting an audience it deserves.""

well stated insomniac...

kudos to two very respectable devs both getting the appreciation they deserve!!...

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i like hugh jackman... a lot... but NOT as nathan drake... not even on my list!

that being said, im hesitant to come up with someone to play his role, the game was sooooo movie-like, i can't picture anyone else playing the role other than nathan drake HIMSELF... thats what its come down to.. it was THAT good

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oh boy.... in comes the defense force.... lol

it only makes sense though... i mean cmon, it only does EVERYTHING!

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yeah.... im definitely going to go back to netflix when this is available, but i'll probably wait til the disc inconvenience is resolved...

but 2010 is better than never...

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hahahaha, cuz that's their only real game right now.... other than upcoming forza, they've been bored for some time, dying for a decent game...


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f'n righ IW.... two full years later and theres still a sh*tload of people playing COD4... god knows how long they'll be playing this one online.... plus DLC etc....

A LOT of life left in this gen....

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