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I probably won't be picking it up again, but leaving the multiplayer as a separate download is a good idea with the Switch's limited storage. The file size is huge now on PS4 and PC and you have to download all of the maps and crap if you want the single player add-ons like the brilliant arcade mode. I have to keep Doom installed just so I don't have to go through the nightmare of downloading it all again.

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Reach campaign on solo legendary was a real treat, one of my favourite gaming memories from that gen.

Halo 3 was something else entirely, though. Don't think Halo will ever be that great again.

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What purpose is there in limiting the shaders to only one use? What happens when you want your new gun to match the colour of your armor? What happens when you gain a few levels and that armor is no longer useful? Do you just grind and grind until you can once again customize your character to your liking?

It's pretty simple, they want you to spend more money -- that's the only reason. From what I hear, the game is a blast and that's great, but just because you...

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Why can't we talk about Sony ALL of the time instead of just MOST of the time??

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It really sucks that both Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us had gameplay microtransactions, but I imagine the reason they're never really brought up is because both games had long 15+ hour single player modes. You could never touch the multiplayer segments in either of those games and still feel like you got your 60 euros worth.

Destiny doesn't really work like that. You buy a game like Destiny and the microtransatcions and DLC are in your face at all times -- there...

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I'm only concerned with people playing on lower difficulties for review. I don't care what difficulty the average person plays on. At the same time, I maintain that you're not experiencing the game as intended. I gave examples too. Bayonetta quite literally plays itself on the easy difficulty, you don't get to input combos. I don't think the lads at Platinum would have bothered implementing such a complex combat system if they didn't intend for people to use it.

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I completely agree. I never reload checkpoints when things go wrong in the Last of Us, I always try to fight my way out even when I'm low on resources. It's real edge-of-your-seat stuff on the harder difficulties, and it feels so satisfying each time you just barely scrape by.

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No Breaks Valet > Breath of the Wild

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"I don’t have the time or patience to stick Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on Crushing. I will probably play it on easy and I won’t get any less out of it than someone playing it on harder difficulties. Sure, when reviewing a game I will try out harder difficulties for the sake of extra knowledge, but I won’t play everything on its hardest difficulty and brag about it on Twitter."

Of course you're entitled to play on the easier difficulty and "try out" h...

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It hurts me to read your description of hack-and-slash games! But it's awesome that Nier is turning people on to similar titles. There's nothing quite as satisfying as mastering the combat in a good character action/hack-and-slash game, and the really good ones like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry 3 are anything but "mindless". I hope you do pick it up and enjoy it, it deserves a bigger audience.

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Pretty much. It has its own versions of bonfires and estus-like healing items. It's surprisingly challenging at times too.

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Bought Momodora on Steam on a whim and absolutely loved it. Not quite as open as other Metroidvanias and it arguably borrows more from the Souls series, but man, it's excellent. It's out on PS4 now too and it's absolutely worth a look.

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It's a walking sim that occasionally tests your ability to move Senua into a highlighted area and then move the right analog stick until you "solve" a puzzle. The combat had serious potential but Ninja Theory failed to build on it, you fight the same enemies with essentially the same moveset from around the third hour until the very end of the game.

I don't think it's an awful game by any means and 4/10 seems way too harsh -- but at the same time, I wi...

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Forgot all about that. Must have been a nightmare playing that game with only one analog stick.

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I died a total of 4 times on my playthrough with the combat difficulty set to hard. The game is far too forgiving. Senua can be knocked down several times in a fight and still get up as long as she doesn't take too much damage immediately after recovering. If there really was permadeath in the game, and considering that the default difficulty is "auto" -- which I presume means that the game adjusts damage levels based on your how well or poorly you're doing -- you would prob...

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That mode broke my heart so many times. Every time I died and lost hours of progress I'd turn it off and swear that was the last time -- before picking it up again like an hour later and trying again. Eventually beat it and man it was such a good mode looking back, added so much tension to the game. Of course, that was optional... I don't quite know how I feel about this.

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No, I read the whole thing. Bloated is a more apt description I think. The article is very much about the writer's own experiences with the game.I would have been fine with an article like: "Breaking down my problems with the latest Zelda" or something like that but instead he's gone for more of a "Here's why I'm right and you're all wrong" thing, which I honestly find a little cringey.

And no, it doesn't bother me when people spe...

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I'm not going to tell you you're wrong, you don't enjoy the combat and you just explained why. I'm not gonna say that BOTW has an amazingly deep combat system or anything but I do enjoy how a lot of the fights turn into chaotic little scraps when weapons start breaking and I feel like I need to stay on my toes and improvise to survive. I completely understand why that wouldn't be appealing to everyone, though. And yes, I hate how switching weapons pauses gameplay -- but no...

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Alright, but you have to give examples. I see people say that BOTW gets a pass while other games don't but they never explain what they mean, and you literally just wrote X, Y and Z in place of actual words.

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