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I was ok with the ports for a long time, Tropical Freeze is like the pinnacle of 2D platformers for me and Bayo 2 is an action masterpiece, so I'm glad those two are getting a second chance -- but Captain bloody Toad? Who the hell asked for that?

I was really hoping for a Pikmin 4 reveal at E3, but now I'm thinking they're gonna announce Pikmin 3 Switch before 4. Hopefully it will stop at Captain Toad, but if that got the OK, then I have to imagine they're ...

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Nah man, look at those downvotes, these people know that you're lying and you're actually not fine with a few downgrades, just admit it already.

if they can get this to a locked 30fps, then it's gonna be the ultimate version for me regardless of any visual downgrades. Those time trial modes were insane fun on the PS4 and they're literally perfect for quick little sessions on the go. Get it to 30fps and it'll be great.

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The game is currently struggling to stay above 35fps on PS4 and Xbox One, I know the Pro and X are getting slightly better performance but still nowhere near a stable 60fps. No doubt these lads could get it running on Switch, but resolution and performance would obviously take a massive hit, to the point where it's probably not even worth it anymore.

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Seeing people say it's not ugly, I love the Switch and this game, but it IS ugly. It's actually kinda unbelievable how blurry it gets at times. If you never played one of the other versions I can maybe understand, but it is quite the downgrade.

That said, having one of the best shooters of the last ten years on the go is definitely a plus, and I'm loving this trend of adding motion controls to shooters to fine tune right analog stick aiming. It really is difficu...

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It's weird, I should despise Max Payne 3. I can't stand lengthy, un-skippable cutscenes and I think taking the control away from the player is about the worst thing a game can do -- if any other game pulled the shit MP3 does, I'd likely just turn it off. I dunno, the shooting just feels so weighty and the physics are still a joy to behold. Has a fantastic sense of pace too despite the cutscenes.

I always think of Max Payne as a series rather than the individual...

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I'm extremely lucky to be in a position where I can afford these consoles and games. Played Horizon, played Breath of the Wild, played Nier -- all incredibly overrated in my opinion. Best games for me were Nioh, Persona 5, Specter of Torment and Mario.

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Well as always, game of the year will eventually go to some over-hyped game which slowly reveals itself to be ok at best when the hype dies down. Like Specter of Tormnet last year, Celeste deserves to at least make an appearance in game of the year lists. It excels in what it sets out to do.

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The 60fps mode in Nioh is set to 720p -- that was last year not 2005. Yes, that's on the base €400 model, I'm not buying another PS4. Game was blurry as hell but I kept playing it for some strange reason -- it was like it was "fun" or something. I dunno, it looked like crap so it was obviously terrible and I'm just remembering it wrong.

Bayonetta 2 is an amazing game, I don't care how it looks.

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I love that you remembered the Shadow of the Colossus remaster was a thing halfway through your comment and had to awkwardly squeeze it in.

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The first 3 paragraphs emphasize that the game is ultimately fun. When did that stop being enough? I played the game for over 50 hours and had a blast, but now I'm done. I'm not interested in completing it 100% because not EVERYTHING Odyssey does is brilliant in my opinion -- but that does not invalidate the 50+ hours of fun I had with the game. And just to touch on the point that Galaxy explores each of it's ideas to the fullest -- it kinda had to. Galaxy is a game full of gimmic...

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You mean like a test? Yeah in tests where the answers are objectively right or wrong, you're right. Do you want there to be a checklist that games need to adhere to in order to achieve a perfect score? The game must have great combat -- well what is great combat? Games, like movies and music, are subjective. A ten means a truly outstanding experience (in the reviewers opinion) but it does not and never will mean perfect. Disagree all you like.

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Well that's the obligatory "Here's why you're wrong for liking Breath of the Wild" artifice taken care of for this month. Now all we need are two or three "Five reasons why The Order: 1886 is actually like... amazing" articles and we're good.

10 does not mean perfect. If you believe a 10 signifies a "perfect" game, you should not be reviewing games. It's perfectly fine if you don't like BOTW, but it's been out nearl...

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I still love the first game. The original on PS3 is pretty shocking by today's standards but the remaster on PS4 is a rock solid 60fps, fully v-synced and has no noticeable input lag so it plays great.

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God of War was always an action/adventure game first and foremost. The combat is really fun and satisfying but far from deep. The new God of War should be fine as long as it can keep up the pacing and that action/adventure feel. Devil May Cry on the other hand was always about the "anime-style hack and slash combat" as Kamiya puts it. There would be outrage from the fans if they moved in a more cinematic direction -- you saw what happened when DMC simply removed some of the complexi...

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The real remaster is happening on consoles and not the PC? Didn't know that. See, I don't know why I'd buy the Dark Souls remaster on PS4 as opposed to my PC -- but I can think of one very significant advantage that Switch has over all other versions.

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Great to see Yakuza 0, Nioh and Edith Finch getting some love -- all excellent games that most sites seemed to forget about by the end of the year. Mario is pure magic. Surprised there's no mention of Persona 5 though.

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This is the remaster that has been available on PC for like a year now along with the sequel. Both great games, be nice to see them come to PS4 too as I can't really see much of a reason to make this console exclusive, any decent laptop can run both games easily.

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How many moons do you have in Odyssey??

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Surely you've read the stories about indie developers coming out and saying that their games are selling better on Switch than competing consoles? You don't have a Switch but if you did, you may have seen that DOOM fell off the eshop "Best Sellers" list almost immediately while Skyrim and Rocket League have been consistently near the top if not in the number one position since they launched. So 3rd party seems to be doing fine on Switch, it's a shame that DOOM didn't...

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Definitely want them to keep the open world, but I also hope they bring back dungeons. When they started showing off BOTW, I got so excited about the prospect of stumbling across the dungeons through exploration and tacking them in the order I found them. Was so disappointed to find that wasn't the case. And no, the Divine Beasts are not on the same level as classic Zelda dungeons. Bring them back and it'll be an absolute belter of a game!

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