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Looks absolutely lovely! Getting more and more excited for this every time I see it.

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The final 20 mins are jaw dropping, visuals and animations are superb too. It's much easier than Limbo but it's a far tighter game in my opinion.

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Honestly, 80p for The Swapper or Lone Survivor is pretty good.

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Yeah I did see that, I'm not worried about the game having infinite ammo. My point is that in 2016, they attempted to build hype for their new game by showing five minutes of a man shooting into a crowd of zombies while slowly moving in the opposite direction.

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"It's about the human condition."
"It’s about him finding himself, because he no longer has his motorcycle gang.”

That was certainly evident in the trailer where he shot all the zombies with his infinite ammo machine gun.

Just imagine for a moment that this game was coming out on any other platform.

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Played the 360 version and really enjoyed it despite the poor image quality and frame dips. If the PS4 version can throw in a few nice bonuses, I'll probably pick it up again.

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Who actually down voted this??

Fighting games should always run as 60fps and input lag should be kept to an absolute minimum. This should not be considered an achievement, it should be the standard for the genre.

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Player 2 can't manage their own inventory in split-screen? Did they just throw this out the door before testing?

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In no way is Dark Souls the second worst game in the series. Plus, it's probably the one that got most of you into these games in the first place. Personally, I much prefer Demon's and Dark Souls over Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 is enjoyable and Dark Souls 2 is an absolute joke.

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The best graphics I've ever seen, outstanding tech, utterly average game. Uncharted 2 was great, The Last of Us is arguably the greatest game ever made but Uncharted 4 was just OK at best. There have already been better games released this year and there will no doubt be better games released towards the end of the year too.

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You can only access photo mode when you choose a mission from the mission select screen. It allows you to pretty much break the game right now, so letting you use it during normal play would remove all challenge I guess.

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Stick Doom on Nightmare, then come back here and tell me it's a "Newb friendly game".

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Oh hell yes!

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What were the problems you had with it? I've not played the Beta but am excited for the game and genuinely curious.

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OK you guys are right it's not technically free but if you HAVE to pay to play online, then getting a couple games to play on the side ain't too bad. You guys keep asking for the triple A stuff but do you really want Killzone: Shadowfall and Knack that bad? Cos that's what you'll get.

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I was surprised by how good it was on WiiU and as far as I know, it's a solid port. It's a shame the framerate still sucks but you can't really complain when it's free!

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@divinealpha I genuinely thought it was awful and so did a lot of others. Easy, repetitive and bland. I've been a fan since Demon's Souls but I'm not buying it just because it has the souls name attached.

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That's the problem though, a lot of fans (myself included) felt that Dark Souls 2 was a pretty poor game, especially when compared to Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Yet it was showered with praise from critics when it came out.

Personally, I'm gonna wait a week or two and see what the souls community thinks before deciding if I should pick this up or not.

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We need to stop talking about Doom like it's a horror game. Doom 1 and 2 had you violently mowing down hoards of enemies while midi metal tracks played, it was not subtle or scary.

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The lead character in one of the greatest ever character action games. Makes a lot more sense to have her in Smash than Ridley or whoever.

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