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"Can't believe how good Homogenic by Bjork is... Why didn't you say something?"


RedDragon Jr. #11
I ended up really enjoying Skyward Sword due to the fantastic dungeons in the latter half of the game, but I can't blame anyone who decided to throw in the towel during those god awful first 5 to 6 hours. Boring beyond belief!! #2
Yes, but those other posers neglected the considerable power of the double will.

Will the next Bioshock WILL shock you?

Astonishing. #1.1.1
A great prize indeed! #114
I was hoping for Metroid myself but now that you mention it, a new Star Fox from Retro could be absolutely fantastic. #5.2
No they really shouldn't be rated differently. Nidhogg does one thing, and it does it well -- LoS 2 sounds like it's trying to do too much at once and collapses in on itself. Stealth, exploration, God of War style combat -- it all just leads to a bloated, unsatisfying game. #5.3
Wow, I loved the single player but completely ignored the multiplayer seeing as how it didn't work for the first few weeks. After reading this and the comments, I'm glad I did. It just sounds like every single aspect of the online portion was designed to entice players to pay for extra credits!

Cleaning costs for your virtual house? CLEANING COSTS??!!

Rockstar should be ashamed of themselves. I'm really surprised that I didn't know this was go... #8
I must turn to Jesus. #6
I'm not actually angry! I absolutely loved The Last of Us, and after reading Coolbeans' comment, I can understand why it won. #16.2.1
Last of Us most innovative? It's a terrific game but it's just a refinement of what came before! Tearaway deserved that award, and best art direction. I am FURIOUS! #16
2033 is one of my favourite games of the "last" generation. I know it had erratic AI and awful shooting mechanics but it was a TRUE survival game.

Last Light toned down the survival aspects to the point where even on the hardest difficulty, it doesn't come close to the 2033 experience. Ammo everywhere, enemies that are handy in a firefight but almost completely blind to allow for stealth, and while I still think having the option to use your currency as ammo is... #2.1.2
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What makes you say that? I thought it was a poor game when compared to the first, but I didn't have any issues in terms of performance. #2.1
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"Don't feed the trolls" isn't good enough anymore. According to her twitter, guys were calling her up and masturbating over the phone. That's not being a troll, that's the absolute lowest of the low. #1.1
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I love that you're rocking some Kelsey!

This is a nice little contest, looking forward to seeing all the pretty pictures! #9.2
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If you want something truly terrifying to do this Halloween, then check out the DVD that came with the European version of Silent Hill 2. Between Takayoshi Sato's Maria impression and Akira Yamaoka's pants, it's a non-stop fright-fest.

A solid list by the way. Happy Halloween! #4
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First thing I did as Michael was turn him into Walt. And when the feeling grabs me, remove the glasses -- instant Max Payne. #3
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"Rape Culture is a myth people. It was created by feminists to further their agenda of creating a matriarchy and making men look evil, which is why you will never see the term Rape Culture applied to men even though men can be, have been, and are raped just as much as women are though don't report it as often."

Are you serious? #2
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I couldn't manage it either. But you know how each stage has those 3 completion goals of beating it on the highest difficulty, taking a non-lethal approach and completing it undetected? Well those goals are still listed on the Airstrip stage, so presumably it is possible. #1.1.3
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I completed the game without killing anyone, and I'm almost positive that every mission can be completed without Fisher being spotted during gameplay at least. #1.1
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Wasn't expecting that! Thanks very much, and congrats to everyone else. #7
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