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"Can't believe how good Homogenic by Bjork is... Why didn't you say something?"


Fantastic game. Hopefully it won't have the same awful input lag that the 360 version had. #5
Man, just got serious chills thinking about Dragon Quest VIII! Such a special game. #2
Check twitter, the Polytron twitter account and official Polytron site were both hacked by these bloody animals. #2.1
The game itself was like 4 gigs. This is getting a tad ridiculous. #6
It was the hype the killed it for me. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastically well made game and I really enjoyed it for what it was. But it's not the game I thought it would be. #3.1
Right there in the article it quotes him as saying it's ONE of the best first person campaigns since Half-Life 2. Not THE best. #4
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It's been like this all week. I can still sign in and play online but I can't download the stuff I bought. I picked a bad week to finally buy Mega Man 9 :( #1.4
The best way for Doom to stand out is to just go back to the basics like Doom 1 and 2. 10 or so hours of non-stop balls to the wall action. No cover system, no regenerating health and more importantly none of that horror bull that Doom 3 introduced. #7.1
I don't believe that the lack of a female protagonist in Unity is a major problem, but I do think it's pretty idiotic.

We're talking about a game that was built around getting your pals together for some four player co-op, and yet it never occurred to Ubisoft that maybe not everyone wants to play as a six foot, muscular assassin man who's only distinguishable feature is the colored icon hovering over his head. It's just bad design, and really, Ubisoft shou... #3
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Can't believe it never occurred to me to fling myself to Aldia's keep from the Shrine of Winter. I went and got the King's ring like a bloody fool. #6
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Why can they never just answer yes or no? Always have to dance around the question. I'm in agony here! #11
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Aw man, those are sexy as hell! That's what the pro controller should have been from the start. #5.1
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RedDragon Jr. #11
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I ended up really enjoying Skyward Sword due to the fantastic dungeons in the latter half of the game, but I can't blame anyone who decided to throw in the towel during those god awful first 5 to 6 hours. Boring beyond belief!! #2
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Yes, but those other posers neglected the considerable power of the double will.

Will the next Bioshock WILL shock you?

Astonishing. #1.1.1
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A great prize indeed! #114
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I was hoping for Metroid myself but now that you mention it, a new Star Fox from Retro could be absolutely fantastic. #5.2
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No they really shouldn't be rated differently. Nidhogg does one thing, and it does it well -- LoS 2 sounds like it's trying to do too much at once and collapses in on itself. Stealth, exploration, God of War style combat -- it all just leads to a bloated, unsatisfying game. #5.3
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Wow, I loved the single player but completely ignored the multiplayer seeing as how it didn't work for the first few weeks. After reading this and the comments, I'm glad I did. It just sounds like every single aspect of the online portion was designed to entice players to pay for extra credits!

Cleaning costs for your virtual house? CLEANING COSTS??!!

Rockstar should be ashamed of themselves. I'm really surprised that I didn't know this was go... #8
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I must turn to Jesus. #6
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