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Well that's seemingly what people want. Look at the praise from fans and critics, look at your disagrees!

Everything you mentioned is in the game, the puzzles are simple, the platforming is essentially impossible to fail unless you accidentally hit circle while clinging onto a ledge. The vast majority of the play time is dedicated to exploring and platforming while a second character talks at you, and all of the boss fights including the last boss are QTEs. I just hope ...

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Damn right. I know some people are turned off by Johnathan Blow and some of the pretentious elements that unfortunately made it into the game, but It is by far the best puzzle game I've ever played.

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No, an actual comparison would be an open world game, not two linear games, one of which doesn't even allow you to control the camera. GtaV, Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs, Far Cry 4, Shadow of Mordor, the Assassin's Creed games all target 30fps on both PS3 and PS4.

Anyone expecting a console as cheap and portable as the Switch to be some sort of powerhouse needs to get their head out of the clouds. Breath of the Wild will almost certainly run at 30fps on Switch, and that&#...

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@Fishy Fingers
It doesn't actually run better on Xbox One, it's just that it doesn't have frame pacing issues so it appears smoother overall. That said, anyone claiming that the game is just fine on the original PS4 are either lying or completely blind to the horrendous frame pacing. It's not a deal breaker, but it's constant and intrusive enough that I can't ignore it.

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I wouldn't say it's the best after 3, but it's embarrassing to read people's comments about it. It lacks the depth of 3 and 4 sure, but it's a perfectly functional and enjoyable game in its own right.

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I'd take pure misery over joy any day.

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Instead of scrambling for some terrible indie title like that downright atrocious tower game we got this month, why not throw in a PS2 classic??

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Yeah I have and don't get me wrong, it's a lot of fun and a huge step up from Conviction, but I feel like it lacked an identity of its own. There are so many games offering that kind of "action stealth" experience, think of the similarities between Blacklist and MGSV, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, hell even Uncharted 4 allows you to mark enemies and take them out stealthily.

I just feel like there's room for a pure, hardcore stealth title and for Splinter Cell ...

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Bringing back Ironside is a good start, but can we please have the old fun gameplay back too? There are enough games out there offering a badass action hero power fantasy. I just want a slow, tense stealth game with hacking and ridiculously dark shadows and copious amounts of the colour green.

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His daughter sounded like ten years older than him in Blacklist.

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Looks absolutely lovely! Getting more and more excited for this every time I see it.

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The final 20 mins are jaw dropping, visuals and animations are superb too. It's much easier than Limbo but it's a far tighter game in my opinion.

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Honestly, 80p for The Swapper or Lone Survivor is pretty good.

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Yeah I did see that, I'm not worried about the game having infinite ammo. My point is that in 2016, they attempted to build hype for their new game by showing five minutes of a man shooting into a crowd of zombies while slowly moving in the opposite direction.

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"It's about the human condition."
"It’s about him finding himself, because he no longer has his motorcycle gang.”

That was certainly evident in the trailer where he shot all the zombies with his infinite ammo machine gun.

Just imagine for a moment that this game was coming out on any other platform.

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Played the 360 version and really enjoyed it despite the poor image quality and frame dips. If the PS4 version can throw in a few nice bonuses, I'll probably pick it up again.

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Who actually down voted this??

Fighting games should always run as 60fps and input lag should be kept to an absolute minimum. This should not be considered an achievement, it should be the standard for the genre.

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Player 2 can't manage their own inventory in split-screen? Did they just throw this out the door before testing?

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In no way is Dark Souls the second worst game in the series. Plus, it's probably the one that got most of you into these games in the first place. Personally, I much prefer Demon's and Dark Souls over Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 is enjoyable and Dark Souls 2 is an absolute joke.

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The best graphics I've ever seen, outstanding tech, utterly average game. Uncharted 2 was great, The Last of Us is arguably the greatest game ever made but Uncharted 4 was just OK at best. There have already been better games released this year and there will no doubt be better games released towards the end of the year too.

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