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SOMA was always a walking sim poorly disguised as a horror game. I felt that the enemies added absolutely nothing to the experience (they're barely even referenced in the story) so i'm OK with cutting them out, it's probably a better game for it.

I generally prefer challenging games too, but there's nothing wrong with the occasional walking sim, and I don't think that the feeling of playing a game like Journey could be recreated in a film/ short film.

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It's so infuriating to see that kind of talk on here. A healthy console market is a good thing for everybody. This gen got a whole lot more interesting as soon as the Switch came out, and strong competition from Nintendo will only result in better things from Sony.

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LOL you're so right dude, I mean it looks EXACTLY like Quake and Half-Life.

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You didn't see his comment above? "All this Nintendo Switch fad will end soon, as soon as next year". Personally I think you'd have to be insane to say something like that, but then, I'm not a respected Industry analyst like Masterfox. So yeah, sell your Switches while they're still worth something, folks -- it all ends for Nintendo next year.

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Played for 52 hours according to my Switch (across different save slots). 612 moons on my main save. Lost sleep because of the game. Easily the most polished game I've played in 2017 as well as one of the most enjoyable. No bugs, no glitches, game never froze. Up there with Nioh and Persona 5 as my games of the year.

So what score do I give a game like that? According to the maniacs on N4g I have to give it an 8/10 because it doesn't have a good story where Mario a...

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"Now with extra Colossi"

I think adding new bosses would be very tasteless. The cut Colossi were left out so Team Ico could focus on making the remaining 16 as polished as possible, and I don't think Ueda has any regrets about the amount of bosses in the game.

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Out of the top twenty games on that PS4 list, only one game is exclusive to PS4 (three if you count Zodiac Age and P5, but if you do, then every remaster and cross-gen release on the Switch counts too). So I'd argue that the good old PC received just as many quality games as the PS4 this year and even has its own killer exclusive (for now) in the form of Divinity 2 -- but of course you'd never mention that.

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It was just the wrong time. Old school shooters are back in style now, but when R3 came out, shooters were all about regenerating health and cinematic quick time nonsense. Such a shame too as it's one of the best console fps games I've played.

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Tropical Freeze blew my mind. I know people are interested in a 3D Kong but I'd love one more "Returns" game, just to complete the trilogy!

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So Hotline Miami wasn't critically praised? Don't remember much character development in Spelunky either and that's a damn masterpiece. Nioh has an awful story and terrible graphics and it's easily the best game I've played this year -- critically praised. Wouldn't say the gameplay is simple but wouldn't say that Mario is simple either, it has an incredible movement system that actual allows players to tailor their own difficulty and it make...

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Please, just once, just one time actually mention one of these "flaws" that Nintendo gets away with that others do not. I'm so sick of reading that same comment over and over with nothing backing it up.

If your only response is "performance issues in BOTW", I'll just point out the performance issues in Bloodborne (the reason we all know what framepacing is) and the PS3 version of The Last of Us (barely ever hits the 30fps target) -- both games r...

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If you watch any developer interviews about new DOOM, they always bring up just how important 60fps is to the experience. Carmack's Doom 4 was targeting 30fps on console, but Id were adamant that the reboot HAD to run at 60fps. That's why it's a shame to see the framerate halved on Switch, not because 30fps games are bad or unplayable, but because it's clearly not how the developers wanted people to experience the game.

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Picking up Wolfenstein and Mario, gonna be a weekend to remember.

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Dead Space was a good alternative, but nothing has ever come close to Resi 4 as far as I'm concerned. Perfect pacing, excellent control, immensely satisfying combat and infinitely replayabe -- Resi 4 is just on another level.

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The best game ever made set the series into a tail spin.

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I know everyone is saying these are for kids, but they look awesome to me. Reminds me of the Wii classic controller and that was a lovely little pad! Wired too so maybe less latency?

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The game is utterly fantastic but I'd need more of an incentive to pick it up again, especially considering the framerate has been halved. Stick those 360/PS3 ports of Doom 1 and 2 in there and I'd be all over it.

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Jeez, we get it, you don't want a Switch.

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Everybody like to act like this is unique to Nintendo games, but remember Dark Souls 2, Metal Gear Solid 5, Uncharted 3, Fallout 4? All met with huge amounts of praise when they released but now that enough time has passed, most would agree that they are some of the weakest entries in their franchises. Giving Uncharted 3 and Metal Gear Solid V tens is just as baffling to me as giving Skyward Sword a ten.

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Absolutely dreadful comment there, mate. May want to edit it a bit before this thing gets approved.

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