Why so serious?


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WiiU below Wii, PSP and Vita. Nintendo have to do something and soon

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40k this week alone...
The gap will only grow from here.

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Lol, why is this downvoted? I did say "according to these numbers" - look at totals.

Edit: And I wasn't talking about weekly sales - but lifetime sales. PS3 has been on top for a long while in weekly sales WW.

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PS3 overtook 360 this week, according to these numbers

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Can somebody tell me why the other article was reported and hidden? It was at over 800 degrees for pete's sake!

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Consider that Sony's systems sell for at least 10 years. Consider that Wii has basically stopped selling. Consider that Sony predict 10m PS3 sales this fiscal year and Nintendo predict 2m Wii sales. That's 8m already gone by March next year.

It will happen, just 3-4 years from now. Not immediately obviously.

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They were undertracking PS3 quite heavily, but recently they adjusted it up which in turn allowed PS3 to overtake 360 just now. Sales should be quite close to reality there now, at least PS3 and 360.

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Not sure why so many people disagreed with my comment...

Any specific reason? What I meant is that it is quite possible that PS3 will overtake Wii lifetime sales. We all know Wii is pretty much dead now, but it is still quite a bit ahead in lifetime sales.

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Nothing can stop Sony from taking first place from Nintendo again. I suspect the same will happen with PS4.

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EVE all over again I think :-D. This game will be much different down the line, just like EVE

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Actually, that's 46m Live users and not nearly all of them subscribe to Gold. Traditionally Gold subscribers have been about half of total users, so the number is closer to 20-25m.

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This. Align launches and PS3 sales are destroying WiiU sales.

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Better PSN games? Is CS even out lol?

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@Shnazzyone: You mean shipped...WiiU isn't in high demand and thus it will take a while for the shipments to sell through. They've already dropped their projections once (by 1.5m) and I expect them to not even meet that revised projection (4m from launch to end of March).

Launch month sales are really meaningless when you go on to sell 57k in the next month...(and less in Europe, looking at Nintendo's sales charts).

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@wit: Some great "wit" you've got there. So because we don't have to pay we are "welfare recipients". Amazing analogy, almost this-will-go-down-in-history-b ooks amazing

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MS vs. Sony is a competition. Nintendo are like they're playing a completely different game

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35k. But this is WiiU's third month we're talking about and first non-holiday month. Vita did more last April (its third month) in 4 weeks than WiiU did now in 5.

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Just a heads up: This is the lowest month for an HD system ever in USA. Yes, that's right, not even PS3 back in 2007, or 360 in 2006 sold less than that in a month. PS3's worst month was over 80k in April 2007, and that was only a 4 week month vs. this January being 5 weeks (PS3: 20k+/week in April 2007, WiiU: 11k/week).

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So...PS3 has more Netflix use, Blu-Ray, 7.1 DTS Master-Audio support and it goes on. Meanwhile, you have to pay a yearly price just to unlock most of the entertainment features on 360.

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Better? They got the same score o.O

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