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I use TrackIR for that, simply cant play games without TrackIR support. :) In the future tho I will go for Oculust Rift or similar tech. #1.2.1
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It will get cheaper once it's released. :) I have given them all the support I simply can, bought premium beta myself, bought beta for a friend and bought some paint jobs for ships. #5.1
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Processor: i7-3930K (overclocked)
GPU: GTX 780 Ti (overclocked)
RAM: 32GB 2400Mhz (10 GB as a RAM cache for SSD)

Also resolution is at 2560 x 1440, for some reason the uploaded video did not come out at that resolution in YouTube. #3.1.1
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I have been playing since premium beta, and the game is getting better and better really fast! Recorded new stuff yesterday just to test YouTube's new 60 FPS feature, and I must say Elite: Dangerous finally looks nice in YouTube too. :)

Around the halfway in the video I hunt newbie A.I.'s. #3
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I would like to add every Carmageddon on that list, and ofcorse Postal, the first one. :P #29.1.3
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If you have actually played GTA, you would know that there are plenty of missions where you will mass murder civilians. :) #25.1.1
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I actually think that reviews should be the persons own opinion of the game, not the general publics opinion of it, or all the scores will be the same.

If I reviewed Skyrim or maybe a new Grand Theft Auto, I would give those a really low score. I do like the genre of Skyrim, but I would compare it to Morrowind that I find superior in almost every aspect and I don't like the genre of GTA so that would get a low score too, but I would point it out in the review of course. #16.1.2
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I approve boobs every time, and I have seen, touched, sucked and even fucked between plenty of boobs in my life. Not everyone here is a kid, let us adults enjoy our boobs. #4.2
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Seriously there are people here who are just clueless of how light and shadows work in real life and some of them are in so much denial that even when given evidence they wont believe it. Should we draw a fucking diagram? #7.1.1
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"Simulview true sky ( a tool that creates realistic clouds and skybox ), only used now in Driveculb where clouds creates shadows on the racefield and hide the sun and when they move and expose the sun again it dazzles you in the racefiled and you can't drive for certain time. This kind of things participate in the gameplay.Truesky is compatible with UE4 engine if some people want to use it."

trueSKY is also used by Arma 3, and the sky looks absolutely beautiful... #1.1.14
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Hey people that in the picture is the old Corsair logo, the new one was literally a tramp stamp. #2.1
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Shockingly low Destiny number? Yeah right, yet still Destiny is the best selling new franchise ever, I don't think anyone knew it was going to sell so well. #1.11.2
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Didn't anyone think that Gear of War would have been more like Unreal Tournament with classes instead of Battlefield. #4
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Usually the reason is the time given to a artist per model, you wont have enough time to do a perfect model with perfect textures. It rarely is about talent, as the guys working at these big companies are ace. #4.1
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Yeah it looks like its a mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Not sure if its sad or a good thing. #1.1.1
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No seriously what chart did you look at? Look at the Xbox with esram, it has 27 points in that chart, then take a look at PlayStation, it has 42 points.

Then lets make Xbox 50% more powerful by adding 50% (13,5) to 27 points and that makes it 40,5. So even tho Xbox would be 50% more powerful, it would still be slower than PlayStation. #13.3
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Torchlight 2 is awesome game even tho latest patches has broken the multiplayer completely on me, but I cant wait to hear more of the stuff Runic Games are cooking in their kitchen right now. I have loved every game Flagship Studios and now Runic Games have dished out. Like the grandfather of Torchlight Mythos and I still miss that darned Hellgate: London a game that was completely ruined by too early release (EA). #33
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Added bubble for funny. #19.6
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@Seafort Elite: Dangerous Alpha and Premium Beta have been out for a while now, at the end of this month it will be in standard beta. So the full game release will be in few months, not in few years. #4.1.3
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Bah! Kung Lao all the way! #1.1
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