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Morrowind is absolutely the best open world game ever, that world had plenty of stories and even books to read and some of them had many many parts and you could find cool stuff if you read the books.

Also that game was not holding hands, you were just told direction where you had to (sometimes not even that) go and then you had to wander there yourself for hours. <3

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Actually this is really tough one, Neverwinter Nights vs Morrowind... I simply can't decide!

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The game is nothing like Turok really.

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I cant wait for the EVGA 980 Hybrid vs EVGA 980 Ti Hybrid comparisons. :)

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Forgot to mention that I'm not going for SLI/Crossfire until Oculus Rift SLI/Crossfire stuttering is fixed.

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To me it looks like GTX 960 didn't get it done, it didn't do 60fps (it did 47.3) average at 1080p on high setting. Tho if you are satisfied playing on "just" high setting then GTX 970 gets it done.

Max graphics 1440p it takes Titan X to run the game 60fps average. Unfortunately I cannot afford TItan X on my upcoming computer build because all the metalwork I'm doing for it, so I have to go with EVGA GTX 980 Hybrid, it's the closest thing you can get ...

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Now I have tested it and apparently there was no 1vs1 against AI! It's odd that I never ever missed it, could be cause of all the Test your luck fights I have played. :)

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I'm 100% sure I have played 1vs1 against AI in MK9, I have it on PC and PS3 (sold), intalling right now to make sure.

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Wat? Sure it will have 1vs1, knowing Mortal Kombat, it will have shitloads of different gametypes.

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I must admit that level design can in some cases save the game from horrible third person abuse, like in Gears of War. But knowing Battlefront, there will be big height differences so if you had third person view you could just be crouched on top of a building and looking down seeing everyone without them seeing you.

If you ever play Arma 3, be sure to join a server without a third person view as you get killed over and over again by people who are on a roof looking at you a...

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I'm going to blurb out my honest opinion of third person view, it sucks donkey balls. Why? Try playing anything competitive with third person view, answer is that you cant as there are none, because people will abuse the shit out of the third person view, but sure I would be fine with a game having option for people who don't play as seriously as I and hopefully many others do. :)

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Looks like you are just making assumptions without studying the subject. Sony is not sitting on their ass doing nothing, they are most certainly improving cause it hurts their reputation.

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I use TrackIR for that, simply cant play games without TrackIR support. :) In the future tho I will go for Oculust Rift or similar tech.

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It will get cheaper once it's released. :) I have given them all the support I simply can, bought premium beta myself, bought beta for a friend and bought some paint jobs for ships.

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Processor: i7-3930K (overclocked)
GPU: GTX 780 Ti (overclocked)
RAM: 32GB 2400Mhz (10 GB as a RAM cache for SSD)

Also resolution is at 2560 x 1440, for some reason the uploaded video did not come out at that resolution in YouTube.

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I have been playing since premium beta, and the game is getting better and better really fast! Recorded new stuff yesterday just to test YouTube's new 60 FPS feature, and I must say Elite: Dangerous finally looks nice in YouTube too. :)

Around the halfway in the video I hunt newbie A.I.'s.

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I would like to add every Carmageddon on that list, and ofcorse Postal, the first one. :P

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If you have actually played GTA, you would know that there are plenty of missions where you will mass murder civilians. :)

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I actually think that reviews should be the persons own opinion of the game, not the general publics opinion of it, or all the scores will be the same.

If I reviewed Skyrim or maybe a new Grand Theft Auto, I would give those a really low score. I do like the genre of Skyrim, but I would compare it to Morrowind that I find superior in almost every aspect and I don't like the genre of GTA so that would get a low score too, but I would point it out in the review of course.

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I approve boobs every time, and I have seen, touched, sucked and even fucked between plenty of boobs in my life. Not everyone here is a kid, let us adults enjoy our boobs.

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