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Sony is too cheap to advertise and too financially in pain to pay for exclusives like we used to.

So now we are going to spin it to make it look like our old practices that we can't afford to do anymore are a "bad thing".

Please believe us won't you?

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LOLOL stop it, you're killing me! LOLOL

You almost had me there for a minute...thinking you were serious. Keep up the good work :)

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Why does it have to be fanbois? Why does everyone have to kneel down and praise KZ2 as being perfect?

It's not. It's also not being a fanboi to point that out.

If the game is THAT good then it should be able to stand up to a little criticism without everyone getting up in arms trying to drown out it's detractors.

Let the game speak for itself if you believe so strongly in its quality.

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Soda, these folks hitting you with disagrees about the Church comment are in SOOOO much denial. You speaketh the cold hard truth.

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Eh, his point doesn't really matter on N4G because the majority of people that post here refuse to even contemplate the fact that he MIGHT have a valid complaint or two.

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Tis a shame. I had high hopes for this game but one bungled patch/update after another ruined it and my wife and I quit.

I don't see us going back but at least Mark swallowed his pride (or was forced to) and did what needed doing finally.

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I still get a chuckle at all the "realists" in here preaching about the delay like it's not there and trying to frame up CoD like it sucks.

"It's teh realism!!11111"

No it's not, it's teh silly delay that makes playing the game online annoying.

But hey! Feel free to keep knocking it and when the servers dwindle because everyone went back to CoD4/5 or Resistance2...don't sit there looking suprised.

Sure you will ...

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Killzone is a great game in a sea of great games. With so many awesome games coming out for the PC, PS3 and 360 it's a good time to be a gamer.

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Waves at SDF dude.

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After reading the article I wonder how many of YOU did...and how many are flaming the title only.

Last bit of the article.....

"The actual demo is rather short as I was able to complete it in just over 5 minutes. It did just what it was supposed to do, though: it made me want more. Killzone 2 is looking like THE milestone AAA title of the year, but seeing as how this is just a demo we cannot fully pass judgment on the game. If you're looking for a video game...

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WOOO!! Go SDF go! Crush the infidels!

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This guy sounds...angry. Oh, and fanboish! ;)

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Harrypothead you need to grow up. Even better you need to be a cop so you can see just what it's like.

Those cops have families and want to live. You pull a gun and they aren't going to "wing" you so that you can shoot them anyway...they are going to put you down. Period.

Quit with the race typical.

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I definitely want this game!

Another great EA game that just came out...Warhammer Online.

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If you don't get credit. I don't understand why that is so hard to understand?

It's the same for any other business. If, while working on a project at work, I leave the company (or they FIRE me) and the company wins the contract that project was focused on...I'm certainly not going to get a phone call, a residual check, or even an attaboy.

It's part of the left the company for a better paying job which made it all about you instead of your emplo...

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Was there ever a doubt? I thought it was "confirmed" a while back. MS would be wasting their time releasing that in Japan.

Why are folks still even talking about this?

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If they quit or were fired before the game went gold (which if they aren't still there then this would be the case yes?)'s their loss. Period.

More liberal minded BS from IGDA. Nothing to see here folks..move along.

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WAAAAGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's a hypotheticle "what if"...don't get your SDF panties in such a bunch. THINK about what he is saying before you go all "flame-on".

The man is talking about Sony and MS joining forces to fight the Wii...not Sony kicking MS's arse or vice versa.

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Wii is not failing. All you have to do is try to find one on a store shelf (consistently) to see that.

With EA and other pubs now moaning about placing their bets on PS360 instead of Wii and reversing directions to correct that mistake...Wii is far from failing.

I sold my Wii and kept my PS3s and 360s..but I have no doubt who the winner (read: 1st place) will be this time around and it ain't Sony or MS.

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