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HOLY CRAP IT TURNS THE COLOR AND CONTRAST UP! I can do this myself on my monitor.

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Pay to Win IS a literal term. That's what it means! Pay money to get stuff that makes you win.

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Well, he probably didn't wanna give out his real address.

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I already started going digital only. It just seems to help me from trading games in and then buying them back when I wanna give them another chance. I did that like 5 times with LA Noire. Now when I buy a game, it's mine for life!

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How am I supposed to tell anything from this video? When will people realize that compressed video is not a good way to compare graphics.

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Isn't this game already on disc?

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How is it any different than trying to get one of those mystery toy collectibles? You don't know which figure you will get and you could get a duplicate but that's the chance you take. The key here is... you ALWAYS get SOMETHING. In gambling, you just lose and get nothing for it.

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How is Rocket League not number one on the list? It's seriously the best value game I've ever played. I paid $20 for it 2 years ago and I still play it EVERY DAY. It's so addicting. There's so much to learn and I'm constantly learning and improving and honing my skills. It's easy to pick up and start playing, but it takes a lot to get good at it and master the mechanics. It's so fun, yet frustrating at the same time because when you make a mistake, it's really ...

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How about 60fps game capture? That's what I really want.

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Rocket League does micro transactions with their crate system and keys, but it doesn't affect how you play. Trading or opening crates only changes your looks, but not your skills. I don't see anything wrong with a system like that.

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This is all just speculation

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I'm not gay, but damn, just let people enjoy themselves however they want. Unless they are assaulting you or committing crimes, then why worry about it? If a guy wants to stick it in another guys butt hole, so be it... it's no worse than a guy sticking it in a girls butt (which is considered straight by many men). Also some straight girls stick fake dicks in straight guys butts. Do what you like, have fun and don't hurt people who enjoy things that you don't.

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I think they have a gem and they should simply keep expanding the current Rocket League rather than trying to re-invent it for number 2 because they could potentially make it worse or change it in a way that doesn't sit right with people. To me, Rocket League is the perfect game in every way.

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I never liked GTA online. It's full of people just trying to be a-holes to you.

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They couldn't Kuwait to play it early!

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If it's online only, it's a no-buy for me.

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Mine was fine.

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It's your best game? You created it?

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This game wasn't bad. I liked that it was a little more grounded in reality.

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