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What a dumb article. It doesn't even explain what Async is. Am I just supposed to know?

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Releasing a significant update to the consoles was a really stupid move in my opinion. I've always liked gaming on console because when you bought a game for your system, you knew that you were getting the same exact experience as everyone else.

What happens to online play now? Some people get higher frame rates and resolutions, while others have a disadvantage?

What ever happened to optimizing engines so that the same hardware can surprise us time an...

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I'm kinda sad that they didn't do Modern Warfare 2. That was my absolute favorite. I love throwing knives!

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That image looks like Assassin's Creed 3 HAH! http://vignette1.wikia.noco...

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I think they realized they made a really underpowered console this generation and they're trying to play catch-up.

That being said, I don't like this new strategy in the gaming world. It's one thing for a smartphone, but I wanted a system where the games would get better on it with age, instead of having to spend more money every few years to make sure you're up to date with everyone else.

How is it going to work playing online with people...

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This game looks super boring.

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Oh, it's minecraft.

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I like remasters of games that I like because I want to play them on my PS4, not on my PS3. I barely use my PS3 now and I would rather keep using my PS4 (I prefer the DS4 anyway and I would rather shoot with the triggers).

I have an adapter for my PS3 to use my DS4 on it, but it doesn't swap the shoulder buttons for the triggers.

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I'm just worried that developers will be lazy and let the brute force of the Neo handle their game while the regular retarded PS4 struggles with their bloated engine instead of optimizing their game engine to run well on both consoles.

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Looks like a remaster.

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What's holding me back? Umm... I wanna spend $299 on something useful.

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Nothing's going to beat DriveClub in terms of realistic graphics (notice I said graphics, not driving simulation).

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I'm not trying to be mean here, but there are people out there who only speak english and still have a hard time with it. Not everyone who sucks at typing has a non-English native language.

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As long as you backup your PS4, you can restore from the backup and still keep P.T. I've done it.

I swapped out my 750GB drive for a 2TB drive and I still have P.T.

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Creating the mods to show off your talent is one thing, but installing a mod to change the visuals aren't going to make the game fun to play (in my opinion).

Usually mods are cool at first, but they get boring after a bit.

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So, is Silent Hill gone forever?

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Uncharted 4 feels and plays great at 30fps. I don't see why so many gamers are so bent on 60fps. I didn't once feel like I was getting a sub-par experience by playing UC4 at 30fps.

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If the gameplay is still the same, I don't see the point. Can't make a game good by changing the visuals.

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I liked The Last of Us, but it wasn't the most amazing game ever. Uncharted 4 was still an amazing adventure.

Not all games have to be shooting the entire time. I liked the quiet parts and exploration parts just as much as the gun fights.

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