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I much prefer the lighting in GTA V. It truly is stunning. #12
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Or they did a really bad job with the PS4 version if it looks the same as the PS3 version.

I'm excited to play this. I think I'm gonna try the 60fps mode first and if I don't like it... if it looks too soap opera to me, I'll switch it 30fps. #1.1.1
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You obviously do not know anything about porting a game from the PS3 to PS4. They're completely different architectures. It's not like flipping a switch. Also, it's not like they have sliders that say "increase graphic fidelity". They actually have to MAKE the game better themselves. It's not like messing around with a PC game. #2.4.1
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You can see the car's shadows popping in when you get close to them. I've never seen that in any other open world game. #12
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Wow, it doesn't look all that different. One thing that really bothers me about the scene where the store is on fire is that the shadows are being generated behind the people even though the light source is to the left.

Overall, I still think it looks pretty much just like the PS3 version. I hardly see any differences at all. I think even some of the texture work is pretty weak as well as the low polygons on a lot of the objects. I was expecting more from a remaster.
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Looks more like Silent Hill 2 on PS2. #25
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If they look that similar, then they sure messed up. Why is the PS4 version only 30fps if it looks just like the PS3 version? #22
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There's never going to be a generation of gaming that doesn't have 30fps games.

I know this because nothing has infinite power. As the games get more complicated, the framerate must be dropped down lower... unless you think games don't need to get any better than what we have now.

Even if they come out with the PS5 with 16GB of RAM, with 12 CPUs and 4 video cards, there will always be room for improvement and developers will find a way to use ever... #9.1
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Nah, Im all set. Crash can stay in my memory. #25
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Playing this on PS4 is the same as playing a last gen game on PC... it's not going to look much different other than some higher resolution textures and frame rate. Everything else will still look about the same as the PS3 version.

I wish they would've increased the amount of vegetation, rocks, trees and small details like garbage on the ground and stuff. I guess they just took the PS3 game and output a 1080p image of it... no other graphical differences. #32
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Hardly different at all. Looks like the only thing this game has over last gen is resolution and frame rate. It's hardly a visual change at all.

I like how GTA V's remaster is... more grass, more traffic, more details, more weather effects, more people, more animals, longer draw distances, more light sources... I wanna see MORE... not just a frame rate change and resolution change. #31
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I wanna see what these new machines are truly capable of. Right now, it seems like we're just getting games with old engines running them and while they're in true HD and the textures are upgraded, they still look like a very old games. #14
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Correction: WHINERS want 60fps. I'll take 30 with prettier graphics. #9
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I can't see VR being a hit. It's going to turn out similar to how 3D did. #11
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One more thing to add... I think this game will turn out to be a graphics demo, but the gameplay will be lacking and it will feel generic. I can picture 7/10 review scores or even lower.

Hope I'm wrong though. #7
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24fps wouldn't make sense for a video game because most screens can only display frame rates that are divisible by 60. As far as I know, even the TVs with higher refresh rates will still only treat games as a max 60fps and intervals divisible by 60.

24fps on a game will cause judder on any TV or monitor it's played on (if it's on console).

I also agree with the video that you can always achieve a higher level of detail at a lower frame rate. This... #6
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I think they both look excellent. They seem to be on par. Sunset time of day and inside are going to look different than an overcast day outside.

It's not downgraded. It's exactly the same. #31
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The way I look at it is this...

The developers want to show their game the way they actually wanted to, but were forced to make compromises because of the weak hardware they were on. While they did an excellent job with what they had, they wanted a chance for people to experience the game even better than they've ever experienced it before.

So they update the game with high res textures, higher frame rate and and better shaders, why wouldn't they want... #47
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Who cares? People who want to use the DualShock 4 on their PS3 and have it be compatible with all games.

Right now, the DualShock 4 is only compatible with some PS3 games, so it's not really a great option for the PS3 out of the box.

However, the CronusMax lets you use all of the DualShock 4 functions (except for the touch pad). The PS button, rumble and sixaxis all work with the CronusMax. 100% of the time. #9.1.1
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Get a CronusMax #4.1
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