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Did I do it right? #13
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Big let down. After all the promises about 30fps on PS4 now is going to be 60fps. I care about the graphics.

It goes both ways you know. Some of us like visuals over 60fps and some of us like 60fps over visuals.

I'll take the higher quality visuals any day. #4.2
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How is this game out already? It says it comes out on the 27th of January. #24
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Maybe devs should just stop showing gameplay and just release the game when it's done.

With nothing to compare it to, you can only assume that's what it always looked like. #14
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"People need to step back and wait for comparable scenes a.k.a the same scene preferably before claiming downgrades."

Even if they did that, graphics are still subjective. Some people will say it looks better, but some people will swear they liked the older one better for reasons a and b etc.

No matter how good of a developer you are, you're not going to please everyone. I'm sure they understand this. Also, I'm sure this game is gonna be... #2.1.8
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Man, people are quick to call "downgrade" these days.

Remember Second Son? The gameplay was set during a different time of day than the initial trailer, so obviously different lighting will give you a different looking game.

What they should do is NOT show you what their GOAL is by using high end PC or CG rendering, but rather show you what they can achieve (in game) at that moment, and then if it looks better towards the end of the dev cycle, then... #1.3
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Did any of you even play AC3/4 on PS3? It ran the same way and I didn't hear anyone complaining about that.

So now Unity does it and everyone loses their minds.

Oh, I forgot, the PS4 has unlimited power and everything is supposed to run and look flawless on it. #7
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Developers need to stop releasing unfinished screenshots and videos. #34
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But they are pre-rendered, meaning they're not running in real-time. The cutscenes in Uncharted games and The Last of Us show the cutscenes as videos while the next part of the game loads in the background. #8.4.1
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Sorry, but this game just isn't interesting to me. I haven't played it yet so I can't fully judge, but it reminds me of a generic TPS game with no soul. #54.1.1
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It doesn't work that way. You don't just make the game 900p and suddenly you have 60fps. #4.1.1
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Sigh... the games are more demanding today than they were on last gen consoles, so therefore there has to be cuts somewhere. Nothing has unlimited power. If you came into this generation thinking that games would be perfect, then you're very naive.

The stronger the hardware gets, the more they can push it, but that extra power gets used up quite quickly. It's always going to be like that.

You will ALWAYS have better EVERYTHING at 30fps. By cutting the... #11.1
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The PS4 can do 60fps, but since it doesn't have unlimited power, there has to be cuts somewhere and they decided to make the game look better rather than run better.

By the way, have you ever played Driveclub. That's 30fps, but yet it never stutters even once

The rule should be: If you can't hit a constant 60fps refresh, then drop it down to 30fps locked.

Nothing is worse than an unstable frame rate no matter if it's unstable... #13.1
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I'd rather have next gen visuals at the cost of 30fps.

I'm sick of seeing these games that look just like last gen games, but they're 60fps. I didn't get a PS4 for a frame rate increase in my last gen games. I got it for the next gen experience and for me, 60fps isn't next gen.

Next gen is screen-space reflections, physical based lighting, advanced physics, advanced destruction, advanced AI

NOT frame rate or resolution. #21
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To be honest... it looks very pretty, but the gameplay looks boring to me. It's all been done before. #54
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I thought he looked quite a bit like Jake from State Farm. #8.2.1
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Looks kind of like GTA V with lots more aliasing. Graphics are a bit meh to me though. #28
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No thanks. I don't wanna stream my games, I want to own them and play them OFFLINE.

It's gonna be a sad day when I can't go back and play old games because they're not hosted anywhere anymore... but if I had the old hardware and the disc, I can play it whenever I want.

I can still play NES games on a real NES because they're physical copies. #16
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Because we've been burned way too many times by pre-release footage and then the final game looks downgraded in comparison to the first gameplay video. #14
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I just had an awesome idea! Developers should show off pre-release games with the graphics dialed down, then just before release, show how amazing the final build looks and everyone will scream GRAPHICS UPGRADE HOLY CRAP!

Ubisoft seems to show awesome graphics, then downgrades them right before release. #15
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