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One more thing to add... I think this game will turn out to be a graphics demo, but the gameplay will be lacking and it will feel generic. I can picture 7/10 review scores or even lower.

Hope I'm wrong though. #7
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24fps wouldn't make sense for a video game because most screens can only display frame rates that are divisible by 60. As far as I know, even the TVs with higher refresh rates will still only treat games as a max 60fps and intervals divisible by 60.

24fps on a game will cause judder on any TV or monitor it's played on (if it's on console).

I also agree with the video that you can always achieve a higher level of detail at a lower frame rate. This... #6
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I think they both look excellent. They seem to be on par. Sunset time of day and inside are going to look different than an overcast day outside.

It's not downgraded. It's exactly the same. #31
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The way I look at it is this...

The developers want to show their game the way they actually wanted to, but were forced to make compromises because of the weak hardware they were on. While they did an excellent job with what they had, they wanted a chance for people to experience the game even better than they've ever experienced it before.

So they update the game with high res textures, higher frame rate and and better shaders, why wouldn't they want... #47
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Who cares? People who want to use the DualShock 4 on their PS3 and have it be compatible with all games.

Right now, the DualShock 4 is only compatible with some PS3 games, so it's not really a great option for the PS3 out of the box.

However, the CronusMax lets you use all of the DualShock 4 functions (except for the touch pad). The PS button, rumble and sixaxis all work with the CronusMax. 100% of the time. #9.1.1
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Get a CronusMax #4.1
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I have a CronusMax as well and it works 100% with every game on the PS3. It even works wirelessly with a bluetooth adapter.

I've been playing GTA V with the DualShock 4 for months now. #9
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What's wrong with having the option to play it at 30fps like some people prefer.

60fps is over-rated.

Way more detail can be achieved if the frame rate is dropped to target 30fps. #2.1.2
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So... downgraded for PS4 then? #15
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1. FUN. #10
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They could make the best looking game in the world, but if the story is subpar and the game play is not fun, then it's not a good game.

I LOVE great graphics, but I want to also have fun with a game. If the fun's not there, the graphics aren't going to make the game better.

For example... Killzone Shadow Fall looks amazing, but I just couldn't enjoy it's generic gameplay. #34
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This is how every game is made isn't it? The closer to get to an object, the more detail is loaded on it. #15
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Oh great. Another unlocked frame rate game. Unless you can hit 60fps 100% of the time, give us 30fps 100% of the time. #33
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I think most of the people who watch game videos own or have played the game they're watching.

In my mind, I want to experience the game myself, not watch someone else play it. #37
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What they're saying is that it's being rendered in real time, and it's not a pre-rendered video (like the other uncharted cutscenes). #18.3
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Because someone has to MAKE the game look the way it does. The hardware doesn't make the game, the developers do.

If a dev wants to take the time and money to make a game look like this on a PC, then they can. #17.2
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ginsunuva: Why do people disagree with you? Imagine how much better Uncharted 4 would look with twice the amount of render time of a 30fps game?

I'm sure by the time Uncharted 5 comes out, Naughty Dog will give up the 60fps dream and make an even better looking game.

I have no idea why people need 60fps in a game like this anyway. #1.1.13
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What they're doing is making sure the game goes OVER 60fps on a constant basis, then they limit the frame rate to 60 so therefore it will never dip UNDER 60fps and it will never go OVER 60fps (after limiting it) so then you'll have one constant frame rate (unlike Tomb Raider on PS4). #26
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Looks like a really good last gen game, but the lighting is kinda flat. It's not quite next-gen lighting, but the grass and trees look pretty good. #21
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I think you lost a lot of respect when you said "Alienware". Not hating, but I wouldn't go around mentioning that you have an Alienware. #28.1.1
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