Playstation Vita is amazing :D
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Persona 5 for sure

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I loved WKC 1 & 2. Never understood why it was reviewed so poorly. The online portion was really fun.

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Second Son’s Unannounced Power Is “Absolutely Mind-Boggling”
Mind control confirmed.

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Level cap is 20.

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The game is actually fully installed on the ps3 so you don't even have to play with the disk installed. Also, I'm assuming that the upgrade will work based on your account details on the mog station.

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"MS announces an ALWAYS ONLINE CONSOLE and gamers flee in droves..."

"Sony announces an ALWAYS ONLINE SERVICE and gamers scream "brilliant"!..." ;

Are you really not seeing how different these two things are?

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Still down for me, CT. Back to finishing up P4G then.

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If it wasn't for a let's play of season one, I never would have bought the game. Its crazy how before this YouTube crackdown, no one seemed to complain about people making let's plays. Its no different than going over a friends house and watching them play.

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Crazy how that works huh? I remember when the PS3 first came out I had bought Dark Kingdom with it. That game was god awful, but because it had co-op it was so much better. Never underestimate the power of co-op.

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Wow, his complaints are a little strange. He goes for the tried and true "In practice, it all boils down to much the same thing - move from room to room, corridor to corridor, kill everything that moves and loot every locker and chest for credits and ammo." Seriously? How is this any different than any shooter out there right now that gets excellent reviews?

Parts of his review also contradicts itself. First he complains about how the tutorial is insulting because ...

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Well that is completely false.

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Unfortunately I won't be getting mine until the 2nd :/ Game looks so good

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Look on youtube for some of the end game. The game is definitely faced paced, but you need some seriously teamwork and communication to finish the end game. Hell, doing survival with a poor communication is a sure loss.

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I did that day one and my ps4 didn't crash or freeze. Did yours?

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Played resogun first. I bought AC4 yesterday, but now that warframe has become stable it's all that I play.

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Haha I hear you brother. I'm flying through my finals so I can spend my entire weekend with my PS4. Pretty sure my final projects are going to be shit.

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Wow, the animation looks incredible. The damn guy was pissing me off throughout the entire vid lol

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To someone like me who restarts rpgs after months of not playing them, this doesn't really seem like a deal breaker.

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I did the exact same thing haha

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When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, when the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves, when your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then this game will go F2P, and not before.

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