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SE is up to their old $hit again, i mean yeah we get the announcement, but no trailer? No screenshot? Many people believe they just threw the announcement together that morning to spite the team who translated it. Seriously people waited YEARS for this game and they kind of pissed all over it by making it current gen exclusive. A lot of people can't afford the new consoles SE. But what makes it worst is the fact that they just kept pumping out XIII games, don't get me wrong i like the... #16
I'm not saying i do believe them, I'm just bring up what Square Enix said, based on what they said PS4 can run DirectX 11. And if the can't i guess SE lied, because apparently that's what they are using for FFXV and if ps4 can't run it then i guess the game will be Microsoft exclusive. #7.1.2
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Actually its not bull because SE said the Wii u's inability to run DirectX11 is the reason FFXVand KH 3 aren't coming to the system, so if what you said was true the they wouldn't come to PS4 either, it would be Microsoft exclusive. #6.1
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You mean current-gen :) #9
I overall see and can agree to your points, however i feel youcan'tmarket something as a failure until they have done what they usually do to keep a console since its only been out a year and a half not 5+ years that's not enough time to build a stable base in MOST CASES. We haven't seen the release of the exclusive goodies like Bayo2 XCX, Zelda, starfox, smash bros. And after we get those plusa possible pokemon, metroid, new 3d Mario, animal crossing THEN you can say... #4.1.1
Then i guess your range of gaming isn't very broad #9.1
Well its just popular to hate Nintendo, is the "in" thing to do. No matter what they do there will be doom and gloom, because apparently we can't just have peace in the gaming industry and enjoy the games. Noo that's to difficult, instead we have to attack people and put someone down. Apparently things aren't complete until we do. #8
Agreed. There are various games that are good that i don't like, that doesn't mean that they are overrated. Im just not interested in them. #4.1.2
I always game with Nintendo and Sony they have the most games that i care about and are fun. I have a Wii U, PS3, 3DS, Vita and plan to get a ps4 by the end of the year :) #21
Failed at what, its life cycle is still going didn't fail because Nintendo is still supporting it. Its still early in its life and they haven't announced/released a new console yet. Failed would be the vita BECAUSE Sony ultimately stopped supporting it for the handheld that it is, and started treating it like a fancy ps4 controller #4 ass the last of us is NOT overrated #4
Yeah they just don't like Nintendo in general....assholes #10
Don't see how my English is relevant and it was only like that because i was using swype text. I'm actually one of the few gamers left who don't care about graphics, me and my brother talk about it all the time and how that focus is kind of killing the gaming industry is such a huge focus on graphics. That's all people talk about before the game comes out never mind if it has good gameplay. But what I'm saying is for a company as big as SE that has been working on the game... #8.1.1
Its sad because, I'm looking forwards to this game have been forever, butitslikely that it won't look better than uncharted 4 for all the work they are doing :/ #8
I'm not going to lie, using the Zelda screen shot and not having on the list was a dick move.... #7
Also on a technical note, south park was not a spring release it was released in early march. #5
Mine was probably Mario Kart, i got mgsgz, but I'll be more excited for Phantom Pain #4
Yeah i love BR2 that game Is awesome i still have my copy and play it sometimes. And no its not unplayable, i love the blood and dismemberment of that game, don't see it like that nowadays #5
Awesome sauce #7
Why are they doing that, i thought everyone said gaming was just for the grown ups? #9
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