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Haha! That's funny 😂 you had me going there for a second. I thought you said that game was $40! #21
Cool 😒 #2
Oh no! They're doomed! ;) #10
Keep calm and give us Boktai 4. #2
It's not a fact of whether or not it "matters" it just sets a bad precedent. It has nothing to do with whether or not they're real or if anyone is getting hurt. It's more so a fact of this, as a creator given full power over what you create, do you want to place a child in that form of clothing? No parent would do that in real life. And the developers are right for not doing so. People only wear clothing like that to draw attention to themselves and their bodies. So in t... #7.2.1
Just as I figured. This article is pointless. It would be one thing if that was the costume the creators designed for her, but since it's a custom costume you can probably equipped to any female character then that's different. While I'm not particularly defending scantily clad characters or costumes in general, this article was just made to give SOMETHING related to Nintendo flak. Sure Nintendo may disable the ability to equip that costume on younger characters, and rightfully so... #7.1.1
Is that the the in game characters outfit or a customized costume? #7
Only 2 video games are coming out this year? ;) #40
Nintendo being the publisher means nothing. The equivalent to this would be if Santa Monica updated one of the God of War games and didn't add patch notes. People aren't going to say "Sony didn't add patch notes" because they're the publisher, they're going to say "Santa Monica didn't add patch notes." #5.1.2
Lol Nintendo isn't to blame, it's Masahiro Sakurai. It's his game and his patch, he's responsible for the patch notes. #justspillingtruetea #5
That's true, one slight issue with that though is in many cases Nintendo has created "suggested" love interests so to speak like with link and ilia, Zelda on skyward sword. Depending on the importance of it though they can omit it altogether. Or switch the gender roles accordingly. but that could be a bit more difficult in keeping the story of the game together. Because otherwise they'd have to build the game (or at least the story) around being neutral or working for eithe... #11.1.1
Well technically if you go by what the series has said and done. Link can't be female because the first Link wasn't. Just like how demise was male, and Zelda was female. It's "destined" to follow that path of reincarnation. While yes technically they could be reincarnated as a different gender, that's just not how it was done. #11
Bulges? Sure. Bouncy penises? WTF?
let's add bouncy vaginas while we're at it... #6
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I actually liked all three games. Platinumed all three BUT I probably would not buy this #29
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If I really want to go play ffvii SE, I'll just hook up my ps3 or ps1. I mean really it only takes a few minutes. I'm NOT paying $15 for a game I already own... In multiple forms... I doubt playing on ps4 would be a"greater" experience anyway. #13
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*cough cough* *final fantasy* *cough* #7
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Nooooooooooooooo I really wanted another boktai game. I loved the first 2 and am sad the 3rd never came stateside. Lunar knights was fun, but couldn't replace boktai ultimately.... TAIYOOOOOOOHHHH! #4
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These day one patches need to stop. If your game needs a patch day one, don't release the frickin have until it can be released without a patch. I'm not sure what the patch is for, but this is annoying. From what I heard, Halo master chief collection had a 20GB DAY ONE PATCH. WTF? #8
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This bastard needs to be fire again, threatening people is UNACCEPTABLE PERIOD!! honestly he does deserve some form of punishment. #4
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😂 stop it Sega, please I can't take it anymore. I love colors but this.... #7
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