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I have not played destiny yet actually #3
I agree I checked it out this morning and saw ffxiii (yes I love xiii) and was excited. This could be a game changer for the vita in one area. A lot of people still complain about the vitas lack of new and unique games for the system. Such as games like gravity rush. #1.1
I imported this from Japan and its pretty fun. I'm going to get the English version too. Like he said one of the other reviews were bad probably do to the fan service. Most people over look the story, characters, and gameplay #1.1
I'm still a little on the ropes about this one. I loved the original (I have it on ps3 and 3ds) but I feel like with what they've shown in comparison to what was left off at the end of the first one, it's looks kind of like it did a whole 360. It looks and seems like it will feel totally nothing like revelations different. This may sound weird but the gameplay kind of reminds me of saw. #8
I'm a huge bayonetta fan. I loved the first game, I played for over 200 hours and that was the ps3 version. I'll tell everyone else the same thing I've told my brother since this game first got revealed.

Will bayonetta 2 sell well/really well? As much as I would like for it to IF you go by the past then it probably won't. HOWEVER as much as I believe Platinum should be rewarded for this awesome game. I know that even it it doesn't sell well I'll enjoy... #18
Unfortunately no #1.2.1
I've already played the demo for over 5 hours. It's sooooooo fun. And the 60fps looks amazing JUST 2 MORE WEEKS!!!!!! #9
I LOVE p.n.03....that's right love not loved. I still have my copy. I never did unlock the papillion suit. I would love to see a p.n.03....2? #6
No keyblade? No master sword? No soul edge/caliber?

I accept my disagrees with dignity. #7
Oh no I already knew about the arwing before hand actually,I'm not even mad. I'm talking about for other people who didn't know and would have preferred it be a complete surprise. #1.1.1
You COMPLETELY spoiled it for people. You didn't even try to be subtle...douche. #1
@TheOneWhoIsTornApart I also agree with you because years ago square enix said there would be a usable air ship in the game which would make sense because that car can only carry so many party members. #8
@theonewhoistornapart I agree with all of the changes they've made over the years to this title they very well may add more/female characters. I was only stating what square enix allegedly said. #7
Well I'm not entirely sure if it's true or not, but it was a website journalist that was apart if the behind closed doors meeting thing at TGS and according to SE they said that it will only be mail playable characters. But sure if it's just supposed to be the 4 guys they've shown so far. #4.1.1
I'm sad Stella won't be playable, this game will be a sausage fest. I still can't wait..Oh wait I can because SE makes me. #4
Happy birthday Nintendo, congrats on 125 years! #6
Ha ha rofl. One Piece. #4
Unfortunately for him, that won't happen #2
First a butt load of FF and now this? Can this day get any better? #1
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