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Why wouldn't people pay? We have not seen Nintendo's new Online infrastructure. There's a 50% chance it'll be good, 50% it won't. But until we see, we have no reason to bitch about it. At least they're giving people roughly six months free to try it out and work on any issues. After that period, if it sucks, then people won't pay for it. Simple as that. Shit, I don't even pay for PS Plus to play online, hell I barely pay for the discounted and free games. Thos...

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What games are you referring to that don't look as good as Xbox one games? Outside of Steep, 2K18, and FIFA, the rest have artstyles that are for the most part vastly different than what's being offered on Xbone/PS4. While true the System isn't on the level of aforementioned system, it's not on the level of Wii U. And until we see the New infrastructure of Nintendo's online service and how it functions, I really don't see the reason to complain. While it likely won'...

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Well that's probably why they'll be giving people a free trial for the better part of half the year, so that people will be able to use it and try it out. Until Nintendo shows it in action or people try it, we have no reason to believe it will be the same infrastructure as was on the Wii U. It will likely have dedicated servers, hence the paid service.

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Actually it won't be, as I usually don't buy dlc. Nothing against naughty dog, U4 was fantastic. But as of right now I'm more concerned about new games on PS4 as well as the Switch.

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I played all of those 😒

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No, my PS4 works just fine

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It's kind of funny that ps3 and 360 are in the tags, but they can't even get the new content lol

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You forgot the satire at the end.

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Wtf? So are you saying that it technically isn't the "complete" edition?

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Why is it called complete FIRST season? That makes it sound like it's not the complete and ultimate experience... Seriously though the name is confusing :/

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Yeah I actually forgot about time and eternity

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I know this is nitpicking, but those aren't anime RPGs. They are RPGs that have an anime style. An anime RPGs would be an RPG made from an anime series. Yes I know it's a petty nitpick, but still

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After Watch Dogs, I don't think being over hyped will be a problem

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Or you could just get both 😕

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Not surprised there was no update article stating that Aonuma said there are INDEED towns as well as NPCs. They are just heavily connected to the story that's why they didn't show them.

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Yeah this isn't a reboot. Kratos still has the scar from the end if GOW 3, plus if this was a reboot Kratos wouldn't have his ghostly pale skin or the Red markings on his body, both of which are prominent elements from the GOW story. Plus ******SPOILER ALERT**** Kratos falling off of the cliff at the end of 3 could easily represent him crossing over into the mortal realm so to speak.

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True, but in this particular case their train of thought is pretty much why should we even show them the uncensored artwork that they aren't getting? That would pretty much be the equivalent of them having the censored art in the Japanese version of the artbook. Why?

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Well of course. Since the game is censored why wouldn't they censor the artbook?

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Of course not, Ubisoft never reuses assets. Oh wait....

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Hahahahahahahahaha. Well maybe if the build they show isn't from a high end PC

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