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Star Citizen devs, They steal peoples money........allegedly.

;) #29.1
I never played Mass Effect 1......I did play Mass Effect 2 and 3.

While I enjoyed the story and universe of both, Mass Effect 3's gameplay far exceeded ME2.

ME2's Gunplay/Gameplay was pretty much terrible. #1.6
Because for most people, it's easier to have a console hooked up to your TV than a PC. #1.2.1
Ok....You're not interested in Quantity...ok.

But then BLOODBORNE is the highest rated exclusive of 2015 between PS4 and XBOX One.

PS4 had the most QUALITY exclusive.

Are you gonna move and/or fix the goalpost again, BlakHavoc? #18.1
alfcrippinjr said:

"they own onlive which is a streaming site for ps3 games :( "

_____________________________ ____________________________

Please stop posting, sir. #16.3

I don't see it as an absolute fact:

No troll, but When you actually look at the list, how can you? #14.1.2
How come no one mentions SCREAMRIDE? #1.15

;) #1.1
Just hearing about this now......

this is HUGE!!! #125

Are you referring to HAVOK?
If so, then I've heard that type of sentiment before, but perhaps what you don't know, is that Havok dev kits are basically a 1 time's not royalty based.

But the reason Microsoft bought Havok is because they want to integrate it with their cloud systems. #45.2.1
Yes, that is kinda interesting. #9.2.3

XBOX One does not have a TV tuner.....that's actually part of the problem with why the XBONE TV idea was always half baked.

It's only a menu maker. #1.24.2
All of em. :) #1
No they don't. #14.2.1
gamejediben said: "I hope Nintendo never changes... "

I mean you no personal disdain, but Nintendo never changing is exactly why the Wii U is a failure.
It is so bad, that I believe the NX isn't even going to be a traditional home console. If true, it would mark the beginning of Nintendo leaving the home console business entirely.

If you, along with the few Nintendo fans it has left, keep telling Nintendo the lie that it shouldn't chan... #9.1
I thought the best 2 years for the XBOX 360 should have been 2007 and 2008. #1.2
Kotaku needs journalistic protections just like any other site, regardless of if you or I like them or not.

If Bethesda and Ubisoft feel like they can bully Kotaku around, think of how they feel and can do to any other small gaming site.

You have to see the bigger picture here. I don't like Kotaku much myself either, but their right to talk about news, gaming or otherwise should be protected.

Are you understanding what I'm trying to... #4.1
Still, it is a fact that the XBOX One is less powerful than the PS4 and that is why the multiplatform games are inferior in comparison. So because I'm not a Halo fan nor really a racing fan, I think, personally, I'll wait for the XBOX One to come down in price. That's just me. #20.1.5
I'm a GIANTS fan. :) #1.1
My issue is, is the multiplats are inferior on the XBOX One.

I think I'll wait on it for a bit longer. #20.1
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