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Sure they should...........

When it gets to about $20.

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Mass Effect 2's story was good, but the gameplay wasn't.

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Personally, I never owned an XBOX 360, because when I was ready to buy in 2008, XBOX 360's were breaking left and right. No offense towards anybody, but I was raised not to buy anything that is built to break........not even a toaster. My old school parents taught me to leave any such item where it belongs..........

on the damn shelf at the store.

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Shouldn't she be wearing a hat?

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You shouldn't be trying to equate Nintendo to Microsoft in this specific gaming topic.

Because all Nintendo does is gaming. Even when they aren't doing well, all Nintendo does as a whole company is focus on games and their respected platforms.

For Microsoft, their gaming division is not much else except a virtual side project. And once again, Microsoft CORP's investors have never really liked the XBOX brand....

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I don't think Microsoft's investors are gonna wait that long, DivineAssault.

The "just one more" sentiment isn't gonna play that well with the investors who have pretty much always hated the XBOX brand.

It sucks for us as gamers, but the writing has been on the wall for a while now.

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I've been predicting this for years, that the XBoX One may be Microsoft's last console.

But I don't want you to get the wrong idea......I'm not gloating about it, nor am I wanting it.....I'm only predicting it based on what I see and hear from Microsoft.

In fact, with the XBOX brand gone, we as gamers will all suffer because we will have no real competition in the consoles market.
I like Playstation ga...

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That was GATES and BALMER's objective.....They are gone now, and investors have always hated the XBOX brand.

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The End of the XBOX brand?

Quite possible.

And I have to say, that would be a terrible day for us as gamers.

No competition is bad. :(

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I have my suspicions too that the XBOX One will be Microsoft's last console, but I'm also sure that XBOX One will be around for at least the rest of this gen.

And even though I'm not really an XBOX fan, I don't really want to make fun of my prediction, because this really does suck for gaming.

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It is true Microsoft CORP is rich and have virtually unlimited money........But Microsoft CORP does NOT equal Microsoft GAMES.

Microsoft GAMES has a budget and are not looked upon favorably by CORP's investors, especially now that Gates and Balmer are gone.

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I see your point, Apocalypse Shadow....

But I still think it would be wise to wait for reviews to know if it's worth $60.

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How much time do you think it will take, approximately, Pandamobile?

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They are not that wrong.

PS3's CELL PROCESSOR is good with floating point (graphics processing) and Intel/AMD (x86) cpus are terrible at floating point.

Emulation of games like Uncharted 1, 2, or 3 is impossible for Intel Cpus to emulate.
It's gonna take a long time for that to happen.

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I can't play the video right now,

and maybe it's just me,
But by the pic, I actually like her face better in the old PS3 version.

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The article is referring to Drive Clubs launch.

It's a pretty good game now, but there was alot wrong with Drive Club when it first launched, especially the online part.

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Nintendo is in a world of trouble.

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Maybe one day Naughty Dog will go visit Remedy.

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It's not even really close.

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I think people need to stop trying to tell other people what should and should not be important to them.

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