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Unfortunately, on the PC,
It only takes a few cheating players to destroy a whole game.

Maybe this is why Rockstar waited over 1 1/2 years to finally bring GTA 5 to the PC.......maybe. #3

Console Master Race?

:P #8

apparently Japanese born games don't count. #2.2.3
Seeing that McDonalds only sells Mcnuggets in boxes of 6, 10, and 20.........I guess I have to assume the nuggets are refurbished too. #6.4

Because Microsoft GAMES can't afford to buy Nintendo or Sony.
Microsoft CORP has much bigger fish to fry than to just be worried about games.
Microsoft has Google and Apple and the decline Windows on their minds. #2.1.3

I don't think too many people are saying that "Nintendo is as good as dead"........ I just think that we all see that the Wii U is as good as dead.
Personally I think Nintendo's "traditional console" days are clearly over. #2.1.2
I think I'm smelling a soon to be price drop around the corner. #17
I think it's kind of interesting that Packaged goods far exceeds full game downloads.......It's not even close. #1.2
If PS4 gets a price drop to $300 in 2015, I would expect the PS4 sell in the neighborhood of 20 million units.....give or take 2 mil or so. :) #1.6

No, I think we prefer to troll now, thanks. #1.3.4
Outrun's still fun :) #1.6.1
Some of you seem to have a hard time understanding that the XBONE gpu is lesser powered than the PS4's gpu.

The PS4 will always have a superior graphics edge this gen.....period. #1.2.4
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Isn't that pretty much an industry standard for AAA budget games? #13.1
Hey folks,

I know exactly what Star Wars is....I'm a STAR WARS ORIGINAL,

But Star Wars video games have never been SUPER popular, not on the scale of a GTA or the "lets camp outside" like COD, and BATTLEFRONT has never "broke the internet" before.

That's all I'm sayin. #1.4.6
I know the game is popular, and I'm sure I'll get it, but the game isn't as popular as GTA or Call Of Duty, or something like that.

I doubt it will "break the internet". #1.4
Quick question....

If you buy an extended warranty for your console from Walmart, Target, they replace controllers? #3.3
I have yet to buy any DLC.

I think many of them are just rip off schemes....not all of course, but many. In fact alot of them are planned at the planning stages, and all they do is basically decide what things they are gonna pull out of the game to try and sell you.
I'm gonna continue not buying DLC. #1.3
I'm curious if this sort of thing makes people angry and want to pirate GTA5. #1.4

;) #18.2
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