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gamejediben said: "I hope Nintendo never changes... "

I mean you no personal disdain, but Nintendo never changing is exactly why the Wii U is a failure.
It is so bad, that I believe the NX isn't even going to be a traditional home console. If true, it would mark the beginning of Nintendo leaving the home console business entirely.

If you, along with the few Nintendo fans it has left, keep telling Nintendo the lie that it shouldn't chan... #9.1
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I thought the best 2 years for the XBOX 360 should have been 2007 and 2008. #1.2
Kotaku needs journalistic protections just like any other site, regardless of if you or I like them or not.

If Bethesda and Ubisoft feel like they can bully Kotaku around, think of how they feel and can do to any other small gaming site.

You have to see the bigger picture here. I don't like Kotaku much myself either, but their right to talk about news, gaming or otherwise should be protected.

Are you understanding what I'm trying to... #4.1
Still, it is a fact that the XBOX One is less powerful than the PS4 and that is why the multiplatform games are inferior in comparison. So because I'm not a Halo fan nor really a racing fan, I think, personally, I'll wait for the XBOX One to come down in price. That's just me. #20.1.5
I'm a GIANTS fan. :) #1.1
My issue is, is the multiplats are inferior on the XBOX One.

I think I'll wait on it for a bit longer. #20.1
I hate Microtransactions.

I've never bought any....not even a piece of story DLC. I hope I never will. #64
All Sony has to do is create an emulator, then you could just slide your PS1 and PS2 disk into your PS4 and,'re good to go. #1.4.1
How about a COLONY WARS Remake? #2.1.7
AJBACK2FRAG...I'm gonna send you (paste) what I wrote my friend on youtube so you can get a little idea of why I'm frustrated with Nintendo and Nintendo's "fans":

_____________________________ ____________________

LeveledHeadGamer, How are you's been a long time. I just finished watching you 5 reasons Nintendo's Wii U failed. While I agree with most of your points, I feel you missed 1 crucial point....... I feel YOU and... #3.1.1
Some games it may matter.
The fact that Battlefront is 720p on XBOX, I can genuinely see and tell the difference. #3
The Wii U Is Officially 3 Years Old...........

And Dead. #3
Well your first link is based on what Chris Doran was quoted:
"“The big difference with the new consoles is where the power is located. Pretty much across the board the new consoles are a factor of 10 better than the previous generation, but in terms of compute power the GPUs massively out-strip the CPUs in the new hardware,”____________________ _______________________________ ________________He's saying, basically, that the PS4 is 10 times better. But, EDMIX, as far as FLO... #7.1.3

Question.....Why do you keep saying the PS4 is 10 times more powerful than the PS3 when the PS3 had approx 400 Gigaflops of output? Since the PS4 is approx 1.8 Teraflops, that would mean the PS4 is actually approx 4 to 5 times more powerful than the PS3. Maybe you can explain where you're getting your numbers from. #7.1.1
Who's the video game chick?

She's kinda hot. :) #1

How does Green Man Gaming get and sell games cheaper? #2
Sounds like revisionist history.

The Wii was the 7th gen console leader. #8.1.1
#Dealwithit #2.3
I don't know.........

She might be a nice person.

:P #7.1
I never owned either, but I always thought the Wii and Wii U looked kinda cool. #1.1
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