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I love TV guide menus. #1.4
Pseudo americans that talk a bit funny.

:P #1.1.6
Can't watch the vid right now.

Does he say anything positive about Ryse? #1.1
Regardless of whether you particularly use the features yourself or not, surely you see the irony here. You're professing the XBOX One's superior online capabilities as if it's a bonafide fact, when it's actually not because some key online functions don't work.

Maybe you should think about that for a while. #7.2.1
What you said sounds fair. #26.1
"XBOX: engage 1080p" #10.1
JOURNEY? (2012) #10.1
Small correction there.

Deadly Premonition was not $20 when it launched. It was a $50-60 game. #6.1.1
I personally don't understand why people can't have their "console wars" and debates.
I mean, how's that any different from sports debates? There are people that to this day still argue about the 80's LAKERS vs CELTICS.
What about Chevy vs Ford? Mac vs Windows? Android vs IOS?

Console Warz?
So what? #1.4
They're not worty.
sorta #36.1
While I am looking forward to seeing how Gaikai will work and be implemented,
I will be very disappointed, angry even, if Sony tries to charge us again for games that were purchased digitally from the PSN.
I expect to be able to access and play JOURNEY, for example.

We'll see how it goes, I guess. #1.3

Last time I checked, it was the XBOX One that couldn't upload gameplay and videos to vid sites like Twitch.

Just Sayin. #7.3
We all know about those extra secret Gpu's inside the XBOX One.

We shouldn't forget that. #1.5
The problem with your sentiment that you're wrong.......common but wrong.
The PS3 was never doing poorly.
PS3 sold 8 million units in its first year. #6.1
I use great for me.....especially for game trades.
I've even used it to hook up a few times.
However, the article didn't say this particular transaction was through Craigslist.

By the way, with larger transactions your idea of being at the police station is a good idea. #1.5.1
Would they get bubbles?

:P #7

I would agree with you, but Tablets have yet to outdo the output of the PS3 & XBOX 360, and those machines are 7 and 8 years old. #1.2.1
Please excuse my ignorance, but what is Senran Kagura?

And who are the chicks in the thumbnail pic? #1.1

It's 40%.

Did you really have to ger all defensive over a trivial 10%? #5.2.1
It's actually 3 Gpus.

I'd show you where they are........but it's a secret. #3.2
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