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Nothing in the summary nor the tags implied that the developer Guerrilla Games or their Killzone games (which I unfortunately haven't played) were involved. What made you think that they would be?

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Did you read the article summary first? (just quoting the first paragraph). It sets up what the article is about.

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Did you read the article? I didn't state that violence is bad - I actually cite examples of it working very well, both in movies and games - but that it often appears to be thrown in just because it looks "OMGZ so awesome!" to remove a zombie's head (which it is, I must say).

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@Vladplaya (for some reason can't reply to your comment, so writing it down here.

Definition of "cheesy" from Wiktionary: "of poor quality through being overdramatic, excessively emotional or clichéd, trite, contrived, shoddy"
Synonyms: corny, tacky <--- (in the light of things I should have used one of the synonyms instead, as their meaning are probably clearer)

The way "cheesy" is used in the article does no...

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Uh, what? "Knights of Honor" is a rather cheesy title for a game. The game itself was supremely entertaining, like I state in the article, but not without its problems. If they were to be fixed in a hypothetical sequel, greatness would be achieved.

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The article wasn't really about whether violence in games has had a negative impact on our culture (or on specific individuals, for that matter). I don't think it has. That particular discussion is often fruitless. The article poses a question instead: Is violence necessary in games? The answer should be obvious. Of course not! But then why are so many (especially AAA) games filled with it? Because it's an easy way of creating thrills, I think. Collecting eggs on a virtual farm is...

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Firstly, films like Kill Bill and Shaun of the Dead use violence as a means to satirize it. Unlike in, say Dead Island, violence is not the centerpiece but rather an extension or a consequence of what happens in the story. Dead Island seems to be constructed around killing stuff, and then having some setting and story built around that. I mean, smashing zombies in various inventive ways is the core mechanic of the game

The violence itself isn't a problem - it can be great...

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Sorry you had a problem with the article, but I can assure you that it wasn't intended. The possible reasons for it are being looked into now. Again, sorry about the problem.

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