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Thing is theres only about 1 million PSVR headsets out there so they have to price this in a way that will cover the costs of modifying the original game to work well in VR.

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Cool story

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"The 70 hours you spent in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild"

more like 170

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what? ps store seems to be on sale even more than steam these days

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It's a shame as I had a ton of fun with this game

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Nintendo is crushing Sony and MS when it comes to portable gaming.

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Interesting how you call it outdated tech, can you tell us about a portable gaming console that can run an open world game like Zelda? take your time.

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Can we have a link to where you got that info? Because if you can't then it just means you're in tin foil hat mode and making shit up

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Hopefully theres a solo mode so we can at least have some fun with it if theres player shortage.

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Did i miss something, was there a leak, a hint or some other info? I thought FROM was giving these styles of games a rest for a while and working on other IP

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It's because of knobheads like you that I use N4G way less these days

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Any news about the western release? Don't they usually take like a year to release the English version after the Japanese one is released?

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Activision and Blizzard was a merge, Activision didn't buy them.

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It will be awesome in both 30 and 60

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she brings it just in case she comes across bat man


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its ugly af

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Either way people better get used to seeing the Scorp come out on top in the Digital Foundry console videos.

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It would be fantastic if the game ran at 60 but having said that I never felt that playing it at 30 ruined the experience for me at all, it was still really, really good fun.

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profile picture checks out

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The main reason is D1 is very hard to develop upon, they kinda had to go back to the drawing board so that it could be an engine that was much easier to work with. Heard someone say that some scenes took an hour to open, that's an hour if waiting before you can even start working on it.

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