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PS4 Pro for me.

PC version of Battlefront looked the best but had a real problem with finding games as there wasn't enough people playing. And XB1 install base is way smaller than PS4 so I'm not risking it.

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They just need to improve the bewb physics to get more people into it

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The play anywhere titles are terrible value because the price you pay for XB1 and PC license you're almost buying 2 games. If they were consumer friendly they would not charge so much extra for playing your game on 2 different platforms.

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Zelda felt really fresh to me, such a great feeling of exploration and it was super polished. Whereas Horizon just felt like a Far Cry game with some nice conversation sections.

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If it's not called something similar to Xbox one elite or if they simply remove the 'one' from the name won't it be counted as a separate thing in terms of counting towards XB1 sales? Ps4 pro sales count towards ps4 sales, but if the new Xbox is just called Xbox scorpio then won't it's sales be counted separately from XB1 sales.

I think i just said the same thing twice

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if its anything like previous shows, 90% of new stuff will be leaked before its shown on stage

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abuse? you can watch any of the twitch channels for free, subbing is 100% optional, you basically do it to support streamers that you think actually deserve the money.

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Honestly I wouldn't even know where to begin, the snes had a **** ton of good games, choosing 30 or even 50 would be a really hard task because you would be leaving out SO many gems once you're done choosing.

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cute, I'll take a box and a disc tho

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I heard you don't have to play it with motion controls, which is great as I'm not a huge fan of those. I was going to wait for a price drop but if you can play it on the pro controller I'm in. Looking forward to it.

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The main quest i think is meaty enough that you can skip side content and still get a lot of gameplay out of this title.

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If by making excuses you mean having loads of fun with then sure, you're absolutely right :D

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Oh, its you again with your creepy switch hate campaign

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Wiiu's are cheap now, the other alternative is cemu once the frame rate is acceptable

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3 hours is more than enough for our 1 hour lunch break at work, quite a few of us gonna be battling it out in Mario kart at the end of this month

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It's a handheld tho

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"Gamers think it's gonna be the best yet it turns out to be a lot of empty promises"

I guess, but smart gamers know exactly what is marketing and what is genuine hands on impressions from respectable sources like ACG or Giant Bomb.

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The doc's stream is entertaining af, ive not laughed that hard in a long time.

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Activision hates these Battlefront 2 screenshots, the 5th one will shock you!

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"Yea sure but calling people "fanboy" kinda lumps you in with em sir."

what are you smoking? I dont do the brand loyalty crap like some people around here, I play the good games where they appear, I dont care if its a Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox.

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