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""you can train a noob. But he'll just be a trained noob""


From now on it doesn't really matter, the only people they will be fooling are people that are new to gaming and are not familiar with the Ubi way of things. #1.3
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Wow the drivers hands clip pretty badly into the insides of the cockpit. Looks OK apart from that. #2
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Robocop NES, Robocop NES never changes. #10
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I don't understand all the hate, he seems like a nice guy and he's not harming anyone. #9
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Um, did I hear Dave Fennoy (Lee) in that trailer? It's great that he's getting a lot of work but they shouldn't really keep using the same voice actors. #6
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Well a couple of the youtubers that I trust who played it recently said it looks fantastic and they basically said forget about the people screaming downgrade. It was running on XBOX One at E3 apparently. #12.2
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Huge Fallout and DOOM fan here so Bethesda's conference was just perfect for me. #21
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Have there been any videos showing off the social areas? Really looking forward to checking this out next year. #5
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I'm going to do my best to try and keep the Oculus on my head while playing a horror game, but so far I've not had much luck, even playing games that are not really that scary and have truly terrible graphics lol.

I think they will find a sweet spot though, maybe games like Outlast and Amnesia are just a bit much for VR but I'm sure they will have titles that are just creepy enough so that you feel uneasy but don't physically crap your pants. #9
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People die jogging in the park while on a vegan diet and who have never smoked or drank any alcohol in their lives. #1.2.2
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I distinctly remember describing Uncharted 2 to my friend like this: "you know how in games you usually have that 1 level that blows your mind and is clearly the level they spent the most time on? well every level in this game is that level" #1.1.1
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Have a look at this list, I like it because I own both consoles and sometimes I'm not sure which version of a game to buy:

It's rare but some games do get patched though, Destiny was 900p when it released on Xbox One, but now it runs at 1080p. #1.8
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The only way I could see EVE working on consoles is if they released it with mouse and keyboard support. #7.1
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"Bethesda’s E3 was lacklustre"

Quite the opposite imo, in fact companies like EA and Ubisoft could really learn something from that presentation, not only did Bethesda acknowledge their hard working staff back at base with a cool OPENING video but they also explained exactly what their games were about and how they would play instead of using buzzwords and CG or 'in engine' trailers.

I can probably count on 1 hand the big budget games that... #20
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"They care more about stopping piracy. By using Denuvo. They would even prefer to lose sales it seems. Instead of letting the pirates get it"

Will be very interesting to compare Witcher 3 sales figures to Batman's, a similar kind of game (open world, high fidelity with melee combat) Witcher 3 has no DRM so lets see if copy protection actually makes a difference. #1.2.2
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Tons of people will buy this on day 1 because its Gears and it will sell really well, but hopefully they have something better going on than just that E3 demo as it was a bit underwhelming to be honest. #18
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** massive spoilers **

In the end you will get to choose between red, green or blue. #1.2
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Its great when they get good writers in on game projects, it makes such a huge difference and its something that is often overlooked, even in game which are supposed to be single player and narrative driven. #4
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I'm a huge fan of games that have terraforming, I even played a ton of Spore just because the space stage wasn't too bad and there's just not that many games where you can land on planets and terraform them. #1.5
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Chromatic aberration is used to give games a look that is a little less 'video gamey', same reason they add stuff like motion blur, depth of field, distance fog and lens flares. None of these things are required but they all help to make you forget you're looking at a game. #1.2.4
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