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Kickstarter is often used as a means to determine how much demand there is for something. Frontier certainly has the 45k to make this RPG but I guess they want to know if people actually want it. Pledging cash is a much more solid way of showing your interest as opposed to signing a petition or making a forum post.

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Its only gross if you don't already own the original game and hardware, both of which I have on pre-order.

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Id much rather play with the Japanese voice + subs, but looks like that wont be possible. Eventually when the system gets emulated the scene will surely upload a version called an undub which will replace english voices with Japanese but keeps all text in english.

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Regardless of the downvotes you make a good point, games like Okami and Wind Waker have aged way better than Uncharted 1

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nice :D

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Sony's E3 presentation will show us how serious (or not) they are about supporting the PSVR.

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It's a good job Zelda games usually have great gameplay then.

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pics or it never happened!

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The groups of fans in the west that love playing Japanese games love them because of how different they are to western games, I think its a mistake for Japanese devs to try and westernise their games.

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OK you win the internet for today.

Although its only 12:52 here right now and I don't have a super busy day at work so I may still find something funnier :P

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the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist

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Fishing and mounts. OK this game is a lot more in depth than I had realised, thought this was just a straight up brawler like a devil may cry or bayonetta but with shoot em' up elements. I guess this is more like an RPG?

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Too hard to predict right now, many said the Wii was going to be a huge failure but it was a huge success despite not being exactly what the core gamers were looking for. I dont really like the fact it has a weak launch lineup and the really expensive peripherals, apart from that though everything else seems legit.

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Hyped, I can finally play Zelda in HD while taking a dump

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Agreed, its the worst console UI I've ever used, not sure how they went from a really good UI on the 360 to this abomination.

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One of the best trailers I've seen in a while.

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I've heard a lot of positive feedback (ho ho!) from quite a few people around the industry, really curious to check these things out for myself.

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You only just realising this? People like Reggie are the last people gamers should be listening to, when he opens his mouth its just noises to please share holders.

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