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"the crowd erupted"
crowds don't actually erupt either.
Metaphors and stuff.

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Some outlets use controversy to get noticed, specially if they don't really have any other way to do so, like if their writing is boring and they never bother to make any original or inspiring articles, only articles that are reporting on negative stuff for shock value.

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You guys should be happy it even got nominated for overall goty, Nier and Nioh didn't even get on the list, but somehow pubg, a game that isn't even officially out yet made it onto the list.

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I fkn love all the death stranding trailers.

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Nier and Nioh were far more robbed for not even being included as nominees over an early acces game.

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Played Hob recently, it's excellent

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Although it wasn't amazing by any means, I still really enjoyed FFXV and I'll probably give it another play through on PC when it eventually releases.

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How smart are we talking? Does it warn you when the milk goes bad?

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Series went downhill after the first game, DR2 was ok but 3 and 4 are trash. Absolutely love the first game though.

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Bloodborne, Nioh, and Last Guardian, 3 games I would easily put in my top 10 games of all time in my 35+ years as a gamer.

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I honestly don't understand why some have an issue with weapons breaking, I have about 180 hours in BotW and my inventory from start to finish was always packed with weapons, with 3 or 4 of them being very powerful. I never cared about a weapon breaking as there was always so many to replace it.

That goes for bows and shields too. Weapons bows and shields are everywhere.

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Eventually you'll be able to play PS3 exclusives in 4k and 60fps with this PS3 emulator.

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There seems to be some rumours flying about regarding a Dark Souls remaster for Switch, possibly even a trilogy.

And yeah there was tons of people saying Switch was gonna bomb, while the smart people were like 'theres no way of knowing, let's wait and see'

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If you wanna make an omelette you gotta break some eggs

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"Cell Processor is very hard to emulate"

but not impossible, here's Demon's Souls running on a PC pretty damn well:

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Controller for FPS on PC?

cmon bruh

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Reviewers sometimes get annoyed when a game is very long, i guess its even worse if you have to review 3 or 4 long games in a row and 1 or 2 of them are from a genre that isn't really their favorite.

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so many flavours...

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Fallout 4 was handled really well, only 6 months between the announcement trailer and release day.

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Great game, wasn't released in 2017 though. And while were on the subject PUBG isnt released yet so it shouldn't be winning any goty awards either.

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