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The 4k mode is only the extra resolution and has none of the graphical extras that the 1080 enriched mode has, imo 1080 enriched mode looks better than 4k mode

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its your own fault for not doing a bit of research into what kind of game it is before buying it.

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That's not surprising, Diablo 3 plays so much better on PS4 that it does on PC, just my opinion. And for some strange reason last time I checked they refuse to add controller support to the PC version.

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It's a shame the console version doesn't have a fov slider, or at least it didn't the last time I played.

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My thoughts exactly

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Overwatch is far from original plus it has a ton of issues

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If you like space exploration games or games like Fortnite or Minecraft where you collect resources and use them to build things then yes its worth it for sure.

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You seem to have very little experience with both No Man's Sky and girlfriends

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Haters gonna hate

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How's that negativity working out for you?

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Life is precious, why waste it playing average games when there are so many GOOD ones out there.

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They should start with making the coop mode available 24/7, its lame getting home in the evening and the mode is offline until the next morning.

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Trailers don't do it justice, such a cool game

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I know who Real Madrid are, I just think they should be investing in creating some first party teams to make some exclusives for the 1x, because right now they have everyone a little confused by their strategy to sell that console.

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Not the kind of team they should be signing up with right now. Unless those players also know how to program, voice act, model and animate.

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assuming that everyone uses ign is a mistake

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Were you expecting the full game for free? Besides if you get into the PvP it's way more than 1.5 hours of fun.

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