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don't be a knob

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I absolutely love the Souls series and I think Bloodborne is a masterpiece, but I still think this is great news, a super talented team should not be forced to do anything. I'm really happy they have the freedom to move away from the genre and keep their ideas flowing. Variety is the spice of life after all :)

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Really nice idea, but seeing as its Activision will they really give these titles some care and attention? Its easy to hate on cod now as they are in full on milking mode, but modern warfare 1 and 2 were great games. Would be nice if they got the same level of attention as the windwaker remaster, or the ratchet and clank reboot.

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You know your game is close to release day when you don't even have time to shave :D

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Ubi seems to place profit above all else, fixing a broken game is not profitable, so they have likely shifted most, if not all their focus onto the DLC and/or The Division 2.

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I'm not sure how the net code works in Destiny, but most games with online pvp, actions are mostly handled on the servers, things like character movement and physics. The problem with The Division is for some crazy reason they decided to allow all that stuff to be handled client side, so its very easy to cheat, on the PC version anyway. Apparently you can even use cheat engine to so some really crazy stuff in that game.

Unless there's some major overhaul to the cod...

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Not trying to downplay the Xbox, but is it really wise to compare the XB1 to the 360 considering how the 360 had a huge failure rate problem and the XB1 does not.

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I think this is such a great way to promote your new game, specially as he was like the lead level designer on the original Doom.

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If they catch the guy that stole these copies and put him away it will be A Thief's End.

I'll see myself out...

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He's a brilliant desinger and should not be held back in any way. If he wants to make something in a totally different genre he should be allowed to.

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This person gets it. Demon's Souls is still the great game people remember it to be and its not hard to grab a PS3 if for some strange reason you sold your old one.

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I wasn't a huge fan of the Wii but I really admire how Nintendo got so many non gamers to get involved. In terms of attracting a larger unlikely crowd I don't think any other console can compare.

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If you need reasons to play a game you're probably playing the wrong game. The core gameplay mechanics should be enough to keep you engaged.

Those other progression systems in the games you mention are just a reverse engineered system of skills and weapons that should all be there from the start.

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Have to agree, mmo games are just a bad idea for anyone who truly loves video games.

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Damn we're on 7 now? Liam Neeson has been busy yo

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It wasnt the first time Blizzard scraps a game because they were not happy with it.

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I'd like to see more advancements in other areas like AI and dynamically changing musical scores. The nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor is a great example of good games design, publishers need to allow the devs and designers to take more risks.

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Is the link working for anyone? seems broken for me.

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