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Maybe to lighten the load on the servers

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Its going to feel super strange not having to blow on a cartridge to get it to work

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Way too early for that kind of info, but it wouldn't surprise me or bother me if it was a PS exclusive.

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The research company already said they do not want to stop the launch of the game but I think they want some money for the use of their code, which is only fair if Hello Games did indeed use the code and the research company has the grounds to make the claim.

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See GNCFLYER's comment below. Also, they only talk about the game when the 'media' ask them about it, or they're asked to come on stage at shows. There's no doubt in my mind that Sean and his team would rather just work on the game than be constantly asked about it.

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Its a shame because its actually a really good game.

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Forget getting a perfect working game from Bethesda Game Studios, its just not something they are capable of. To be honest though I can totally handle a buggy game as long as its not stuff that is too game breaking, but the boring combat in Beth games just puts me to sleep. I used to love their games but so many games have come out with really fun combat systems since Fallout 3 and they have just been left way behind in that department.

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Thought they did class videos already pretty long ones too like 10 mins each.

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Ah some great memories, one of the few games I went all in with the achievements, even managed to squeeze the 'save everyone' Saint achievement, and the super grindy Zombie Genocider one.

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Take it back to its 2D platforming roots and let Klei Entertainment do something with it, they are very good and are great with 2D visuals.

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I'm happy to support the first model of this. I'm not sure how well the other headsets are doing but I think psvr has a really good chance to give VR a meaningful push past it being just a gimmick.

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If people do not want to support the exclusivity crap that went down then I certainly will not criticize them for not buying this on PS4 launch day at full price. But its a really great game, well worth a launch day price, and this is coming from someone that doesn't particularly like MS and I only have an XB1 to play the odd exclusive.

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There's no reason to not make some games that support 4K right now, Even consoles can easily handle games that are not super advanced in terms of pushing the hardware but still look pretty like Geometry Wars or those newer neon looking pacman games.

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He's obviously talking about people that own an XB1 but do not own a PC or a PS4.

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I don't think its as simple as that, yes people that only own an XB1 will be a bit salty they wont get to play it but there's also the crowd of people that don't like these kinds of games who are angry that its getting so much attention. They are easy to spot as they are the ones that say things like "is that all you do, just fly around and explore planets". This crowd will still buy the game simply because of its hype and then post all kinds of negative crap about it on...

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Gotta blast them all!

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Agreed, even at full price of $60 or £50 the game is only bad value if you play it for a few hours and come to the conclusion that you just dont like it. These kinds of games potentially have hundreds of hours of fun gameplay.

I'm up to about 100 myself and feel like I've only scratched the surface of some of the heroes, with 2 of the heroes I yet to even try.

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I would even consider a mini wii...
as long as it came with monster hunter tri on it!

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People are dumb

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This looks fantastic, reminds me a bit of Routine, another game that is not talked about too much lately


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