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In terms of the conference itself, Bethesda and Ubi were way better.

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its just content creators being dramatic, its not a big deal and its not a huge amount of people complaining about this. Obviously I dont have numbers but I keep my eyes open to stuff like this when I visit places where the most fans hang out. Deus Ex Human Revolution did first person RPG very well and so will Cyberpunk 2077.

I've also read and listened to impressions from lots of reporters who watched the 50 min demo and none of them saw this as an issue, and many of ...

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Have a look at how other video game streaming services are doing if you want the answer. Most types of games just don't play well enough even if you have a really fast connection. Turn based games work quite well but then who really wants video compression when playing a game when you can have it crystal clear when playing it locally installed.

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Could be Fallout 4 for the Switch

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"I'm sceptical"

Lols can't even spell his own name

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Although if they pull off something special I'll be the first to admit I was wrong. Even if they do though we all know it will be peppered with cheap ways to separate us from our cash even after paying full price.

Wait for reviews from trusted outlets and never ever preorder, especially from large companies.

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Botw is gotg material, Hyrule warriors is not.

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I heard they will start work on that right after Bloodborne arrives for Switch.

Do I really need to add the /s?

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I'd rather Xbox and PlayStation fans be able to play together, I'm sure there's lots of people that have friends on the other platform that they would like to play with.

Having said that, I think it's smart for Sony to keep it this way, this is something that Microsoft wants and why would Sony want to help them. From a gamers perspective it's not great but from a business point of view its just standard procedure to make things difficult for your compe...

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Could you post a link to the survey or wherever youre getting this information from.

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A certain group of fanboys would rather RDR2 release in 2019 :)

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It's just a bunch of pixels that you control to make some cool jumps and shoot some henchmen.

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I don't play Fortnite BR and have no reason to defend it, but You don't need either of those items to enjoy the game. Learn to identify which items are aimed at you and which items are aimed at fools and/or rich people.

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Walking out in the middle of a demo isn't very professional, how can you expect people to take you seriously? I am by no means a Scum fanboy but the demo videos they have shown off so far are really quite impressive. Its totally possible this game might suck when its released but so far it looks very interesting imo.

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It does lack a variety in quest types especially before reaching Pirate Legend status, so all the complaints about lack of content are fair. But I've had SO much fun playing this in all game types, solo, 2 man crew and 4 man crew. They have laid a fantastic foundation and if they put some more love into it they could turn SoT into something amazing.

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While I could see that the game overall was top quality, I just really disliked the combat in U4 and much preferred RotTR overall. Wasn't even motivated to finish U4. RotTR also had a lot more depth with the crafting and survival modes.

Also to those concerned about the downvotes on N4G, this website has been heavy with Playstation fans for a long time, so expecting to have a 'fair' upvote / downvote system here is like going into a church and trying to explain...

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This is a fair assumption. I've not played it for a ton of hours myself but what I have played was good fun, I can see why there are complaints of shallow combat and lack of content but the other stuff they have in place right now is done very well. Sailing and navigating is really good fun because it actually involves some effort, unlike so many games that just give you a minimap and a waypoint. In SoT you check wind direction and study the map below deck and keep an eye on your compass ...

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There be many a salty old sea dog in these comments here

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There are some people that actually like this game, if this makes you mad I think this is more of a problem with you than it is with the game or the people that like it. You're free to spend your time any way to see fit but playing games you love or hating on games you don't love, i know which i prefer to do.

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