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""you can train a noob. But he'll just be a trained noob""


II was way too easy, it was not hard to finish the whole game with zero deaths. #13
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These deluxe editions, all they serve to do is make people that went for the standard edition feel like they do not have a complete game.

Everyones game should be identical right down to the last tiny blinking light on some random piece of kit. Make a collectors edition that comes with COOL physical stuff like a quality art book or a mini statue of an ATST or ATAT.

Or even better yet just give us a standard game and then set up a great merchandise store wit... #3
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Got it mainly for the bestiary, i like knowing the correct names to call enemies. And once I've completed it i want to see what ive missed. Also these special editions usually have great artwork. #3.2.1
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Yep, I see lots of questions on forums going unanswered, like we don't fully understand how insight affects the world, we know it makes some enemies harder by giving them extra moves but thats all for now.

And same thing in the UK as far as the guide, Amazon says expected delivery middle of next week. #3.1.1
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...beasts all over the shop... #2
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EA breaking off chunks 6 months before release to try and get you to pre order. #3
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Apparently they are showing people at the celebration 5 mins of something related to Battlefront (trailer is 2 mins so this is something else), might be gameplay, hopefully it will leak out whatever it is :) #5.1
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They were not as popular as expected... #4.1.1
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"Bloodborne 2 confirmed"

As much as I love Bloodborne I'd rather they skip it for 1 cycle and do a Demon's Souls 2 first at the same quality level as Bloodborne. #1.1.17
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Its not even a boss, its just one of the harder enemies. The hunter at the end of *minor spoiler ahead* Eileen's quest line is much harder. #6.1
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Except for the part when R* DLC is cheaper and has more hours of gameplay than most fully priced games.

talking about Lost & Damned, Gay Tony and Undead Nightmare #2.2.4
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1 word...

Quality #7
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Only a few hours to go for the Battlefront trailer! #4
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Just go fot it, you can always get a new wife #1.2
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It's likely there will be Force Awakens DLC as the game will almost certainly be out before the film and it would not make sense to have movie spoilers in the game. #7.1
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People were already making really cool short films somehow with GTA IV and that had no editor, I can only imagine how far they will take now that they have some awesome tools at their disposal. #3
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Call me crazy but I think a great addition to VR would be a fan system that blows breezes at your face for stuff like, when the dinosaur breathes in your face, or a driving game if you have the roof open or even something like mirrors edge or any first person game where you run fast.

Combined with something like rumble in your controller could be cool, after all the more of your senses are affected by the experience the more convincing it would be imo. #9
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clickbait using swtor images when that game is not being taken offline at all. #6
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While everyone is going nuts about the would and draw distances, what is really impressing me is the look of the interior of buildings, theres something about the lighting that they just nailed, and there's just the right amount of detail scattered about.

Great work R* #2.2
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