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""you can train a noob. But he'll just be a trained noob""


Its a good list, I do agree that the energy 'sword' is one of the most iconic weapons in gaming, is it really a sword though? It works more like a Kakute or a large Tekko.

Also, Frostmourne :) #3
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'blows' me away how quick they fixed this...

- I'll get my coat #1.6
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a creeper is headed towards you...

:::::===========::::: (<- this is your time running out, lol)

1. run
2. swing diamond sword with good timing
3. fire some arrows with your bow
3. dig a hole and wait for it to go away #8
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"Itagaki needs to go back to team ninja, and slaughter them all for what they did to Ninja Gaiden"

Fixed your comment for you.

Ok maybe not literally kill people but at least stand in the middle of the room and tell them 'what the frack' #2.1
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FF13 wouldn't be so bad if the first 4 hours weren't just pressing X (or A if you're one of those crazy xbox users) and the game being mostly linear. #1.1.10
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I'm having fun with it so far, they made some good changes. #7
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word! #6.1
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So many other good RPGs to choose from, getting a little tired hearing about FF VII, much rather have Suikoden II or Chrono Trigger remasters. #10
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I think the key to to keeping this game interesting for a long time to come is to introduce new cards every 6 to 12 months that have fun or interesting mechanics rather that doing what most other games do which is just upping the stats/numbers therefore making older cards obsolete.

Tweaking cards that basically never get used or that the community considers to be trash cards would also be great. Or just leave the trash cards alone but introduce new cards that compliment them... #5
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Been waiting for a new PaRappa since my mama was a baby. #5
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Although I'd say overall The Last of Us Remaster is a better game than Halo 2 AE, the amount of work that went into Halo 2 AE was quite staggering, especially when you consider the Blur cinematics. So as a remaster I think I agree with you. #7.1
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Nah just let them make a new game, DMC4 still looks and plays great, just dust off your old console. I've been playing Red Dead Redemption that last few days, nothing wrong with going back if you're missing your favourite franchise. #8.1
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These things only 'ruin' the industry if people buy them, and this is obviously happening otherwise they wouldn't bother making them in the first place.

For them it makes sense as there are not that many God of War type brawlers released on PS4/One yet, and it was probably relatively cheap to convert from the PC version. #5.2
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I did the opposite and I've been watching/reading every interview and every trailer, I pretty much know every detail released so far about the game and now I know exactly what to expect. I'm still really looking forward to it!

A game is only overhyped if you yourself buy into what everyone is saying. Just be smart and look at what Hello Games have made in the past and remember that they are a 10 person team. #5.2.1
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Ubisoft are trying to charge £50 for this game, I might buy it if it ever comes to Steam and goes on sale. #2
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This stuff is all very impressive, hopefully they are restricting themselves to the amount of resources that these effects are usually allocated within a real game on PC or a current generation console.

I'd happily take a chunky hit in the graphics department of my favourite game franchises in exchange for some innovative advancements in physics and AI. #9
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"We are delaying our game because we do not feel it is ready to be released, we simply require more testing time to deliver a quality product"

Said Ubisoft never. #8
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I like the look of KI even though I've not picked it up yet. Jurassic World not so much. #1.1.1
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Apple already told Lucas Pope that this was a misunderstanding and he will be submitting a new version of Papers Please this weekend with the nudity back in.

Pope's twitter:
"Just talked to Apple. The initial rejection for porn was a misunderstanding on their part. They suggested I resubmit with the nudity option."


"I'll make an update to restore the nudity over the weekend (default to off) and it should... #3
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These could quite easily be fully legit, they only have a slight whiff of bullshot. That 5th one with the helicopter in the foreground and huge explosion in the distance is a little suspect, I've seen explosions just like that in bullshots before, it looks very hand crafted, I will be very impressed if the final explosions look that good, its just the way the fire transitions into smoke, looks a bit too good.

I think the problem with explosions and the reason they are us... #24
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