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Point n' click adventure!

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"an easy way to accidentally lose a few hours of time playing this one."

When I rush home from work to play this there's nothing accidental about it :D

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Well played BC team, I feel like Lost Odyssey saved the day where FF13 left us really disappointed.

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Judging by this I'd say he Spencer lot of time preparing for these interviews

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you asked for it...

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Your comment must have been made just a few secs after this post went up :D

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He did a great job of Philling in all the details...


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Truly amazing game, the 10 scores really are deserved. I don't think they should just do more of the same for the next game though, I'd like to see bikes added at some point or maybe even small planes and helicopters, the drone mode practically is a heli mode anyway. If they made the landscape just a bit bigger it would be perfect for airplane races. Would be so cool to be racing cars on the ground and see plane races going on right above you.

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Personally I don't think the intention was to deceive people, they are just a small studio that got way in over their heads, I'm certain they have learned a valuable lesson and will handle any future projects very differently. I had fun with the game but I understand why some people would feel a bit cheated, especially considering the price of the game.

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IMO they went a bit too cutting edge, both Oculus and Valve created products that were way too expensive for a product that is trying to reach a mass audience. The first iterations should not have tried to go high resolution, to get their foot in the door so to speak they should have stuck with something closer to the development kits in terms of cost and fidelity.

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I agree 100% that people should be free to believe in whatever they want or vote for whoever they want. But everyone else is also totally free to not support them if they don't agree with what they stand for.

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Its a really impressive world, when I first fired up the game I thought I'd go offroad for a bit just to see how much freedom you have away from the roads, but the very first forest I came across stopped me in my tracks as it was so good looking, and I just went directly into photo mode :D

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FH3 got its hooks in me, have not been able to put it down all weekend. Somehow they made even the lowest end cars fun to drive, there's no problem going from a lambo to a fiat, you're still gonna have fun driving slower cars.

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I think the thing most likely to kill off the rift is its £550 price tag, and now those £200 controllers.

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John is an excellent speaker, you could even say he's a bit too good, but from a business stand point he's a bit too honest as he has no problems pointing out a products weak points before its even released. I can listen to John talk all day but I think the last thing a company wants is someone on stage telling people about flaws in the hardware that might improve in the next iteration.

Obviously for the fans its perfect, we got an honest person telling us exactly ...

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I really liked the Red Dead Redemption ending.

**Spoilers ahead if you've not finished it

I think they had a lot of balls to kill off the main character like that.

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The Phara character had a different name before the Rocket Queen name, it was Rocket Man or Rocket King.

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Funny how they mention NMS in the headline but there are deals on the list with much larger reductions, but clicky clicky I guess.

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