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Already have an elite but that thing looks sexy.

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I love how they pulled this off with zero experience in making first person shooters.

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Hoffmann there is an Xbox emulator though, it just doesn't run games at a decent frame rate yet.

Sonic Heroes on XQEMU:

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Everything comes to PC eventually. In the meantime if you really want to play a Red Dead game on PC here is Revolver running really well on a PS2 emulator:

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I'm playing FC Primal at the moment when I can tear myself away from Overwatch and I'm not going to lie, I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

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I really wish Bethesda would hire someone to revamp the combat systems in their games, the worlds they create are really nice but the combat mechanics in games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 feel like they're from the early 90s :(

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I got it on PS3 instead because on 360 is was 576p

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I wonder if they will extend alpha or beta testing to europe eventually

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please tell us

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Congrats for totally missing the point...

People were mostly upset about the forced bundling of CoD4 remaster with the new CoD. People just want the option the either buy 1 or the other and not be forced to buy the game the way Activision wants.

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Black Flag is an awesome game but this is something very different, its a coop game with some really interesting gameplay mechanics and each of the 5 players playing specific roles on the ship. Its also pretty exciting because for quite some time Rare have been doing Kinect games and this is the first real title they have made in years.

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Sometimes he's right, but that could be just down to RNG

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If someone chopped your dads head off you'd probably do some crazy shit too.

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Or maybe they have the balls to kill off Kratos and this is a handover story with the son becoming the new main hero for the series.

Either way I'm loving this new direction, it feels so much more grown up and mature.

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The people that disagreed were probably talking about the part of your comment where you said FH2 is a masterpiece. People are allowed to disagree with an opinion :)

I didn't disagree btw.

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I've played about 500 matches and in my experience the toxicity is very low. I've seen smack talk in chat only about 2 or 3 times, excluding the kids that say 'gg ez' after winning a round or match, but even that is quite rare.

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Thanks for the after-match upvotes but they don't really do anything. The best way to thank fellow Overwatch gamers is by learning to play a couple of each role to a decent level because being dynamic is key to winning. If you have a main you're kind of playing the game wrong.

When I started playing I had the mentality of always playing the healer and to be a Mercy main, but you quickly realise that even the best healer in the world cant carry a team that doesn'...

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If the base game gets good reviews then its a buy. Season passes make little sense as you don't really know what you're getting in return for your money. Sure they might say 2 maps and 1 game mode but they could easily be poor quality.

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Does anyone really care if a hero is female or male? I dont see why devs feel like they have to explain their choice. If someone is asking why, then the correct answer is 'why not'.

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