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"This is the first mantle equivalent driver from Nvidia."

That doesn't make sense.

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Facebook have their own USES for it.
Game devs have THEIR own uses for it.

It's a versatile little thing.

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The entire internet rages, with two quotes as proof.


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It's because the aforementioned aren't still market relevant. They see cell shading as a way to cut budget, and see that Borderlands 2 has popularized it *currently*, and therefore that's their inspiration for using it.

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I wasn't annoyed at you, I was just throwing it in there as an open comment. I'm sorry if it sounded aggressive :)

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Here's the deal.

Large sites support themselves based on ad-revenue from soon-to-be-launching games. If those sites actually broke down a game in a review as thoroughly as the independent (un-funded) sites did, that would annoy the bread-bringers.

That's why 'fun' games get near perfect scores, because if it's 'fun', you can get away with blowing over any problems it does, or may, have.

Every game should be treated...

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Lest we forget the Ouya exists contrary to this depiction of "capitalism".

Ouya sold on a premise, and an idea. People bought that like a product, and the hardware came later. That, too, is not "how capitalism works." Yet it did. It's now a tangible thing.

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Erroneously assumed I was directly supporting capitalism. In actual fact, not at all. As strange as it sounds, the only meaningful point is that if you want a traditional console market for the next 5-10 years, you should support what there is -- and that doesn't necessarily mean financially.

Yes, under-grad logic can rant about how "that's not how capitalism is supposed to work" or "that's not how capitalism works", but that wasn't what th...

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"Having complete control of a market is monopoly.. you want a monopoly."

Black and white.

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Not including that one free level with the expansion is a thing, does not make the article, which announces the arrival of a paid service, false.

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You, sir, win the internet.

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"Sony Does want to harm the xbox.. they want all the market share."

If they take 100% of the market share, the market is unlikely to survive. That's kinda the point. Try reading the article before you comment. It'll do you the world of good.

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Sold out because they're in limited production...

The point is the Shield has done absolutely nothing to change the mobile gaming climate. Once again. Wow.

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Webeblazing, my point is that producing hardware isn't enough to increase the quality of games on mobile devices... and your refutation of that is an example of more Hardware...

The Shield is barely supported. It's not even released in the UK. It has no market control at all. You could argue that the iCade has had as much of an impact on controls. Just such a worthless, smart-ass take...

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Maybe if you looked further than the headline you'd understand the overall point is that Nvidia are creating chipsets for a market that's either in decline or straight up doesn't exist. Core gaming on tablets and iPhones is dominated by F2P, created for mid-range Android devices and iOS. Therefore, without a big push of support from Nvidia to get the chip supported by serious game developers, it's inherently useless to its intended market.

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All the slides are from the official Nvidia keynote

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This is the most interesting and contentious point. As an indirect sequel, it didn't really need to be like Dark Descent - and that's really my over-all point. It 'failed' because it wasn't, but it shouldn't have had to had been. That, though, is an issue with how both games were marketed, and how expectations were managed.

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All our reviews are sarcastic. We take our written reviews more seriously, but video reviews are just a place to blow off steam and have a laugh. That's not a criticism of your comment though, just clarifying. We're sarcastic bastards ;)

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