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haha, not on Metacritic so eat a dyack byatch. #11
977d ago by perfectCarbonara | View comment | Immature
It's the future I want for Sony. #8
On a scale of two to eleven I give this console a One. #13
OK Sony enough with the games, you've had your fun but it's not funny anymore, so cut it out. You're making the others look bad. #19
Maybe as a ghost. #5
Haha wow Nintendo is really desperate to be doing ads like this. I especially love how in the third ad the daughter tries to high five her mom and the mom just disses her. Great editing Nintendo.

And it's so poorly acted. #5
Oops ! You're out of a job Adam, how you gonna pay your ISP now Adam, how you gonna be always on Adam ? #17
The last of my wallet for The Last of Us. #5
I just gave birth to a solid snake this morning so yeah, why not ? #11
I think it's wrong to compare PS3 bad sales to Wii U bad sales. People actually wanted the PS3, just not at 600 dollars. And though not as extensive ad Microsoft, sony did advertise their console.

I just don't think a lot of people (casuals) are sitting at home, twiddling their thumbs going "man I can't wait for Wii U to lower its price so I can cop one." #6
"Destiny, the first game in a planned 10-year narrative arc, will be the first Bungie game on a PlayStation console."

Oni ? #10
Haha, a button ? No way that'll happen.

I'm sure Kinect 2.0 will recognize when you flip the remote 90° that its game time. #6.2.1
Ahab engine 2 ? #8
Stupid Wii U fanboy video. If the Vita is dead, the Wii U is super dead.

Who's to say that when PS4 releases the Vita won't be sold and marketed as the ultimate peripheral that goes hand in hand with your PS4. They're either both dead or both still kinda alive.

I also like how you hate on Pachter for spewing BS and then you go ahead in the same video and do it worse.


Look, the fact is that the casuals lifted t... #7
1071d ago by perfectCarbonara | View comment | Trolling
I hate when Nintendo sympathizers bring up the Vita in every Nintendo thread just to make the Wii U look good. Stick to the topic at hand. #15
Not gonna lie, Wii U is dead.

Selling less than the Wii !! Come on !!! #7
You're right. But I loved the Cube. Was the last Nintendo console I bought and saw as a serious contender to Sony and MS gameswise.

Remember in the olden days when you were like: Hmm, do I get that game for PS2 or Cube ?

And this was like a real decision you had to make and they both had pro's and cons.

Good days. #2.3
If they can nail Deep Down quality as a standard for PS4 games I'll never ask for another upgrade again (lol) #1.3
GOW was GOW before GOW

I believe the proper abbreviation for GOW was GeOW. #10
Nah just walk in when you're in the neighborhood, door's always open :p #1.3.1
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