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If the 2 doctors came back I'd be far more optimistic then with Casey's return. I honestly have not replayed ME3 even with the MEHEM patch just because of starchild and yes so it was Mack but Casey signed off on whatever LSD inducing cluster that was. Also their defence that it was art was meh at the time as well, a bad end was a bad end and if Anthem copies Destiny like its looking like then that is sadly going to be another bad end.

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It's been a lot of ups and downs with Bioware in recent years admittedly a lot more downs then ups and Anthem looks good visually but I'm still stunned they couldn't see the quality difference from Andromeda to Anthem but I digress. I want DA4 to be good because after you don't get bogged down in the Hinterlands in DA:I its a fun game for the most part. (still miss proper deathblows from Origins though) Its really hard to judge for me personally until i see which way there goi...

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I'm interested in Andromeda but I'm probably going to be a lot more wary of any Bioware statements extolling the virtues of choice, consequence and multiple meaningful endings

(I'm applying the BG/BG2+ToB benchmark here)

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Looking forward to playing the game, its been certainly a long long wait and I'm happy with that everything else is just not worth it in the grand scheme of things to worry about.

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its the end of this trilogy the witcher IP will continue on as already stated by CDPR even 2 years ago, 4 is really really likely but I guess there gonna focus on Ciri.

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Ok I like that they are engaging with fans but these twitter teases are paltry with basically zero substance because lets face if the devs aren't positive about their own game it would be a pretty bad way to build hype.

I'm gonna accept they will keep doing them but I feel that all it does atm is add fluff without any real value.

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playing this on PC but using a PS4 controller has been great the system really is imo the best controller scheme I've seen for an mmo, it actually feels weird to use KB+M now lol but i'll be there on April 4th as well :)

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being a gamer I am far more inclined towards Morpheus now that Rift is FB owned but I was really more Sony then Rift even before. If you get down to brass tacks I cant really trust FB not to do something I disagree with and as everyone said voting with your wallet is the best way these days.

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I am into VR and yet I was never really into Oculus. I sit fairly square in the Morpheus camp since I focus on gaming and ps4 or pc its still gaming.

I'm not on facebook and likely wont ever be but I can understand the move as has been said by others it is FB's ongoing initiative to keep themselves relevant when there normal user demographics are falling away.

What I find sad though is the knock on effect to crowd funding and indie development suppor...

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Count me in, and yeah lets go with good luck everyone! :P

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shame but not really unexpected, Insurance is just pita all day and everyday.

As to the funding I prefer indies to stay indie mainly because throwing money at something doesn't mean it will be any good, taking time doing it right is a lot more important to me then having something out the door fast and an immediate slew of patches to fix bugs and other stuff

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While the new ME is a while away the choice whether I stump up the cash for it relies heavily on the quality of DA:I. I know that different teams are making it but considering recent releases from the studio I prefer no hype, realistic expectations and less PR.

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Digital sales maybe down but retail sales have been unaffected I prefer having a box anyway. Playing ARR is much much better the 1.0 and I'm having a great time.

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ive got a perfectly fine sd tv ok so reading the small type sometimes is a pain in some games but its not that bad. I'll just grab a component > hdmi converter and happily game away.

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In one way I do not mind the free wheeling option in Sandbox games they are wonderfully open about what you can do. What I worry about is that Bioware fail once again to focus on their core strengths of story and worldbuilding and go for poorly implemented flashy gimmicks with unnecessary over simplification of game mechanics.

Bioware have been branching out in recent years as RPGs are a small market compared to other genres but I do no think their level of quality is or ever...

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Hopefully more modding support will come out of it but as of recent offerings apart from DAO Bioware aren't really very mod friendly and I don't know why if it prolongs a game and keeps you interested in a product it doesn't seem like a bad thing like Bethesda and their range of games

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I cant really say im hyped for ME4 I was hyped for DA2 and ME3 and look what happened with those 2 games not counting the Game (retailer) insolvency pre-order debacle.

I find myself yearning for something with quality, gameplay, story and length like Baldurs Gate but more recent and I cant actually find something like it that peaks my interest.

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If your thinking of picking it up that cheap then I'd say go for it.

Basically I feel that ME as a series is broken up into

1 Rpg (ME1) and 2 TPS (ME2+3)

I loved ME1 for its scope how the story developed and sucked you in and while 2 was a shift to different play style due to the removal of a large amount of staple rpg mechanics it was a blast.

Now about the trepidation of ME3, personally it wasn't what I felt ME cou...

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Its a ways away yet so I'm still hopeful that the game will turn out well. I'm not saying great because that is hard to see at the moment based on recent releases.

I also do not want to hype myself up for the game as if I have low to average expectations it cant help but eventually impress me in some way..I guess.

I hope with recent debacles that Bioware have learnt lessons (less of the same cave please!) and give me an ending that matches or surpasse...

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ME 1 and 2 thats all there ever was imo and I regard 1 as the RPG and 2 as the TPS.

its great 1 is coming to PS3 but in all honesty with no anti ME or Bioware feeling I kinda feel the pay-off of the trilogy doesn't really make me want to invest another 50-60hrs+ to it all (10 characters ME1 and 8 ME2)

I expect disagrees but thats my opinion the ME series is good no doubt but I cant help feeling the ball got dropped somewhere.

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