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@GearsdoodooBruh if you do the math 5 years = 60 months plus 6 more months = 66 months. Nice try though

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notice on the second picture the ps4 has the highest average of all the exclusives.

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you don't NEED sound but having a head set that gives you direction from where a enemy is coming from makes a HUGE difference. If you know how to use it sound can be your best tool in cod.

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(insert winning comment here)

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I have no idea what all that means, but I'm gonna go ahead and agree with you.

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yet it is still quite a small number.

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@hac522 actually the things about gift cards that companies like so much is that they DO make that money as soon as you buy the gift card. Since there is no refunds and the potential you won't spend all the money, it is even better. PSN/XBL cards are basically gift cards.

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@Ashunderfire86 obviously I have a brain.. maybe you don't because you stated was that poor voice acting is what current gen can do, but the way you worded it implied that next gen should have amazing voice acting.

Did I really just break down your own comment to you?

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what does voice acting have to do with current/next-gen?

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@ion53 um... the first coming of christ would be the first time he came.... so... yeah.

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I don't think you have played the uncharted and last of us multiplayer if you think it's "some garbage tacked on multiplayer". Both those games have quite fun multiplayers.

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lol what?

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and boom goes the dynamite

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as soon as I saw him say they have a second trailer and the disney popped up, my heart stopped lol

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I thinks it's funny that they routinely gives games like transformers: the fall of cybertron scores well above other reviewers, but give TLOU a score well below others. I mean they gave Dance Central 3 a 95!! and Transformers a 90!! then give a game that already has 25 perfect scores a 75? nice.

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And what is your job title at microsoft?

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@coolmast3r I know plenty about Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar, but even I'm that naive enough to assume something will be good based solely on the reputation of a game and it's developer. All developer have good games and bad games.

I by no means am expecting this to be a bad game, but I'm also not putting it so high in expectations that anything less will be disappointing. Game Developing is not an easy business.

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I don't know how you could say any game deserves anything before it is even released. Yeah the game looks great but there may be stuff wrong with it we haven't seen..

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there has also been 9+ battlefield games... so... yeah

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they used 5 million polygons just in dat ass

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