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So I missed it. When is this supposed to happen????

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That's definitely plenty of time to have a fluid launch with new advancements in the series. Learn from the past as you quench peoples thirsts with Hardline for the time being.

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SO far this was my wow for the day! I loved the teamwork with the countdown timer. My new very anticipated game! I know its pre alpha but I really hope the graphics get a lot better because it didn't seem like it was in a wide area that graphics should suffer.

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So far this game has wowed me the most out of everything I've seen. The teamwork with the countdown timer had me really impressed.

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I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it looked and how well it played.

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In my opinion... this is something they shoulda had bundled with the ps4 launch. Especially since SONY promotes cross-game playability.

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This is good news unless the xbone version comes out better once again on multiplat. So unless dev use each systems' advantages during development instead of making an equally looking game for parity-sake then the lead plat is gonna have some bad backlash if it has an inferior final game.

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@raistra thanks... I'll check again tomorrow on my ps4 since today it was 15$ I have ps+. So its still supposed to be free in may? Looks fun.

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Can't find if on ps4 store. Found it on PS3 store but it wasn't free. Did I miss the opportunity to get it free? Was it an April deal? Thx for the info

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Sweet...Now if we can just get a confirmation on Dinos!!

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Such a heartbreaker. Hopefully he retired for bigger and better things or just to enjoy retirement and play ps4 games!

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That's a heartbreaker. Hopefully its for bigger and better things or just to enjoy retirement and play games!!!!

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Not only taking advantage of the hardware, but also NOT LYING ABOUT IT FOR THE SAKE OF BEING IMPARTIAL!

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How about squatting up and down over dead bodies you just killed? Kinda creepy naaaahhh

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I REALLY hope they keep it being such a great service since its mandatory now instead of it being used as an incentive to get cool things. You know once they realize people need it, the incentives will drop(hopefully not), like in real life.

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can somebody tell me how I can watch two people sleeping? Thanks lol. Seems like fun.

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I'm TRYING to replace it with my SONY Pulse headset but...... they haven't fulfilled that promise yet. Anyone know when they're going to patch those headsets to work?

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I look of things can tell if I'm aroused. ;-p ladies...! Who needs a machine?

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I know its gonna be low but cmon people... the system hasn't been released yet so this percentage isn't accurate. You're gonna need some time to see how it does.

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Statements like "100%" of anything are dangerous to make because if the game is sub-perfect and you're using all of a machine's resources... its going to look bad either on the developer or console.

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