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And? It is free on the droid store.

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Do these numbers include the millions of digital downloads? Does not seems to...

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Boy court... Well that explains a lot.

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deadreckoning666, The crusade must go on! I applaud you in your never ending task to preserve the Microsoft name. Keep up the good, but frivolous work. I'm am sure it will pay off(literally).

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Sony is looking not to just bury the competition... they are looking to steal all the core gamers. Looks like 2011 is the year they will do it. There is no way brand loyalty can trump the sheer amount of amazing games Sony is pumping out.

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I said the dreaded "F" word this guy just spit out and I was banned for three days.

/ot - It IS an amazing 2011 regardless of the reason. AND - reported.

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3mil in 2 days SUCKS! You are right poopoojames. You are not a troll, just an informed mature adult with a firm grip on reality.

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They are allowed to troll GT5, but God forbid anyone trolls Forza... then the mods will clock in.

It really is so imbalanced.

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PD should have just added a generic interior for the standard cars. I think that would shut everyone up.

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Some will say take off the tinfoil hat.

Most with brains will say - EXACTLY. We have been calling bias for years. It isnt a conspiracy. If anything - the way GT is being reviewed proves it.

All of the options this game gives, plus the near perfect driving experience deserves at least a 9. Stupid things like 2D trees aren't even noticeable unless you aren't playing the game how it is supposed to be played. Never in my long history as a gamer has blocky...

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Dude... every single GT article this morning you are crying like a child. Please give it a rest. The PS3 just got a great racing game - Forza, iRacer, and all of the other games you keep naming have no baring on that.

Give it a rest toaster. Its old. You keep comparing PC to consoles - It is two different worlds. All console owners know PC has the best graphics with the most options. All gamers know if you drop enough money on a PC you can have photorealistic graphics. SO WHA...

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That kids videos are all fake. I didn't know that when the wow freakout came out and I lmao - But Daniel Tosh made him admit on TV its all fake.

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Keep hanging on to the past, kid.

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Hmmm. I thought it was only idiots that don't know the difference between sales and sells. I guess we can throw this translator program in that same, stupid boat.

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Reviews are all swayed by the reviewers personal preferences, hype, and/or their websites contributors.

I like hearing from users, not paid by a site funded by advertisements.

F the review sites.

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This is just stupid.

GT5 has the most realistic driving in a video game - EVER.

Xbox fanboy reviewers are really making a mockery of game journalism.

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You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it's me, I'm a little ****** up maybe, but I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to ******' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?

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WTF. I just ordered this for $132 two days ago.

EDIT: You know me... love the drama. I already emailed them. T9 - and whats that make you?

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Enough with the spam. GROW UP.

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I really would like to take a moment to laugh at all of the children spamming the GT5 reviews.

Ps3 users get GT5. 360 users get this.

No T9X69 - The guys dissing Gt5 look dumb. As far as any new games go - Ps3 Users have GT5 and Dead Nation next week and 360 users have Kinect junk. So, who looks dumb? I think it is the people wasting energy trying to make themselves feel better when Gt5 scores 8.5/10. At least the Ps3 is getting real games.

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