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Granted, Monkey Island was a pretty long time ago. Psychnauts is brill tho. Bring on the sequel!

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Mass Effect 2 is sci-fi. Otherwise good mini-list

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@Hicken Not really. If one company has a weak security system and lets your credit card details get stolen, it is CLEARLY inferior.

A better analogy would be two different brands of milk - one brand keeps your milk cool and safe, the other leaves it in the sun to rot and for maggots to breed in. Which one would you rather drink?

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At a guess, Black Ops and Halo: Reach get more google searches... which means more hits for website.

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No PS3? That's going to go down real well on these boards...

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1. There are several gaming screen shots that were flagged by the program as porn.
2. 99% of gamers like porn.

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Narc (2004 remake)

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"If Call of Duty is the Inception of the FPS genre, Bulletstorm is more akin to Road House. It thumbs its nose at the pretensions of overly serious shooters and then round-house kicks them in the head."

So buying this game.

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Pretty good list, and there's at least twenty more that are equally worthy of appearing. Has this been the best gen ever for gaming? I'm thinking yes...

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Of course it's selective, but some of those criticsims still sound pretty major. If it wasn't a AAA Sony game, I imagine the score would be lower. (Haven't played GT5 yet, incidentally.)

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The quotes from the Eurogamer review are pretty damning. How did it get 9/10?

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Man boobs are still titties.

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I was disappointed by the lack of lip fur in Black Ops. Surely they could have stuck some Price-style muttonchops on *someone*?

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'I learned not to smash stuff on my head.'


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I've never broken a console, but many, many game peripherals have crumbled under my wrath -- mice, gamepads, you name it.

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FTFA: In some games an underage player can "imagine he is a torturer and impose gratuitous, painful, excruciating violence upon small children and women -- and do this for an hour or so," said Justice Stephen Breyer.

...Which games are these? lol

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I kind of understand the argument that controlling a game character is worse than watching a movie -- in theory at least.

But the fact is, even the most realistic looking games still look like video games. They're like cartoons: nobody is going to mistake Marcus Fenix (or whoever) for a real person.

Until violent games becomes photo-realistic, I dont think they will ever be as psychologically damaging as movies. Seriously: Resident Evil 5 or The Human Ce...

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Some of those zombies are pretty damn hot.

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Lovecraft quotes are a nice touch.

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Kinect: the console that Oprah built.

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