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I probably speak for the whole internet...

1. Drop Mark Wahlberg. He's awesome but not the right fit for this.

2. Put in the Serenity guy

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If you choose to download the games and partake in the "Welcome Back" Program you will be accepting Sony's compensation for giving away your identity and also even for maybe giving away your credit card.

There are CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS being brought forward, and money compensation sought for these things. IF you choose to enroll in the welcome back, you will not be able to join the class action.

I am not w...

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Ummm.. Alright I read the article and this guy should never been left alone with a baby.

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This is every parents nightmare you know. Whether it's entertainment, answering the phone, a boiling pot on the stove. The fact that it is wow may or may not be sensationalist. What I do know is it is tragic. Parents can go to jail for negligence, no one wins any satisfaction though it's very sad.

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Ditto. As soon as I saw the breaking new on CNN yesterday, one of my first reactions after being sad about the loss of life was that the media is going to drag out 'No Russian' with 24 hours. And they did.

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Wha-wha-wha what ? Steam is coming to PS3 ?

This is going to be just PS3 games offered over Steam right ? It's not like they are emulation PC environment and letting you play PC game on the PS3 or anything ?

I know this is stupid question since I know PS3 won't be running DirectX in any sort of fashion.

I find Steam prices to be so nice compared to Xbox Live and PSN prices -- it feels like "console kids" are held hostage to ...

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People who play pirate games, say on a modded PSP -- there is no real link between sales loss and the amount of modded games. If you have 100 PSP isos it does not mean you were going to buy those 100 games at any point in time. And the more you play on your device, the more invested you are to that platform. So I'd say you were likely to buy maybe the new God of War PSP game instead of investing in Angry Birds 7 on the iPhone, since you were still actively playing your PSP.

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fap fap fap not bad

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This guy was a hero to his family in that critical moment and he was very brave.
The crime here was senseless but the sad truth is that life threatening situations can arise in a single instant. This man knew in a split second that all he could do was take the force of the collision to help create a chance for his family to live. He was a very brave Dad and he sacrificed himself so his family might live.

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Lvl 30 Rogue with dual stabby daggers with lethality skill and a 75 cunning.

The game crashed here and there, frame rate was wobbly, and I never got my golem redeem item even though i typed in the number. All in all, a really flawed but good game.

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As long as it's not horse armor.

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That TV show gives me hope that non-interactive format is not dead. Spartacus is the first show in a long time that I just can't stop watching.

I did get the feeling that movies have reached a bit of a limit when I saw Avatar. I really enjoyed the CG and the camera work, but the story was a bit "meh". The 3D is a cheesy gimmick, albeit awesome in the hands of James Cameron.

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I have read one of his books, it is called Altered Carbon. All I will say is that the book delivers and it is an excellent hard-core scifi / crime story (think of the movie Surrogates only much cooler and hardcore).

Take it for what it's worth :)

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"We've thought our portfolio years in advance" == "We watched the Wii clean up"

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I am a discerning gamer. The character models were very simplistic. The terrain is on rails like the first. Fable 2 is almost exactly the same as 1. You wear no armor in this game. Fable 2 lacks the storyline punch that the first one had. The dog system was a bit interesting. The social cue system I just ignored. I finished it in three nights without trying. An axe I bought within the first 25% of the game was the weapon I used to finish the game.

Fable II very, very disappointin...

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"After buying a new 3D capable HDTV, all you'll need is a set of those goofy 3D glasses. "

We have a 55 inch and a 46 inch 1080P sets in our house and I don't see how people like myself are just going to junk one of them in order to get 3D pop-in.

This may be more attractive to people who don't have HDTV yet, I don't see mass adoption of this at all.

Why can't the 3D solution work on existing HDTVs (I am really ignorant about the tech) I would ...

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But hey what do I know. I'll buy the game.

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Have you fallen on your head this is Modern Warfare 2

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However, I was completely blown away by Uncharted 1, and I will be picking up Uncharted 2 on opening night. Can't wait to play another Nathan Drake adventure !

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Those 20 points will come back up when the game completely dominates like COD4 did.

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