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It's not really overkill when one of the titles was a PSN/XBLA game and 2 were ftp PC shooters...

Take BF for example, there was only actually a boxed BF release in:
2011 (but 18 months after BFBC2 in 2010)

It would seem though that they have gone the Activision approach but where Activision have one franchise with alternate developers, it looks like EA will alternate between MOH one year and BF the next, so each game wil...

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nope. I own Wipeout, Uncharted, Lumines, sound shapes, escape plan and motorstorm. They were all fun games but nothing new from consoles... and in fact a game like Lumines i'd much rather play on a phone tbh. It's a great game but best in short burts and without the need to carry the psv around with me.

You can't deny that the best games for vita aren't much different than what's already been released on ps3 or are just ports of games we have already playe...

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may finally get some use out of my vita but doubt it. There's just no really interesting games for the thing and even on the horizon there's nothing special. I was hopeful for a COD experience on the go but Declassified looks like they couldn't be arsed and just wanted to get a COD game out on the Vita at a similar time to the game launching on other platforms

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could just be like when BF2 launched...

BF2 - PC - June 2005
BF2: Modern Combat - ps2,xbox - Nov 2005
BF2: Modern Combat - xbox 360 - April 2006

In other words when there was a transition between consoles there were still different versions coming out on different platforms at different dates. All we know now is that there is a beta for BF4 on unspecified platforms. And we know the beta date.

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agreed it just seemed lazy, especially the still images lol and for what they added I'm shocked it took them this long. The endings also failed to answer the plot holes people were annoyed with from the original ending e.g. Shepherd still alive in the destroy ending, how did the crew that were with Shepherd get back on the ship, how did Anderson get on the Crucible in the first place and so on.

They basically just tacked on some slideshow, voiceover and a few bland cut sc...

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Just seems every year when MS go "we haven't forgotten about the core" and then proceed to show the same 3 games... Halo, Forza and Gears.

MS just don't seem to wanna introduce anything new. Perhaps they will next year with the new console but in all honestly it wouldn't surprise me if as part of their new console unveiling they tease a new Halo, Gears and Forza

Also are Gears and Forza becoming yearly franchises...


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Isn't the answer extremely obvious... if you kept adding things into your game it would never ship because there would always be something else you could add.

Also the game had absolutely tons of content compared to most games

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seems like reviewer is just annoyed with the constant server issues, in fact the EU servers are down at the moment. For a game that will be played for months and months to come, to mark it down for server hickups during the first week of launch seems rather amateurish.

To prove my point some people may not be buying diablo 3 at launch but will be buying it in the coming weeks/months, would the game still receive a 5/10 when those people came to buy the game?


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Sales... COD... next question?

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in what way are activision done with MW3? because they officially announced Black Ops 2? They always announce the next COD in May...

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An article to inform us of a launch trailer for a game that's launching within a week!!! :o exciting stuff

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This article is around 11 years too late :|

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real or not they tell us nothing about the game...

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I'm sorry but we know very little detail about either game so how on earth could you do this comparison at this time? Perhaps around the Games releases would be a better time to be comparing the 2 know, like 6 months from now

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whilst you wont be able to post on twitter etc like you say the site still shows when the trailer will be unlocked:

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Lol why would someone buy a 360 specifically for Minecraft? It will literally play on any system and let's be honest anyone who would be remotely interested in games in any form would already own a pc or laptop:

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actually looks pretty good and even if it's not for everyone this is a bonus remember, the main course will still be the single player. Take Uncharted 3, loads of people say it didn't need multiplayer and loads just played single player and loved it, but equally there are plenty of people who are fans of what UC3's mp has to offer.

As far as I'm concerned this does add value for me. I played and enjoyed GOW3 but after like 1 and a half playthroughs I was done ...

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also in the video you see them put the heart on the contoller, then the rabbid and finally the guy goes to try the assassins creed character... to me that hints more at Assassins creed having some sort of cameo in the game, after all it's all Ubisoft stuff

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exactly, people get spawn camped because they are the weaker team. As a stronger team you have no option to keep pushing forward or do they suggest the correct tactic would be to camp the centre of the map...

The most tactical play will be from any 1 life modes anyway

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Looks good but that may be more down to it being a well put together trailer. Being frostbite 3 I would expect the game will look stunning... but on PC, not consoles unfortunately

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