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I won't even think about playing it after seeing what they let their now ex-community manager get away with

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The game clearly made by a overly sensitive narcissists SJW that believes that have PTSD from twitter. It's not easy to get a large group of people pissed at you for no reason but SJW's tend to be pretty oblivious to their insanity.

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sports and games both are they same, If you didn't play them as a kid you could care less who plays them

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The only thing to learn is some people can die super easy while a normal person can go a few days without sleep

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Efficient AMD you say? but yeah buy AMD they need the money if Samsung doesn't buys them

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88 hours out of a 168 hour week, what a bunch of casuals

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what do you expect from Ian Miles Cheong

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I read on Kotaku that it's better than Civ 5 with the Brave New World expansion pack.

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The tricky part of getting proper movement in a game is people adapt and learn to accept things that aren't right over time as normal. I'm not sure if this is the case but currently it's not up to a level a competitive game should be at.

You only need to pay once unless you don't have an alpha slot and want to play early but at this point playing early isn't worth the $5 if you ask me.

The real way Star Citizen is trying to make money is ...

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They have a timeline of goals for releasing parts of the game

I can play the current unoptimized mess they have out right now on a 7 year old i7 920 with a 660 ti @720p and fps from 70 to 120.

My biggest issue with them right now is getting the basic movement right.

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well that explains why they told my my account was logged into from another ip to get me to change my password. I knew it was a lie

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well just googled it and the NDA lifed so i can say its pretty much a bad console port

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Oh you silly fanboys but I guess this is n4g

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I'm still waiting for Star Citizen to get to the point where I can take it seriously, all the movement is still pretty sloppy and unresponsive, but my guess is it's not even really being focused on at this point or the QA team has adapted to how shitty it is and don't even notice it anymore.

Valkyrie might end up being a better dogfighting game but SC is going to be like Ultima Online in space and thats means they can do a lot of things bad and I would still play it....

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Anyone with dignity would leave Ubisoft

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Ubisoft now that's a name you can trust LOL

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it's pointless because Chinese players play on US servers like Illidan because the CN server host allows people to hack and get away with it

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Why aren't you blocking ads are trackers?

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Or that's what they want you to believe, and you fell for it like a sucker.

I'm still waiting for the game to be worth playing

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I'd rather have Kim keep doing what he's been doing since the raid then go to your website.

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