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You should know the reason why you bought a ps4 and that should be the answer. #23.1.1
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I have a PC that was built in 2007 with better specs, It looks like console peasants on pre built PC's to me or people on steam at work. #19.1.1
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"I'm a PC gamer" Sorry Minecraft doesn't count and here is a list of pc exclusives 2014-2015

And yeah think we win but I will end up getting a used xbox and ps4 $100 each down the road #9.1
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Lets fill out the whole chain.

The publisher would be king and anything they say is law no matter how bad the idea is.

The devs would be overworked nobles rushing to meet the kings deadline to keep yearly profits high.

Gamestop would be a dirty merchant bribing the king to give anyone that purchased the product from them powers over the other peasants, While selling some goods out of a backroom cutting the king and nobles out of the profit... #4.2.2
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The PC community wants proper game support and not bad console ports.

The last time I checked Steam is selling the shit out of games and most of the top upcoming mmorpg's are funded by the crowd funded by PC community with Star Citizen currently at $50,000,000.

Also I don't think you mean "software sales" because that's just ignorant. Google console vs PC game sales #4.3
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In vr 60 isn't good enough and even on a normal screen 100+ just feels better in any first person or third person game #2.2
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Tom Chilton is the guy that ruined Ultima Online, making it gear based with Age of Shadows that lead to the top pvpers running around in $5000 worth of overpowered items #2
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Fanatec csw, I had to put it in its G27 emulation mode to get it to work and ended up just turning FFB off #3.1.1
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This guy's a moron and start reporting the console bullshit in the PC section #1
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Ubisoft is scum, if you bought a game from them before they witched to Uplay, you can't play it because they used a 3rd party for the store and didn't keep records of anyone's games

Also, The Crew is console trash with almost no wheel support and horrible FFB that's locked to 30 fps and doesn't have FoV #4
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Its just a rushed console port with a bad story atm.
Currently it has horrible wheel and FFB support,Fps locked to 30 with no Fov option #3
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I just looked through my 205 games and I didn't spend more then $30 on pretty much anything other than a few mmo's most of my games were between $15 and $5

If you want to keep saying games are worth $60 take that off the graphics card price because they give you at least one $60 AAA game and you can sell your old graphics card and the game

GFWL and Gamespy are gone now they both shutdown recently and games not auto saving hasn't been a thing for a... #2.3.1
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$200 on a graphic card is nothing when your buying $60 games every month and you can always get a few free games with the graphics card

Its rare to buy a $60 pc game with steam sales and

Also console has tons of people cheating you just have no clue

Halo Reach hex edit to auto aim and hit boxes

... #2.2.1
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If you built a computer in the last 6 years with any overclockable i7 or i5 with 4gb of any speed ram and upgrade your graphics card to a mid range card every 3 years will play any current game at over 60 fps.

The only way your going to end up with a PC as weak as current gen console is to buy a overpriced pre built POS but even that can be upgraded overtime.

The main way consoles hold the PC back are pretty much just bad ports missing tons of things like..... #2.1.1
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"go down and buy it at the midnight release"

What kind of console bullshit is that?
Also without dedicated servers you can just lag your upload for an unfair advantage #5.2.1
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treyarch only got better after IW broke up

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One <-- Really Bad
Call of Duty 3 <-- Super Bad
Call of Duty World at War <-- Bad maps but had zombie mode and copied IW gameplay #6.1
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Same, CoD died when infinity ward broke up and with the loss of dedicated servers #5.1
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What Dafaq does PC have to do with gens? Our hardware is always current and not held back. next gen for consoles should be dedicated servers so you couldn't lag your upload with a Tomato/DD-WRT router and shoot people before they can even see you #2
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FFXIV was and still is a console mmo, on pc its just a fanboy game #6.2
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russian roulette is another good option #1.1
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