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Can't have the consumers forgetting about Scorpio.

Even though they've got nothing to show. No hardware, no software or even a small tech demo.

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I suspect this article would barely gain any traction had they not attched "PSVR" to the title and article.

The specalist himself never mentions the PSVR itself but only VR in general.

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Didn't Kojima mention it'll end up on the PC in the future ?

Wouldn't using Sucker Punch's own in-house engine make it a Sony exclusive ? If they were, i very much doubt Sony would let this game end up on the PC.

It's gotta be an engine with support for both the PS4 and PC.

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Still no full game.

Downloadble episodes and DLC to make up a "Full game" is a disease and it needs to be uprooted.

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No mention of other weapons ?

If fists and axe are the only weapons in your disposal the entire game, im gonna be dissapointed.

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Saying all the right things, but i really need to see this in action before i push the preorder button.

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It's promoting the emulator, not piracy.

Where on that article does it ever mention the use of warez or software piracy ?

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Fell in love with the beta.

A shame they removed the durability. Didn't have any trouble finding whetstones. I mean the enemies dropped a ton of loot so you were pratically swimming in excess gear which you could offer at shrines for items and amrita.

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You do realize he's based of William Adams right ?

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- Gameplay seemed slower compared to past GoW titles. Heck, im certain Ghost of Sparta for the PSP is faster.

- Kratos ? again ? really ? let go already.

- That camera angle, it was just fine in GoW 3. Why change that ?

+ Norse setting.

+ Axe weapon, really hope for more weapon variety/magic and that the Blades of Chaos won't show up.

+ Beard

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Echidna ? Really ?

Nevan is 10x hotter.

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Actually, yes.

Here´s the development of the level (don´t know if it will make it into the game):

And here's a small clip of "gameplay" on said level (not the exact same but with the same shader):

And the purpose ?...

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The smartphone analogies need to stop.

There actually are some games and apps that either runs like dogs*** or won't run at all reason often being weaker HW, almost forcing the user to buy the newer one. That's one of the fears of current PS4 owners.

Option ? What option ?

Sony has no control over game devs if they choose to exclusively release for the PS4K. That's another one of those fears.

But i don't see a...

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Eternally retold !

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With those specs, he could emulate the game better than the actual PC version could run it. Bloody hell.

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In just a few hours, ND nipped the artwork in the bud pretty damn fast.

Good on them for admitting their mistake.

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It may lack some content but then im reminded that SFV almost did not happen.

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Tired young gamers i believe.

My fault really, On N4G, users would rather read smaller short negative/positive sentences than wall-o-text like the one above.

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Imo, there are so many things that can go wrong with a Crash revival unless they stick to a specific line of planning.

This is all just my opinion but they need to stick with his original design being this:

And not this:

And of course he should...

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I read somewhere that it had more to do with Square Enix not having much faith in the current gen consoles (PS4/XBO) back then. Or that they thought Sony/Micro were heading for more a digital path instead of a physically one.

Hitman wasn't the only game with an episodic layout.

A couple of months back there were articles and images of JC3 with microtransactions. Don't know if most of that got scrapped or still lingers about somewhere in the game.

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