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Please bring back traffic attack in some form please !

Just love checking cars and rack up them highscores. #14
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You're thinking of Team Ninja.

These teasers are by Omega Force, the makers of Dynasty/One Piece/Samurai/Hyrule/Gundam warriors games. #2.1
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I never said a new final fantasy game.

And there's no reason to keep it the same to suit the fans of old just because of your fear of change.

What if I wanted it to be FF7 but play differently ?

What if i belive whatever Tabata makes\ currently making pale in comparison to what Nomura can come up with ?

I much prefered Nomuras idea of FFXV than Tabata.

But no, let's keep on playing the same old game w... #11.1.2
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Quite a lot assumptions there. This was the first game my parents bought for me back in 1997.

Loved it to death, still do. But having the remake play exactly the same but with a fresh coat of paint sounds really dull. Is it so wrong to have something different for once ?

Btw, nice use of fear montering. #11.1
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Can't wait to see what Nomura can cook up. #3
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Since most games these days are made with a PC and later ported over to consoles. #7
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So fear mongering is the solution ?

We haven't seen a bloody thing yet and already you think it's messed up.

Jesus effing Christ. #3.1.1
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Sounds like you want the classic to be kept as a "classic".

Iv'e got the perfect solution for you mate:

The "Hardcore fans" (the minority that is) aren't enough to cover the costs for this remake.

Im fairly certain Sq... #15.1.1
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You want to play the same game but with updated looks ?

Go ahead and buy FF7 on Steam and mod it. There you go.

I didn't wait this bloody long for a remake only to play the EXACT same game iv'e been doing for years.

New hardware = New ideas.

Nomura has never failed me at the gameplay department, as long as he is spear heading the development.

Retaining the same story, the same silly but hilarious even... #15
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Im sure it's sales are well-deserved, but how does one define a "great" or a "good" game ?

Game lenght ?

Graphics ?

Content ?

Replayability ?

A little bit of everything ? #12
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Maximizing sales of the first episode ? Why release the second one when they're still buying the first one. #4
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I would also like Mushiking but that's probably easier said than done since it uses cards. #14
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"Feely" ? "Let's play" ?

Free to play ?

Not there's anything wrong with F2P, but i guess we can expect less actual full blown JRPG/ARPG console games as the times go by. #1
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I kept warning you all !

And why didn't i follow my own goddamn advice !?

FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU************* * #4
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Ive read through the article and much of it doesn't make sense but it isn't completely wrong either.

The number game only work out in Nintendos favor if we single out only the Nintendo exclusives. Once you add a hyped up 3rd party game into the mix that's coming on all other platforms and it'll beat it in sales (most of the time anyway)

The waiting game only work out if the fans are still there and who knows how the videogame market will look... #6
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Please people.

Don't do this to yourselves. Stop hyping this up. Nothing, and i mean NOTHING good can come out of hyping up a teaser website by the likes of Square Enix.

From the company that brought you nothing but F2P mobile games, FF7-PC-port-to-PS4 trolls and removing key content in arguably their biggest JRPG console game yet because of Tabatas inept a**.

Do you honestly believe they'll announce something worthwhile in a low prof... #13
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Im not against this game. Im just sick of watching SE treat Vita owners like crap with all mobile ports and no effort in atleast trying to make an actual high budgetRPG game.

But im mainly pissed off because im one of the few who got their Vitas at launch. I mean, come on, at least port over the Kingdom Hearts collection.

Throw us a friggin bone over here we're starving ! #8.2.1
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"It's sh**"

"But it's free Sh** !" #8.1.1
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It's sad how submissive you all have gotten.

You're settling down for the mutant mobile offspring of the actual thing ? #8
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The gamer of course. Such a silly question. #27
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