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I would pay top dollar for a Burnout: Revenge sequel or HD remake for current gen.

On-topic: Im sorry to say that ive never got the chance to play Takedown as Revenge was the first and last Burnout game i played before my PS2 broke down. Though im sure it was a great game. #2
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Ahhh the memories.... #13
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Used to be pro-Sony but the fanbase (some, not all) were making it hard for me to stay supportive.

I also looked around the Nintendo and MS camp, and imo, they're facing the same issue, over-protective fans (again, some and not all of them)

And then it hit me, what's the point in praising/criticizing something when it won't change a thing ?

To me, these things feel predetermined, if Sony does well, good for them. If MS does badly... #4
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My own personal views.

Well, that and maybe because im trying to stay as neutral as possible.

Never play favorites. #3.1.1
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I think you a lot gamers are underestimating MS, they'll have a trick or two up their sleeve. I think the XBO will do fine in Japan.

And no, im not being sarcastic. #3
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All these interviews and qoutes about tech, materials, shadows is starting to bore me.

Why talk about the things you can do in this game instead of showing it ?

Show us some morse code gameplay, a battle against one of these half-breeds or why not some of this destruction you've been talking up.

Would it not be more effective to just show us ? not everything but just a tiny sliver of it. #6
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I think it's slow on purpose.

The battle are supposed to resemble MMORPG battles. Or atleast that's the impressipon im getting from the trailer. #7.1
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IMO, this looks like a simple flash game.

I guess it's a good thing they aren't asking for much. #3
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Let's see how Planetside 2 fares on the PS4 first before asking for more. #4
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It's the small details such as slightly better lighting, textures and anti-aliasing. Looks fine on both the PS3 and PS4 imo.

TK isn't known to push tech & graphics, they make games that are fun to play and that's what matters the most. #4
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Time to plant an idea...

What if this PocketStation is indeed for the PS4.

What if...... this is the only way you'll be able to save your game on the PS4 ? #15
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The only thing that i would consider "BIG" would be Sony coming out on the stage and announcing they're changing the name of the Vita to PSP2 along with a redesign and exclusive Vita games from major Japanese devs which they moneyhatted out the a**.

Expecting big hitter games on the PS4 to be announced on the 9th and the 19th during TGS and beyond ? That's not something you expect, it's a certainty. #23
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Yay, another VN.


TGS will dissapoint just like the last two major conventions/trade fairs (Gamescom, E3) in terms of exclusive Vita games.

Most likely more PS3/PSV and PSP/PSV ports. #4
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Aaaaaannd there goes any chance of an exclusive Yakuza Vita title.

What's the point in making any kind of exclusive game for the Vita if 99% of PS4 games are playable on the Vita through remote play ?

Now they all can claim that they are supporting the Vita when they technically aren't.

Sony really should've thought this one through a bit more. #9
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"The Xbox One WILL NOT outsell the PS4. It's just not possible. "
Careful friend, MS have deep pockets.

They're likely to buy an exclusive or two and pour a ton of cash it into advertisments.

Imo we should all reserve judgement until atleast 2-3 years after the release of PS4/Xbox one. #8
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No tanks
Id rather you put some effort into an original Tekken game like the 3DS instead of a crummy PS3 port.

Is it so wrong, after a year, to want new games on the Vita ?
And no, PS3 - PSV simultaneous game release is not what i want either.

Why even pick up a game when it's on the more widely sold console ?

Dammit Sony, i want the games to justify my Vita purchase.
Why would i re-purchase games for my Vita ?

So... #15
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After all this time, this is Capcom great effort for the Vita.

A 2D "fast-paced" rpg that happens to be f2p jam packed with micro-transactions.

Apparently, you dont even control it, you merely issue commands and watch as they battle it out for you (according to Ishaan at Siliconera).

Almost sound like they're trying to pull off a Picotto Knights rip-off where you issue commands instead of actually controlling it yourself.
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Oh God
Yes ! #2
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Looks good to me
Don't understand what the fuss is about. But then again ive always been a console exclusive player for as long as i can remember so i guess my standards for "good" and "fun" are really low by defaut. #2
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How ?
How does announcing the PS Vita as a portable second screen for the PS4 help it in any way? #4
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