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Give me Dragons Dogma 2 dammit !

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Correction: they'll release this with bumped up resolution on consoles, but when the sales fail to reach their stupid sale goals they'll claim there is no interest in DMCV and cancel any DMC related developments.

That's the Capcom way for ya

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Why the PS4 tag ?

There's nothing suggesting this will be for the PS4.

For all we know, might be Nintendo exklusive.

Atlus always gotta blue ball everyone up until it's gameplay reveal.

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That's Alexa Bliss. You know that right ?

But you're not entirely wrong it was a part of her Harley Quinn entrance.

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Looks and plays about as i expected for a warriors game.

This will no doubt sell a ton. FE and DW is a powerful combination in Japan.

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His arguments boil down to "portability" and "Co-op"

It's not even out yet and immedialty assumes you can't play with friends instead of strangers.

What you want is a MH game stuck on handhelds, forever stuck on reused PS2 assets.

We now have a proper MH game in HD by the actual MH team .

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But unfortunately, it looks to be online only (would love to be wrong but everything shown and said about it so far it screams online only).

The game seemed really cool and all but a constant online connection is not something i want in my video game library.

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Here, have a better source:

You all should try reading the full qoute, not saying he's right but he's not entirely wrong either.

Shame on you Gaz/Septic for fueling the console war BS.

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Dodging the question are we ?

No matter, your non-answer and comment history has told me enough.

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How old are you ?

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Oh man, im getting PS2 3rd party controller flashbacks.

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What's the point ?

You'd divert the funds for Bulletstorm 2 towards BL3.

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Uhh... we've known this for awhile now ?

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F*** yes !

Im so f****** ready to die and conquer thousands of times !

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What i wouldn't give for a new Otogi or Metal Wolf Chaos.

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Oh ?

What makes you think it'll be a MS exclusive ?

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From what i can tell by seeing, it plays mechanically the same.

Graphically though, im not too bothered. I mean, were you expecting some super high-end remake ?

It may seem low budget, but it makes sense if you think about it. This mostly appeals to PS1 fans (like me). The younger ones, the current mainstream, who probably never heard/played a crash game before will probably think it looks average and/or bland.

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Oh boy.....just one vowel away....

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Got both marks already.

But could those helmets drop from revenants ? Would be nice for those who missed out.

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