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Maximizing sales of the first episode ? Why release the second one when they're still buying the first one. #4
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I would also like Mushiking but that's probably easier said than done since it uses cards. #14
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"Feely" ? "Let's play" ?

Free to play ?

Not there's anything wrong with F2P, but i guess we can expect less actual full blown JRPG/ARPG console games as the times go by. #1
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I kept warning you all !

And why didn't i follow my own goddamn advice !?

FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU************* * #4
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Ive read through the article and much of it doesn't make sense but it isn't completely wrong either.

The number game only work out in Nintendos favor if we single out only the Nintendo exclusives. Once you add a hyped up 3rd party game into the mix that's coming on all other platforms and it'll beat it in sales (most of the time anyway)

The waiting game only work out if the fans are still there and who knows how the videogame market will look... #6
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Please people.

Don't do this to yourselves. Stop hyping this up. Nothing, and i mean NOTHING good can come out of hyping up a teaser website by the likes of Square Enix.

From the company that brought you nothing but F2P mobile games, FF7-PC-port-to-PS4 trolls and removing key content in arguably their biggest JRPG console game yet because of Tabatas inept a**.

Do you honestly believe they'll announce something worthwhile in a low prof... #13
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Im not against this game. Im just sick of watching SE treat Vita owners like crap with all mobile ports and no effort in atleast trying to make an actual high budgetRPG game.

But im mainly pissed off because im one of the few who got their Vitas at launch. I mean, come on, at least port over the Kingdom Hearts collection.

Throw us a friggin bone over here we're starving ! #8.2.1
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"It's sh**"

"But it's free Sh** !" #8.1.1
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It's sad how submissive you all have gotten.

You're settling down for the mutant mobile offspring of the actual thing ? #8
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The gamer of course. Such a silly question. #27
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We need multiplatform games as much as we need exclusives.

3rd party should always strive for multiplatform. That way everyone gets to enjoy it and there would be less console gorilla warfares on forums.

Exclusives imo should always be a new IP either be helping out 3rd party devs through funding or an extra pair of hands in development. That or strengthening your own 1st party teams and let them try making a new IP instead of another s... #9
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I wouldn't put too much faith in current gen if you intend to make it online only. #3
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Of course they don't.

The only thing that truly matters is your own opinion.

That how Cliffy is, he knows his statements and opinions don't matter to you, but it matters to him and that's all he needs. #2.1.1
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Excited ?

Excited about what ?

A bunch of indies & ports ?

I should be excited as i get to watch as the competition buy up 3rd party exclusives ? you know, the ones that used to be available on all platforms ? the kind of topic that was constantly raised just last gen as being a bad thing ?

I should be excited that you're fu***** over vita owners by making 3/4 of the games you localize into digitial only ? all the w... #6
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Sounds utterly boring Ubisoft.

Games are fantasy, it's something we can't do in real life. Like superpowers or being able to jump on the heads small angry mushrooms with legs.

These days for major video game devs, it's mostly about looks, historically accurate and realism.

I buy games being able to do the things i can't peform irl, not so that i can just sit their and listen to how "historically accurate" it is. #5
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So ?

I thought console were for playing video games not watching movies. #5
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Then would you be so kind to point me to your source ?

And not the one with PG just stating that it wouldn't have existed without Nintendo.

I want one saying where they asked various publishers for funding. #17.2.1
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Do you see me praising Sony or MS for buying up 3rd party exclusives anywhere in that post ?

3rd party exclusives games on your system does not ensure success im afraid. And that goes to all platforms.

These games would better benefit if they were available on more platforms.

And no, i do not believe my comment is "ill timed" or "misplaced".

Atleast you won't be seeing me defending my console of choice... #17.1.1
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You're happy this is exclusive to the Wii U ?

You're happy a third party game went exclusive ?

Imo, buying up third 3rd party exclusives is a shi*** practice.

Imo, i don't believe that Nintendo was the only one willing to fund Bayo2. I think PG immediately went with the first one willing to fund it's development.

We don't know if Microsoft, Sony or any other 3rd party pubs were ever asked, there is no prop... #17
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Oh boy here we go again.

let's talk about a game we're not releasing until several friggin' years later. #1
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