God bles you all...


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Cmon guys...Tell me you dont belive in this nonsense...You can't Share game with more than 2 friends,and ''Phantom'' must be deactivated via PC because there is only 2 licenses for one game.Simply you can't download one game more than 3 times from the same account,on the diferent consoles(game can be active only on 2 consoles at the same time and third must be deactivated from the PC for that reason and must not wipe the game at all because he will not be able to downl...

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Rofl...You are RETARDED all of you!!!You arguing about graphics and this is not GAMEPLAY trailer at all.Where you see "GAMEPLAY "here you Idiots???!!!Facepalm...

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Damn XiSasukeUchiha Retard.

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He probably has no life like XiSasukeUchiha...Losers...

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You are RETARD my frend.You must have no life AT ALL!!! Every time u r first...Go kill your self please.Poor kid...Facepalm...

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Same case is for GT6.Don't know about Driveclub...

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Nice pictures,but...every single picture is from gallery.U must admit thet the models are not THAT great in gameplay...:/

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One more thing.Only hardcore Funboys can say that this game sucks and looks (plays)like s..t...

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My first next-gen console will be PS4 i m not funboy but in my opinion,this will be BY FAR best looking game on the next-gen.
You can not deny that...I will probably by XBOX ONE because of this game.Just imagine future games :) Awesome!!!

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Lol...You prefer PC over consoles but you had 4 Xbox and 3 Ps3 consol which was running all day long...facepalm... what a bunch of crap...and what a lier you are m8...I bet you not have any console and some shity PC 100% loser...

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I BET all of you 100% know tha not going to be that fast and fluid. But you pretend that you believe.Facepalm...I m REALLY,REALY sorry for those who believed in this obvious shit :(

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Lol..where is the "gameplay" here.Who belives that this is gameplay,must be retarded...P.S.Nobody give us real gameolays anymore ..Losers...

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Lol...everyone is ''ready" ...??? For what???I don't see any gameplay here...When we will see REAL gameplay???! Not this shit trailers."Gameplay" ...facepalm...

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Nothing like The Last Of Us ;)

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Awesome :)

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Day 1 for me too ;)

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Same damn perfect controller for 15-18 years.Btw.why change something that is perfect :) Just perfect.What else can be expected from Sony,than perfection.

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Tako je zemljak...;) Btw.I am afraid that this screenshots ar from PS4 and XBOX720 version...looks to god for PS3 game.I hope I m wrong :(

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Prckoooooooooooooooooo javi se čovečeeeeeeeeeeee :)

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Prcko r u from Serbia?

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