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Anyone that is complaining should prove that they bought a copy of the game. If they didn't buy it they shouldn't be complaining about it. Fake gamers. I seen lot people dressed more provocatively than that character in real life. Internet bullies at their finest.

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Remaster the Original Tomb Raider.

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Sorry it's limited in the verity of kid games. When I take my kids to the store they run right to the Nintendo section and steam up the glass. PS Vita need games like that which appeals to kids and adults. Sometimes just a simple and fun game can rake in the dollars and customers they need to keep the Vita alive. They should let more mobile games in on the Vita if they are not going to develop better games. Better games meaning that are not too extreme and complicated just focus on fu...

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It should have been backwards compatible.
They should have used UMDs.
Needed lower cost memory cards.
I would have preferred a larger screen.
The lack of ips for children games.
No pressure joysticks.
You would think by now they would let you download your game card to your memory card.
They boxed themselves in to a corner with this limited system.

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If Nx/Nintendo is to succeed it must prove to buyer's that it is not going to be another Wii U gamble. So many basic functions were left out of the Wii U it's not even funny if they were planning to compete with the big boys they needed to bring more to the table. I'm sure die hard fans will be there first to buy one. I feel more people will be sitting on the fence waiting to see the actual specs, functions, software and third party backing before buying.

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Kid Games. That's what they are missing. They don't have enough IPs for 5-10 year olds to play. Nintendo has such a wide base while the Vita is more of an adult system. It's just does not draw a large enough crowd of gamers.

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They are switching to a subscription base system. It's going to be like what they are doing with Microsoft Office. You'll have to pay an annual subscription fee to continue to use OS and receive updates.

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I'd rather see PS4 Anniversary Sneakers.

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Maybe they will come out with an XBox Watch. Everyone else is.

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I'm surprised that they did not release Xbox One Halo 5 Console with 2TB HDD. That's where I want to be exploited. Maybe it's yet to be announced.

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I don't know if you understand what your reading. H5 could be the best game in the series. I'm just saying for a top rated franchise they took the money and ran. They knew they had problems with the game and released it anyway. They also withheld the fact they knew the multiplayer was broken to begin with. When you pay $60 (full price) for a game you have a reasonable expectation that it will work. Maybe you are to young to understand that when a business is taking advantage of y...

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Count me out. After all the apologizes for the Master Chief Collection and multiplayer issues & let downs. 343 Industries and Microsoft lost my trust in the series. I'll buy the game used after its been out a while. Not pre-ordering this one. They got me once. That was enough for me.

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Once they gave their first apology I knew there was more to follow. They had to get the game out before Christmas no matter what the cost. I'm really on the fence for Halo 5 now. Wondering what they are going to apologize for next?

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Put me down.

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I hope I'm wrong. It would be nice to see a strong woman role in the game. (Like MGS.) or Women in general in the story. It would make the game more interesting. Halo Reach & Gears of War had some nice female charaters in the game. It made it more enjoyable.

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Too bad they will not add that to the game. I'll escort her to safety.

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We I'm giving Bungie the benefit of the doubt. If the DLC doesn't deliver then I will not pay another dime into the game. If it's a ten year game it only lasted 6 month for me.

I'm going back to WOW.

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It's just the same pattern. Selling you half the game and the rest of the content later via download. All of the sudden can't manufacture two disk game pack. Looks like they are maximizing their profits and putting additional costs to the consumer. Less than a month away they pull a bait and switch. I'm not paying full price for half a game. I wonder what else they will be apologizing for....

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Watch Nintendo go bankrupt. All they have to do is burn the consumer and we will stop buying their products. I just hope that when the console life is over that they don't brick the system and make you rebuy the software for a newer console. It almost seems that the major console makers are trying to monopolize the gaming industry. Anything from selling half completed games or hold back content so you can buy DLC to restricting/locking in frame rates and resolutions. It looks like the...

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I agree with you. I feel the PS4 & XBO held back a lot in design aspects. So they can still make games that can run on both on last gen. consoles as well as next gen. to increase their profit margin. They didn't want to make consoles too high in specs that would not allow them to run games on last gen. consoles.

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