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Agreed. Disney Infinity is flexible enough to add content like that. Not seeing it in Swap Force. Don't get me wrong, I love SWAP Force. It is just dead in terms of replay to me now. #2.1
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You make a very good point. The additional playsets are expensive. We have called for a lower price - 20 bucks; or a one figure and one playset package.

We finished Skylanders SWAP Force - had no interest in purchasing additional characters. Used Giants, and first gen Skylanders in SWAP Force. The extra content (type based) is mainly mini games. So did not even purchase all the SWAP Force types.

To be fair Disney Interactive has released many maps for free.... #1.1
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Exactly they make it so confusing. :( #2.1.1
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Then why not say Q4, instead of holiday? Or say Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Its too confusing, cause I think of Labor Day, and other holidays between now and the end of the year. #2
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Which holiday in particular? #1
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Games are part of the culture. :) #3.1
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I would disagree that the studies are not highly regarded professionally. The ESA spreads lies and propaganda like that throughout the industry.

The studies that come along that supposedly support violent video games are paid for by companies who are making the violent games - so they are hardly considered reliable.

Your right that the media latches onto the negative studies, and how all these school shooters played the violent games. That does not excuse the... #2.1
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The Amish come to mind. :) #5.1
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Two reasons - 1. Mental exercise. Something people do to explore a variety of different facets of life. It helps stretch the mind, and open up possibilities and concepts you would have previously never thought of.

2. Someone asked me this question: "What is your exit strategy?" My honest answer was uhhhhhhhhhhh. At that moment I realized I had never thought about it. Which made me wonder how many of my fellow gamers had.

... #4
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Many of the same promises are being made this next generation that were made last generation. Especially in terms of AI. Different buzz words but the same concepts. Maybe if we held their feet to the fire for past promises. I dont know. #3
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You wouldn't be hostile and overly aggressive/defensive to exploring the concept would you?

How many gamers instantly attack anything they don't like while claiming they are tolerant of diversity?

Excellent response down there. :) #1.1
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If anything it is an interesting question to ponder. :) #4
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We gamers get the name. The moms, dads, and grandparents who bought a video game system for the first time with the Wii have no clue. Not being harsh - they are just not educated into gaming. We gamers forget that sometimes. We have our own language, internal debates, etc. Super Wii would have been a name that would have made sense to them.

I was at Target yesterday and this elderly gentleman was returning a Wii U game because it did not work on his Wii. Maybe he also used h... #2.2
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Not everyone defines Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper as family games. Singstar is Teen so it excludes everyone under thirteen. Families have kids. Wonderbook was rejected by families due to the heavy magic. Harry Potter is highly controversial in many circles.

Your right about LBP, and tons of older games they already own on those older systems.

Why not have your favorite Sony games on Android and iPhone? What about Steam? Why not... #3.1.1
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Its an opinion piece where the logic used against Nintendo is applied to Sony. :)

Agree or disagree there is a point being made, and its exposing all those who want Nintendo out. They have a double standard. Plus from the family gamer stand point - Sony has done little for them since the PS2. #3
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kinda need approvals. #1.1
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A compilation of Shining Force III would be nice. Since we only got part one of that game in the States.

But yeah some kind of a sequel to the franchise would be appreciated. :) #4.1
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Gex was awesome. :) #1.2.1
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Nice list Magnus. :) #1.3
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Kinect is big with the family gamer - a much larger audience than the core gamer. Kinect is why Microsoft has won the home sales for consoles the last 24 months straight in the US. Kinect is why the Xbox 360 is steadily catching the Wii in worldwide sales. Kinect is not Microsoft's downfall, its their savior. #16
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