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Have they lead the way this generation? The last? I see MS has that bullsh*t machine humming along nicely. #1.1.9
she's so damn sexy. *drools* #1.3
has he never played a 3PS before? why is he always scoping in like if it's an fps? lol #1.1.2
why no info on StarHawk beta for UC3 users? >:| #1.1.3
well you posted a reply so I guess you do. #2.1
you should try Dxtory #2.1
that sniper clip was pretty badass. #1.1
Its good! I'm getting a consistent 60fps on 1920x1200 Ultra (in-game AA is off I'm using injectSMAA) on whiterun... WHITERUN. We'll see how the performance holds up after I install the mods.

i5 2500k @4.4Ghz
dual 6950s 1GB
8Gigs ram #1.2
I have two 6950s and they're spectacular but far too expensive an option for a console if they're looking at 2013 ship date. #2.1
he loves taking a piss on the community and has done so many times in the past. #1.1
Now it all makes sense. UC2 still holds the crown. #1.1.9
not just BF, it's true of all games nowadays. is mw3 still f**ked? #7.1.2
next patch scheduled for this coming month. I just hope it doesn't f**k up more than it fixes. #6.1
Very. #1.1
yes. yes. yes. everything he said. #12.1
holy sh*t that's sexy. #1.1.3

It's you're, not your.

:P #2.1.3
Other. #1.1.2
i loved those maps, why didn't they bring those back instead of this one?

-.- #2.4
think I'm level 15 and it's not that bad really, you just have to play a less aggressive game and just rank up. #1.1.1
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