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I see what you did there. I wonder how many people will.

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Final Fantasy VI was a Super Nintendo game... playing that today on Vita and loving the hell out of it.

Also, saw on Twitter that the $100,000 is only going towards the game's 3D character models, specifically.

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Declaring Sony the winner and saying "Sony is in first place" are two VERY different things.

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In the article, those words are hyperlinked to NeoGAF evidence of Xbox fans vowing not to purchase a next-gen Xbox. So, there's reasoning for say that.

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Nope. Oni on PS2 is credited to Rockstar Games.

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Agreed. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the Platinum requires you to get the Hades time trials, just any one of them.

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If it goes offline, and is actually re-developed to cater to single-player gameplay (I've heard it's very nature demands multiplayer), I'd seriously consider joining the craze. Not a moment before, though.

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I think information has been so scarce because it's being prepped for release on PS4, and (obviously) that means they can't talk openly about it until Sony gives an official reveal.

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Disagree. The review flat out declares in no vague terms what the ending is.

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He doesn't need an argument. To anyone who reads the review, it's clear as day that they COMPLETELY SPOIL THE ENDING.

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I wouldn't be too sure. As a commenter below described, most of Uncharted 2 and 3's MP trophies were not required for the Platinum - they were labeled with a "+", which in Trophy terms considers them as DLC (optional) trophies.

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Journey says otherwise.

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Watch out for Best Buy, folks - Assassin's Creed III for $35!!!

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Ugh, that GameStop branding is hideous. And here I was, thinking their stupid price stickers that leave residue on the game case plastic was bad enough.

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The only thing that made GTA 4 more "sim" than San Andreas were the friendship you had to maintain. Clothing, hygeine, body health, RPG development... all of those "sim" elements were in San Andreas and removed for 4.

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This is a terrific example of jumping to conclusions. BioWare had a summary of the DLC's plot written into ME3's code, so that automatically means they STRIPPED it from the game to release months later? That's patently ridiculous. You're asking people to believe that the entire effing DLC was finished before ME3 came out, based solely on the fact that its plot was recorded in two paragraphs.

Get real.

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What a terrible, sensationalist headline. There is literally NO information in this article that we didn't already know from, like, 2 weeks ago. They're working on it, and they have NOT said "Nope. Never happening."

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While we're spewing facts, it's totally true that few PC owners have a rig powerful enough to play PCSX2 games at the 60fps, 1080p you're talking about. I can run Crysis 2, Guild Wars 2, and myriad others on my laptop but Kingdom Hearts II chugs like crazy.

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This looks totally sick. Kudos to the creator - I can't WAIT to try these out.

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The article has no source information. Where on Tumblr was this actually found?

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