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gears 2 only looks slightly better than gears 1 because epic had pretty much fully OPTIMISED THE GAME ENGINE, i repeat GAME ENGINE the first time around....basically, they had already maxed THE GAME ENGINE with gears 1. there wasn't much more they could do!

just like kz3 wont be much better than kz2, because of the very same reason. kz2 looks so incredible because it's running on a SUPER GAME ENGINE. man, there's some idiots on this site.

pop in a lauch itle fro...

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anyway, the game looks incredible! and by all accounts, the gameplay is superb aswell.

can't wait til feb, picking up a ps3 for this baby. bring it on.

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who would've thought that??

gameplayer, another site that likes to leech hits from n4g by writing negative 360 stuff.

i've got about about 8 games on my hdd(i do have an elite though), it would be a pain if i only had a 20gb though. anyway, i live in france, and they are doing a nice deal over here at the moment. 60gb hdd, 3 months live and a headset for 70euros which is less than £60. not bad at-all.

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but did i see that alexM has approval rights??????????

alexm/nasim/zimbo/shadow hearts/sammy_mantra/lanoire/er ic100/ultimate unfloppery/cahill/darkswiv/tor tella and theres more names that i cant remember has approval rights??

if there's proof need that n4g is firmly rooted as a gutter site then look no further! when fanboys of his calibre get a say, then you know it's all over.

interestingly aswell, out of all the stories awaiting approval, this is the...

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ofcourse when the eyetoy devs say that the 360's camera is crap in comparison, you should all take notice.....

1000degrees i predict! and alot of people not owning a 360 all agreeing with the article!

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it doesn't matter that the site has 360 in the title, you're a contributor, and have obviously been around to know how it works on n4g.

how many replys and hits do you think it would get without a bit of 360 negativity in the title?? not many. i'm sorry if i sound cynical, but there's plenty of sites that leech hits from this site by doing negative 360 stuff. your part of the world aswell) is a site that automatically springs to mind...there's others whos...

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they're the same fu*king thing.

"look dad, i've got 10k gamerscore"


"look dad, i'm now level 6 and am the highest level out of all of my friends"

who cares? honestly?

sru9600: you're gonna lose bubbles for that mate. you cant say anything bad about sony on here. just look at how many cages you rattled with your first post....the sdf will have revenge for your blasphemy!

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they're gonna make it exclusive? grasping here! the reported $50 mil microsoft paid was for exclusivity, andas i said above paid for their studio time so it would'nt go to the ps3.

it does'nt matter one bit if nobody at-all downloads the episodes. they've been paid in advance. any money they make for downloads is an added bonus.

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that's what i thought. i think perhaps articles like this should wait until final fantasy is here. if the flag-ship title bombs, then it's certain that square have lost their magic. until then, the rest is speculation.

plus, if you want hits for your web-site, you only have to post something negative with 360 in the title for a massive hit boost from n4g.

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3492d ago

a fps compared to tps. i aint clicked the link, but i can't believe ign have done it.

now it's here, it gives the sony-fanboys(that's about 90% of the community) of n4g a chance to bash gears, salute r2, and give eachother a good ol fanboy pat-on-the-back.

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soon all the n4g fanboys will be saying that it's gonna be 09 instead. but take some reassurance sdf in the fact that killzone2 and gt5(if it's out) are gonna sell like hot-cakes, and are gonna shift hardware aswell.

but, you all like to hype sonys new i.p's and like to say stupid stuff like sony doesn't need third party devs when they have some many studios..blah blah. the massive problem which is already a reality is the fact that new i.p's dont have an existing fanbase, and ...

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it's nothing in japan.

whilst the ps3 on it's home turf continues to get obliterated by nintendo...and the rest of the world for that matter. after sonys dominance for a decade, nintendo dethroned them, and surprised everyone.

great job nintendo. although i hardly touch my wii.

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you can always post the same thing again 2 days later for the sony fanboys that missesd the first one

tordavis, very true. sonyfankids need something/anything!

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you have anew account again i see. and i've seen you write the same rubbish in about three threads now. sad person you.

how wells your precious ps3 selling compared to the ps1 and ps2??? oh that's rite, it's selling absolutely terribly!! the ps3 wont even hit 60mil units with the ps3. does it hur to hear that???

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my premium is a jan 06 model which has seen a hard tour of duty, and my elite is fine too. any probs and i'll send them back, if not, i'll buy a new one....same as i did with my ps1 ans ps2 when they went to he wall.

anyway, here it is, some fuel sony boys! flame on and enjoy....a n4g favourite thread. 1000 degrees within an hour.

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lol your gonna be on one bubble for saying that.

but, halo recon will be the bigget selling game in 09 on any console. if anyone wants to take the bet? then pm me! the only ps3 game that mite compete in sales is killzone2. other than that, bungie and microsoft are gonna make a fortune.

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just last week they had their figures published, and they were making far more on the 360!!

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lol, well said. it's hilarious watching them rise to the defense of their beloved piece of silicon and plastic.

comm13: everyone knows how much sony fanboys put into outselling. for the last few months, words like lbp is the "new mario" and this game will shift hardware and software have been touted.

now it's turned out totally different, all the fanboys are like "the delay hurt it" it's "a new i.p" and blah blah.


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