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System seller I think.

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Smart kids.

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Who cares about trophies? No one!

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One to try.

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Which feature doesn't it do? As far as I can tell it does them all.

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PS3 Move controls are more accurate that the Wii and you can download cheaper PSN games like Tumble.

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I've just sold Black Ops to go buy Battlefield. Never felt happier.

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Video from the service:

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I was at the service with the Playstation game and I would say I had a spiritual experience. Especially when other players joined us from online.

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Check out R2 dissing Disneyland Adventures at 5m40s in that video. Like a true N4G'r. I'm sure C3PO will flame back:

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Sounds like you've not actually played a Kinect game. It's all about the theatre. Gun Stringer already proved that. 1 to 1 is important but it is not all there is to creating a fun game. Give it a go man!

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Don't let the Daily Mail see this. Field day. Just sayin.

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You are totally right. If I had to choose between the two (which I guess I don't) there would be no contest. GA all the way.
I liked DD but not as much as the other games.

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Couldn't disagree more. The motion controls and camera make it a perfect machine to do Kinect and Wii controls for kids.

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This single handedly converted me to PC gaming. I actually used to defend the old Xbox as the future.

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I think you are right lol

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I guess in many ways, who cares right? But also it is good to see games getting out there into the culture. Certainly adds weight to them being something worth spending time on rather than just being kill kill kill.

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Totally agree. It is certainly far reaching.

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Date was an error (corrected) on the referenced article which was published today with reference to the second season of Sherlock.

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I think they are the same in the game.

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