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Optional, yes. "Game changer," no

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Onlive never solved its latency problems either. It's not the fault of the software, it's the fault of the infrastructure.

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Sony has neither the funds nor the means to fix the broad band problem that America currently has

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Has everyone forgotten how laggy Onlive was? Streaming is great if you have a super fast connection, not so much on broad band.

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That bitch scalped it on ebay

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Obviously one line represents the Xbox (I'm just going to assume green) while the other is the Playstation. Christ Gribble, that's pretty dumb - even for you.

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Who the hell is Paul Gale?

This sounds more like something that someone wants to happen rather than something that is going to happen.

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Not that difficult: online gaming performance is better on Xbox Live

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those don't make the news, laying off staffers does

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The real problem with fanboys is that they equate the size of their genitals with the console that they've purchased.

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Start with gun control - maybe that will actually accomplish some good.

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I dusted mine off recently - amazed at how yellow it's gotten!

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Vita BLOPS ain't good. Nihilistic apparently didn't learn much from the Vita Resistance.

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"Traumatized" is the word you use when you are considering a lawsuit lol

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So now you're a fortune teller?

in all honesty, what real evidence do you have that the Vita *won't* fail? I see you defending it to the hilt on this site, but never providing a reason why it won't be off the market in a year or two.

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This is sad news. I played digital version and didn't have any problems, so it will be too bad if people miss this one because of a botched disc version.

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@ Gribblegrunger

On the other side of the coin, if you need to fiercely and blindly defend your video game purchases in order to validate yourself as a human being, you might be just as pathetic as the guy you're passing judgement on.

For an adult to have nothing better to do with his life is a little sad.

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Nintendo will perform transfers with the Wii in repair situations. They didn't initially and they don't offer it up, but if you're insistent enough they will do it.

There's a snag however, if you're one of those people who bought the replacement warranty through Best Buy - where you can bring the console back and get it replaced immediately - you're SOL as far as your digital downloads go because if Nintendo doesn't have the console in hand, they ...

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You're obviously blind, retarded or both. If the guy is wearing a hat, light from above shouldn't be leaking out onto his hair below the brim or his ear. I don't care which system it's on, it looks WRONG.


You must be blind as well if you think that ship picture from the PS3 looks better. The dynamic range is clipped and blown out, along with all of the detail. The Xbox version does have shadows, it'...

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"So because the 360 shadows are different you automatically assume it's the PS3 version that has the shadows in the WRONG place?!"

No, but you can assume that because in the photo with the closeup of the man's face, in the PS3 version there is clearly light bleeding onto his head from under his hat - something that the Xbox version renders correctly.

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