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I'll just leave this here... #3.1
I know it's in the spirit of fun, but trivializing sexual violence, even inadvertently, is wrong. Not saying they were being malicious, but it is definitely insensitive. #1.1
Because Nintendo. #1.1
This is amazing.

Also, you failed to mention that in CLOP you can BREAK THE HORSE'S LEGS DDDD: #1
Hi there,

Just wanted to reply as I posted this article to N4G. I didn't write it; and it's important that I point out that the "best worst" description was mine, not the author's. I hope that your read (that's present tense read, not past tense "read") the article and evaluate his other points, not just my hasty description! #5.1
I like that Minecraft is a game of infinite potential, I just lack the ability to build any of the really cool castles and structures that other people build. But in spite of the fact that I'm not very "good" at Minecraft, I still love it like you do. #5
I actually LIKE that Fez takes such a drastic turn. As a platformer for the first couple of hours it seems like just lighthearted fun, but once the puzzles increase in complexity it sort of hints at something almost sinister beneath its surface. It's kind of in tune with the theme of the game itself. #1
It's funny - I think a game like this does a better job of conveying empathy an intimacy than a game like GTA with its huge budget and overwrought cutscenes. Sometimes it's the little things. #1
There are those conspiracy theorists who would claim that the story was "leaked" as a form of publicity for ME3. Not that it needs it. #1
I still maintain that Halo 2 is more "definitive" than Halo 3 because it basically brought the online gaming craze to the forefront. Call of Duty more built on the base that Halo 2 created than created its own thing. #5
I am so totally going to think about playing this when it comes out. #1
I played the hell out of Max Payne my freshman year in high school. A friend gave me his copy for PC, and then I bought the Platinum Hits version for Xbox I liked it so much.

At first I just liked the action. It was fun and brutal and seemed weighty and grounded, moreso than Halo or even Half-Life (my former shooter drug of choice). Then, when the story started picking up and the drug trips factored in, I became afraid of the game. I still remember the level that takes p... #8
I think that's a big challenge for games that incorporate a counter mechanic is to balance it out. In Assassin's Creed games there's almost no reason to not just spam counter attacks since they're usually instant kills and you don't have to worry about breaking through the enemy's guard. To be quite honest, combat is one of the things it didn't feel like they really fixed from the first Assassin's Creed at all. #3
I agree and yet I don't. Sure, mobile games cost from $1-10 and handheld games cost from $40-50, but there's a HUGE difference between a game like Mario 3D Land or Pokemon White/Black and Fruit Ninja. Contrary to what everyone seems to be saying, I do still think that the handheld and casual/mobile markets are different things. #2
Buh doom chah. #2.1
I have a few gaming resolutions myself. Like clearing my enormous backlog, for starters. #1
I don't understand the logic that it's ok to torrent a game if it's bad. a) that's a subjective term to begin with and b) ownership isn't dependent upon quality. You can't walk on to a car lot and say "I'm going to drive this car out of here without paying because it's bad." If you think something suffers from diminished quality, don't buy it. The price of a game is the cost of admission to play it, whether you "like" it or not. #14
That's an interesting choice - presumably the music will be much more front and center this time around.

I'm sad to see Jack Wall go, since he and Hulick are responsible for some of the most iconic videogame music in the past 5 years (the Normandy theme chief among them, I think), but presumably with Hulick on board the orginal spirit of the soundtrack will be maintained. I'm excited to see how this turns out. #1
This seems like it captures the unadulterated fun that I had when playing F-Zero X or Wipeout as a kid. I'm glad to see a racer that's not trying to just be another driving sim and instead focuses on crazy fun. #1
Believe it or not, I wrote this independently of even knowing the game was for sale on Steam. It really, honest to god was a happy coincidence. Though I'm certainly not complaining. #1.3
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