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Some people love to be outraged. They just walk around looking for something to be offended by.

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It was Trump Country, till the libs took over and started killing everyone that didn't agree with them and stopping free speech, now the patriots have to take it back. Gonna be a great game.

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I agree with you, this game is very cool and they are really working hard to add content. I know multiplayer was not promised but it would be nice, at least 2 or 4 player coop. But what I really want is to have the alien npc's on planets walking around and farming and such, and have pirate NPC's be able to land and shoot it out to loot you.

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I agree, there is still much to be added and I truly think this will be a work in progress for the foreseeable future. But they are trying hard and I am definitely willing to give them more time and will also be jumping back in now to see this update and play some with my son. I just want the aliens and pirates to be able to land on the surface of planets and get out and have battles and try to loot bases and such. Would be awesome.

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Yeah, I am very impressed by this update, My son and I will definatly be jumping back in, and I think they are probably working on a system to where you can create your character and be whatever species you want to be...maybe, but I think when they implement that it will change from the floating orbs.. Now, make it to where there can be shootouts on the planets surface and this game will be a must have for most everyone. Would be awesome to have pirates chase you to the surface where you can...

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"OH you big meany President Trump, I'll show you, I'm gonna make a fictional video game to boycott your real life common sense situation. So there... Naner Naner Naaner."

lol poor guy will never get a woman like that. Hey dude, we don't care what you do as long as it isn't taxpayer funded. Prepare for snowflake bombardment.

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The only thing I see that is holding this thing back is limited movement due to motion sickness. Once they get that squared away, it should be able to really take off. And companies are working on it. You make it to where gamers can play all first and third person games on it (like Horizon) without the movement causing motion sickness and sales will be thru the roof. Im a proud owner of one and I love it, but I do not love the motion sickness.

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Yeah and their used game prices are a joke. You can either get it new for 59.99 or used for 57.99 and the new one will be open, cause apparently they open every freaking game they get in store and then slap a clear circle on the end and say it's new... I wish I was kidding or exaggerating. Frankly, I'm getting tired of dealing with them.

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Ravinash, it's the states with the most gun laws that have the worst crime. The few places where they require everyone with the mental capacity to own a gun have the lowest crime. I wonder why that is. If your a criminal wanting to rob a place, but when you go in you see that everyone in there is carrying a gun, unless your stupid, you're going to keep walking. The Only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

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Ok but that's the thing. By working on the tech and the games and getting some right and some wrong, and learning what works and what doesn't, they can begin to make more and better games and better tech that works more flawlessly. But if we don't start here, you won't get there. Plus, right here, is an awesome experience to start with. Now, bring on my holodeck. Lol

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Woo hoo, this one's got a crystal ball, please tell us more future man..or future woman.

On topic, Playstation VR is so very worth it. I did get motion sick on the vehicle part of VR Worlds but I get car sick anyway, so to me it's true to life. Lol, still loving it.

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Lol, you've clearly never tried either. Ha ha, I really hope you were being sarcastic. Otherwise that was so sad.

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Wow Mr GrimDragon, you have to make a wall of text to try to prove your opinion above anyone else's? You're trying to hard. I picked up my preorder on day one and my kids and I have been loving it ever since. It isn't perfect, but it's awesome. It will get better, but it's a great starting point. You can rant all you want, but that hasn't and won't stop the rest of us from loving and supporting it. I will be buying at least 2 more, one for each of my kids.

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Yeah, so many great reviews from regular gamers and gaming websites that most all say they love PSVR, and we're suppose to care what this one guy (who is a competitor) thinks. Yeah, no. I agree, he is afraid.

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Whether or not you have first party studios really matters if your product is not competitive in sales compared to your competition. If your a third party developer and looking at which console to put your game on, your obviously going to be drawn to the console that has the highest sales, or your going to want a much larger check knowing you'll probably sale less games due to less consumers owning that console. With first party that doesn't matter. So the only reason Xbox gamers ne...

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Wow, I couldn't have said it any better. I'm loving this game already and have never played it. Its just that from everything I've read and seen, I truly think it will be an epic game, that they will expand on, adding new features for hopefully years to come. I Also do believe that someday you will be able to play coop... but not for a while as I think they want players to just explore this massive universe they are making. Can't wait for the release.

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Rest in peace Goblin King, you were a happy part of my childhood. My siblings and I watched Labyrinth so many times I can recite it by heart.

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Like the old site better.

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It was still handled really crappy. Only 12 per store was pathetic. I stand by my previous comment and urge people to make their own.

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Same color as Jones berry lemonade soda. We bought some to make our own Nuka collectable since Target only had 12 bottles per store and let employees buy them to sell on ebay. I won't be shopping at Target anymore because of how crappy they handled this. They never mentioned that it would be soooo limited. Anyway, it's very easy to make your own collectable and make it better than target did, just google it. Oh and the berry lemonade sucks. But it is bright blue and will look good onc...

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