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Wow, sounds like someone (unwantedreams) doesn't know history and has no idea what hes talking about. I agree with redrum059 and Linwelin. #1.1.4
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So, this says it has a story and guns and different ships to buy and even resource gathering to improve things... or at least your suit... did I read that right.. cause if so then this game keeps looking more and more awesome. Now just build it to work on Morpheus and this game will be a huge seller... or this game will make Morpheus a huge seller... either way, AWESOME.
Ok.. so after reading more about this game on other websites, maybe there is no story...? "lo... #15
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Bring it on Sony. Just do it right with the largest field on view possible and the highest resolution, and ill buy it even if it is $400. I can't wait. #13
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yeah, I caught that part too, lol... It has no screens built into it, you have to use your "mobile device" as the screen... ha ha.. really? thats gonna suck...and if (and its a big "if") it even works, then suddenly your eyes gonna go crazy when you get a #5.1
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Actually NO... REAL video game fanboys care about the gaming industry as a whole and do not want to see a tyrant company whose end goal seems to be only wanting to control every industry they get into, instead of actually improving on them. For those to slow to realize, I just described MS.
So yes, we care that a company like Sony who has shown time and time again its out to BE the best by catering to their main market, out does a company like MS, who has, will and has tried to... #8.2.1
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The Nashville Tn area still has plenty xbox ones at walmart, target and bestbuy, u can check their websites and see plenty in stock even in surrounding counties. I can find one within a 20 minute drive in any direction. PS4 HOWEVER, is sold out. #1.2.4
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Right, the key word is "ANTICIPATING" for Xbox one, and not that its already a sure thing. However they do know for fact that over 2 million are awaiting a PS4. We should wait for sales data on xbone before you get your hopes up that it will be as sought after as PS4. So far preliminary data has shown much more anticipation for PS4 than for xbox one... by 2 to 5 times in most cases. #1.7.2
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Actually knack is quite a bit of old school fun, you should give it a try if you own a PS4, but I wouldn't buy a PS4 just to play it. #2.2.2
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lol, Anyone how wants 7.1 audio. Which is me and plenty of others. Ms should have done better for you guys. Go get yourself a PS4. Greatness awaits.

"PS4 Is the First Device in the World to Include New DTS-HD Master Audio|7.1 Decoder" #1.5.4
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Yeah, just like yall kept saying "Just wait till they show what kinect can do."
lol... your still waiting, at least we actually got and are still getting what we were waiting for "lots of great games"
Sadly, you cant say the same. #1.2.3
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I loved Ghost Hunter for PS2 developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.. It was alot of fun and I never understood why they havent made another one. #11
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My kids and I are actually loving this game. Sure it isnt the best game ever, but its fun, and that is what its all about. I wish they would have put more into it, but they didnt, and thats ok, we are enjoying it just the same. I hope we get more platformers. #7
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@ Gekko36

But as far as we know, theres very little that the kinect can do, that the PS4eye cannot. If your talking voice stuff, PS4 can do it cause its all software. If your talking tracking, PS4 can do it as they can even track your eyes as proven last night. So even though every PS4 wont have a camera, they can still put it in for the PS4 users that do, especially if they are already doing it for kinect. Keep trying. #1.1.12
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lol... I dont know why, but after the frown, you suddenly turned into GLaDOS from portal and that's how I read your comment. #2.1.1
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I will definitely buy this and give it a try myself, looks like it could be fun. Also my two kids will for sure love it and I like that its more simple as my youngest (my little girl) will be able to enjoy it just fine. As for me... Bring on Killzone. #8
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Consoles sold world wide in millions
NES= 62 / Sega=14
Super NES=49 / Genesis=40
N64=33 / Saturn=9.5 / PS1=102
Gamecube=22 / Dreamcast=10.60 / Xbox=24 / PS2=155
Wii=100+ / X360=80+ / PS3=80+

Yep, consoles are in, They keep selling more and more units when you combine them. So I think this "consoles are dying" argument has no proof at all. #8
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I disagree, I think they learned their lesson with the PS3 cost and its showing with PS4. I believe they will attempt to make it as affordable as possible to both compete with the Rift (for people that want the experience and have both PC and PS4) and ensure people support it on a large scale. They know if people cant afford it, it wont sale. #4.1.1
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Yeah, I am looking very forward to seeing what Sony has in store for the PS4 and VR. It just needs to be affordable and you need to be able to use at least 2 at the same time for coop games. #7
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Yeah I have to agree, Sell it to Samsung, they make great products and it would be an awesome console. The Samsung Galaxy XBox Do it MS, sell it off to a company that creates and innovates hardware. #1.1.20
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Give MS an excuse (lie) to tell gamers as to why their console will be just as good as the PS4? #5.1.1
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