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It was still handled really crappy. Only 12 per store was pathetic. I stand by my previous comment and urge people to make their own. #5.2.2
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Same color as Jones berry lemonade soda. We bought some to make our own Nuka collectable since Target only had 12 bottles per store and let employees buy them to sell on ebay. I won't be shopping at Target anymore because of how crappy they handled this. They never mentioned that it would be soooo limited. Anyway, it's very easy to make your own collectable and make it better than target did, just google it. Oh and the berry lemonade sucks. But it is bright blue and will look good onc... #5.2
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Its the plague, the plague I tell you. lol dramatic much? No problems in Middle Tennessee. ps-Cant wait for tomorrow... Please Sony, give us psvr info like price and release date? #13
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You heard mentality is what? Ohhh you meant herd mentality...for a second there your comment didn't sound right. Now it....well it still doesn't sound right.
Xbox is where it is because of Microsoft being...well, the way they are. Wanting to control everything and squeeze everything they can from their customers. Sure, they can put on a friendly disguise and use a friendly tone, but they are still Microsoft. A wolf in sheep's clothing, is still a wolf and people know that.... #1.2.2
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"Prototype accessories"?
Please tell me they are bringing out an updated Move controller with analog. That would be a smart and awesome move (no pun intended) even though I'd have to buy all new ones. A way to use 2 moves with a game like Skyrim or Fallout, would be excellent. #5.3
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Mine too, been waiting a very long time for a good home vr, and based on like 98 percent of people that actually used it, its going to be great. Can't wait to buy a couple of playstation vr's and Oculus vr's, maybe HTC Vive as well. Bring it on. I'm ready. #19.1
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Been waiting for this and Oculus and Htc Vive for a very long time. As long as they are good, which everyone that uses them says they are. I'll buy...probably 2 of each so I can play online with my kids. Would love if Fallout 4 used it. #16
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Actually you quoted that but I can't find anywhere that anyone at Sony actually said that. What was said was According to Kutaragi, said the PS3 is "for consumers who think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else." So was a 2nd job even mentioned? Heck I can't even find that they straight out told anyone to work more to buy one, they just said they wanted people to vie... #1.1.19
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I would have to side with the larger majority of developers and gamers that have tried it and loved it saying it's a game changer, not to mention all the companies spending alot of money to create headsets and games and experiences because they know how good it is. Im excited to try it as soon as it comes out. Been waiting a long time for this. #6
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@ Blackout
" Android is what is founding Xbox"
Really? Cause I thought Google developed and owned Android, samsung apparently has alot to do with it as well but Microsoft owns Windows. Hm, you need to check google. #1.10.3
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I've been playing games since the Atari 2600 and didn't have any problem with this game. In fact I love it just as much as Bloodborne, although it is a very different game. So many gamers just have no patience these days. I'll admit the game has some small issues, (got a good chuckle from a couple horseless riders doing a great impression of Monty Python and the holy grail) but with a game this massive, some problems are to be expected. Some here need a bar of soap in their mouth... #3.1.3
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Couldn't it easily be for Project Morpheus? I mean, only for 6 months or so and has to do with camera stuff. Seems like Morpheus, which is considered a next gen system with its own dedicated games and apps.
Edit. Plus it's coming out beginning of next year which starts in like 7 months. Just a thought #6
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Oh... good point. In that case, Carry on.

Wait, how could you not like FPS games? lol jk #15.1.2
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"There are a fair share of people downplaying it without even giving it a chance."

Well said, that is it exactly. The guy at Gamestop where my wife stopped to buy it, told her to be ready to cry due to the difficulty, and it is a difficult game, but it doesnt make either of us want to cry, or throw our controllers, it makes us want to play more and try new strategy's to win. The more we play, the better we get. People should at least play it once, for at least a... #24.1
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Wholeheartedly agree, anyone with a PS4 should definatly try it. I remember trying one of the souls games and not caring for it, but when I saw this one I was intrigued with the setting. So I told my wife about it and she was very unsure of it, but we went on and bought it anyway... :) Man am I glad we did. Its creepy and fun, difficult but rewarding and frustrating but addicting. Reminds me of the old days of Atari and Nintendo and even Playstation when you just kept playing over and over an... #19.1
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FPS? Doesnt that mean First Person Shooter? Bloodborne isnt a first person shooter, its third person. And its a really fun game, I was initially like.. Crap, Ive died 3 times just on the first bad guy I came across, second 2 times was with a weapon, then I got past him and really got slaughtered left and right till I began to use a strategy.. now im sailing through decently and really enjoying it. the game has an awesome way of making you want to keep trying over and over... cant explain it,... #15.1
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I'm sorry, but why is everyone acting like this is new? Sony has been working with AR for years and the vita even does it for pretty neat but very gimmicky games. Look at this from 2012. All Sony has to do is place a camera on the front of Morpheus and there you go. Just like they already have with their HMD at this site, then you have AR and VR. http://www... #20
Actually frosty is correct, Sony has already been working on AR for years. This was in 2012. http://www.playstationlifes... #1.1.10
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Sony has been working with AR for a long time, even showed it off with their HMD back in 2012 in ways way cooler than this. All they would have to do is put a camera on project Morpheus. Quit acting like MS suddenly created this. http://www.playstationlifes... #33
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Wait, now I see their problem with the PS4 controller... Their holding it backwards... Silly fanboys. Lol #8.1
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