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"What is this sorcery?"


Do not underestimate the power of the N4G lottery... Gimme ps4 #102
Resistance 3 also looked great on my LG LCD. #5
Looks fake, satire and a crappy article at once. #2
Christian lucas #37
Bad 80s porn music still better than dubstep.. #18
Wanna play Uncharted 2 in 1080p #20
Pedestrians should be playable characters #4
Late april fools? #3
Now i'm entered.. Nice, thanks n4g. #301
Awesome i'm entered now... Thanks n4g #1319
Awesome. I'd still love to see Demons Souls in EU Plus. #14
Someone's been really bored at the office huh? #2
Foxcom is not, and Foxconn is Taiwan based with factories in China. #2.4.1
You're* #1.2.1
1. Relax, take a break
2. Read a book
3. Take your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husb and/dog for a walk
4. Do some shopping, cook a meal, enjoy
5. Visit family, watch a movie #4
That is not a woman. That is only a trophy. It's just a game. Don't you have anything better to do? Lives to live, jobs and families? Is this BS the most important thing? Sad.
at least Sony gets some free advertising for the game with this "controversy"... #43
The writer needs to buy a PS2 and the game on ebay for a few bucks. It's simple really. #2
How does a forum thread get approved here? It's one of many people switching platforms and bragging about it, how is this classified as news and posted to N4G? #18
Pirates and zombies? #24
Giant enemy crab? Oh the irony #6
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