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where's lbp and r2 in the software charts? i thought these games were end the 360?

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how treyarch thought veteran was fun is beyond me. grenades that rain down on you when you are hidden, enemies that can see you through any sunstance or structure, enemies that take more than their share of bullets, respawning enemies so it doesn't matter how long you sit there picking them off before you advance, there's still gonna be ultra hard ultra accurate enemies there until you reach a certain point, having to lean rite out from behind objects because you cant shoot past them....the l...

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a rush to defend sony, and attack microsoft at every turn and thread on n4g. just look at every comment above me, and then look at their this is one pathetic web-site and community now. why is their even a pretence of impartiality on here now?

90% of the community are in love with sony, nearly all the contributors, and people with approval rites aswell. plus, it's crystal clear what side of the fence the pathetic and most useless admin i've seen on any web-site site...

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the sdf are out in full force for this

get a life people, sony aren't paying you for this.....especially for the essays getting wrote for them. truly pathetic.

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nathan drake, the people who agreed, and especially the saddos that wrote a comment agreeing with

look at my name, coz that's what you are....truly pathetic individuals

as someone else said, another sad day for gaming on n4g.

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i think the wii has the legs for another two years tops. but, those legs are like race-horse legs, and they are gonna take it up towards 80 or 90 mil units sold. whilst microsft and sony aren't gonna sniff 50mil for years....the 360 mite not even reach that high. and the ps3 is gonna struggle to attain that amount aswell.

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have a bubble bladestar. that was quite funny, and you are correct, expect an influx of disc scratching, rrod why pay for live threads to hit. the sdf(which is about 80% of n4g's community, including the worst,shameless most pathetic and f^*king useless admin on the net) are gonna need something to rally them after the last few days.

and the kid who claims to work for for microsoft game you want to prove that?

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i've seen you post that exact same thing in about eight threads.

sony aren't paying you for your sturdy defense, so i have some advice...

GET A LIFE WILL's pathetic

anyway, more importantly, WHY THE F*^K, are blogs continuously getting approved????

why the disagree?? are you a sony emplyee that's pleased with fishd's hard work and unswerving loyalty? or, do you think blogs should continue to be approved? answer the question f^*...

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every member of n4g knows that you dont get racist bigots on the psn! those, excitable children and people throwing insults are exclusive o xbox live.

just ask any n4g member that doesn't have an xbox and they will tell you...

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another "just wait til" sony saying from this gen.

that will be the epitaph of the ps3.

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it's been a tough few days for the sony faithful on here. a few more of these plus why pay for live threads will help a few n4g members feel better.

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one of your best comments yet. why would microsoft hold ajob fair on this pathetic site, when it's crawling with sony fanboys??? some of the most shameless and pathetic individuals i've seen on any site

it's beggers belief reading some of the comments on here. everyone hates microsoft for bashing sony, yet every sdf member on here flocks o every thread with religous sony zeal to attack the 360 at every oppertunity. quality stuff.

sony doesn't need to ...

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a 360 on good to pass up on. that's really good news imo.

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but it's shocking that the mighty playstation brand has only managed 300k more ytd than the rrod, disc scratching, gimped technology, payed for on-line console.. truly shocking. even with the hefty price tag, i expected the sheep to be buying alot more.

it looks like all those 3x a week rrod, why pay for live, disc scratching threads on n4g have failed to stop people buying 360s. i know it's been a valiant effort from the sdf, and sony must be proud of your hardwork. but it's faile...

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it's truly pathetic on here now. it's only good when it's sony doing, if it's microsoft?? well.....just read the comments.

bubbles up

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when you live with mom and dad and have no say were the router goes. i have my own house, can easily afford a wi-fi adaptor, have a wi-fi router, but still prefer to connect via cables. and i can have the router where i want it. it's my house after all. all these people talking about wi-fi, wont have to worry when they grow up and move out.

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the original poster speaks the truth, and the sdf are all over him like a gang rape!

after the success of the original playstations, sony thought they could do what ever they wanted, and release at what ever price they wanted, and it would be history repeating itself. but it hasn't worked out that way.

yes blu-ray is great, yes sony did rite by including a hdd as standard(why microsoft dropped the standard hdd is beyond me). but their arrogance nackfired seriousl...

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