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Doubtful... both consoles are pretty much the same and Sunset Overdrive already looks great...

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It's a simple game, but still fun. I also like the co-op mode.

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It definitely seems like an improvement over what the game was original set to be.

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That makes sense though. This type of game is really only going to appeal to a certain audience.

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Have you played the game? Have you talked to the developers? It doesn't "basically" have the same controls.

There are elements of motion controls that remain from the game's still in-development PS3 iteration, but it doesn't compare to when Until Dawn was designed from the ground-up as a Move title.

Nice try though.

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How many B horror movies are about mass murder?

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I don't understand how or why someone would create this game.

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If you don't like articles that discuss feminist issues in games and examine the industry from an angle you disagree with, why visit those websites? Why do you continue to give sites like Polygon and Kotaku clicks and video views if you want them to disappear.

IGN and Gamespot exist for a reason and have largely stayed out of anything to do with Gamergate because they don't want to alienate their audience. Go there. Be happy. Move on with your life.


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I wish GamerGate would just go away.

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It is all of the above.

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I'm still so surprised I actually like this game. I thought I was done with the third-person action genre.

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Yea, the story might not be super in-depth, but it's simple and I really like that.

As for AC's story.... well yea. It definitely doesn't make much sense.

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I'm still surprised how much fun I've had with this game.

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Just turn it off then?

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I'm actually surprised by how much fun I've had with this game.

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Most seem to be, this is true. I still wish it was 60 fps, not that it really would have changed the game much. At least it would make people like that dude stfu.

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Because of the 30 fps, the game plays a little slower, but most people honestly won't even notice the difference.

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I really like Destiny and I feel like much of the disappointment surrounding it is because people's expectations were far too high.

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I think Halo on the PC felt a little different though, no?

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I'd have so much more fun with Destiny if the voice chat system wasn't so flawed.

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