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Are the bugs and performance issues not part of Unity? Then they are part of the GAME.

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I wish Ubisoft delayed Unity just a few months. I bet it would have been a much better game.

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I wish AC Unity wasn't so glichy... it gets so many things right.

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He reveals some interesting insight despite his focus on pillars and typical PR speak.

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Pretty much and I actually like CoD 4. It's an influential game in its own rite. Just for me, nothing compares to what Halo 2 did for FPS games on console.

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I talk about that in the story, how getting rid of loadouts is a great move for the series.

The jet packs in Halo 5 aren't like what was featured in 4. They're more like what's in Advanced Warfare.

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I'm still on the fence about this one. It seems like it's going to be a great game, especially since 343 Industries is focusing on making sure hardcore fans are happy with the game, but it's also just so different.

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I'm still in shock at how much fun I've had with this game.

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Hmm that's true. Interesting way to look at things.

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I'm not saying it is, but it is something a lot of people don't realize. It's also much more apparent than ever now that live-streaming is becoming a more common thing.

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Activision tends to always have day one review embargoes for some reason. It's weird.

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N4G's mods are totally cool with this... yup.

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The language everyone is using in this thread to describe Sarkeesian is a good indicator of GamerGate's true motivations.

With that said though I also find it hilarious any of you think Colbert is on the side of pro GamerGaters. You must NEVER watch his show.

He was mocking you all. Every last one of you, by pretending to be everything you believe in. He does this on the shoe all the time.

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How the heck is this on the front page.

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Damn. You're hardcore lol.

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Sadly... I'm probably going to be buying a lot of these.

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Okay... I'll get on that.

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If the grinding and stuff wasn't in this game, I don't think I would have scored it as high as I did.

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Hey, pixels are important lol

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Yea, this is a big win for Microsoft.It's pretty much exactly what they need right now.

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