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I wish GamerGate would just go away.

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It is all of the above.

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I'm still so surprised I actually like this game. I thought I was done with the third-person action genre.

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Yea, the story might not be super in-depth, but it's simple and I really like that.

As for AC's story.... well yea. It definitely doesn't make much sense.

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I'm still surprised how much fun I've had with this game.

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Just turn it off then?

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I'm actually surprised by how much fun I've had with this game.

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Most seem to be, this is true. I still wish it was 60 fps, not that it really would have changed the game much. At least it would make people like that dude stfu.

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Because of the 30 fps, the game plays a little slower, but most people honestly won't even notice the difference.

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I really like Destiny and I feel like much of the disappointment surrounding it is because people's expectations were far too high.

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I think Halo on the PC felt a little different though, no?

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I'd have so much more fun with Destiny if the voice chat system wasn't so flawed.

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I tend to agree. The setting feels very similar to Halo though.

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I really hope the story becomes more interesting because right now I have no idea what's going on. It also doesn't seem very interesting.

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I don't say that at all. Maybe you should have read the review more carefully. I also link to all of the stuff EA plans to add to the game post-release.

How do you explain the NBA Live franchise then?

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Do your self a favour and just play NHL 14 for another year. This isn't worth your time.

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If I didn't need to write about the game, I'd definitely never buy it. Wow.

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Looks like I might as well skip this one (at least until some expansion packs are released).

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Tastas sounds like a mustard kind of dude.

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Even with all this said, I still really want one.

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