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I still see potential in the platform. Here's hoping better games start to come out for it (Spy_Watch really does work).

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I haven't played an HM game in years but man did I love Story of Seasons.

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I literally can't play this game. It's just too hard for me.

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I still think even though they're basically illegal, emulators still a very important gaming void (especially since retro games cost so much these days).

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Yea, it's extremely cool and apparently helps treat the disorder even in adults.

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Yea, as much flack as Microsof gets for... well pretty much everything. [email protected] seems great.

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I totally love that this game came out of no where.

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I want a time machine, so I can go back and show all these SNES emulators to me in 1998.

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It's a great game, probably my favourite since TLOU, but definitely flawed.

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Getting to talk to Josh Holmes and DelHoyo for this story was truly a dream come true.

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I feel like there's a systemic gender issue in eSports...

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I wouldn't say that. It's okay and hopefully the next episode is better.

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how many hours are you into the game? I took me awhile to get used to the climbing system.

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I think the traversal system is special in the same way that Sunset Overdrive's is. Without it, it just isn't that great of a game - just a small step above Dead Island.

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I really, really like this game's traversal system. Much like Sunset Overdrive, it's why it works.

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I'm actually surprised how good the thing actually looks.

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Me too. I'm totally down with this upgrade.

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They probably wanted to sell excess 3DS XL stock, especially with the launch of those two limited edition consoles.

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It's a shame the console is only launching with one game that takes advantage of the new hardware...

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All solid lists. I forgot about Project Cars. That game looks great.

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