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The idea is for the "dedicated gaming device with less functionality" to have more funcionality, moving it more in line with a tablet like the iPad or an Android tablet.

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April Fools is today, didn't you know?

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Nintendo doing its own thing hasn't worked. Look at the sales of the company's last few consoles (other than the Wii).

What you're saying is exactly why the Switch can take on the iPad in the gaming space. It has physical controllers that allow for more in-depth experiences, but can also potentially have the same functionality as any other tablet.

Read the story and you'll see what I'm saying.

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The issue is Nintendo thinks it's competing with the PS4 and Xbox One.

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Yes, yes I do. I suggest you actually take a look at the story before just reacting to the headline.

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I wouldn't go that far. People are pretty excited about Splatoon. The issue here is that these games aren't ready at launch and are all coming later in the year.

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Other then Zelda, what at the marquee, system selling titles the Switch has? There are none. I'm sure games are coming, but at launch the Switch's lineup is abysmal.

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Really? What other console has had a worse launch? All I can think of is the Virtual Boy and perhaps the PS2.

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That's so true. I think this is true of almost everything Nintendo has released console wise recently.

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@cocoabroher fair enough, but I think we're always saying "give it time" with Nintendo's systems. We need to expect better.

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I get the point you're trying to make, but in the end the 64 had a great library.

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I've played it, believe me. I love the concept of the system (I even state that in the story). Beyond Zelda, there really aren't any good launch titles though.

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Seriously, the Switch may have the worst launch lineup in video game history.

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I'm actually surprised at how positive some of these developers are on the console, especially after the disaster that the Wii U evolved into for third-party devs.

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How is this on the front page of N4g? Seriously. This website is a cess pool.

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I think this is going to be the first strategy game I pick up in a long time.

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It's some crazy stuff and you're totally right. More than one person who has tried my setup described the experience as simple magical.

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In a what the what?

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The first time I used the Vive really was a magical experience. Anyone who hasn't tried it just doesn't really get it. Don't get me wrong though, the tech and games still have a long way to go.

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I'm still shocked by how much fun I've had with this game.

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