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Yes, YouTubers are known for having well thought out, intelligent arguments....

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You should make a video featuring every one of those titles Brian :)

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You people never cease to amaze me. I'm even more embarrassed to have every associated myself with the term "gamer" after reading these comments.

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Interesting. I think this might be the first positive thing you've ever said to me. I don't enjoy writing about this kind of thing but it's finally become an almost unavoidable issue.

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No, definitely not. I've dabbled a bit with Diablo II but I never played it extensively. The plot sucks in III anyways so just ignore it.

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I agree. It's a shame local co-op isn't more of a thing these days.

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I downloaded this a few weeks ago but still haven't played it. I should really get on that!

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All the "resource"

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I'm actually looking more forward to this game than Unity. This surprises me greatly.

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That totally happened to me and also really pissed me off.

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It's a cool game, but ends up feeling more like an awesome tech demo than an actual game.

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I think this might be one of the few Ubisoft games where I'm actually interested to see how the plot unfolds.

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A trophy with "Metal Gear Solid V Will Suck" inscribed on the bottom.

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Ground Zeroes was a pretty horrible game. I'd say Kojima is far from a master. Del Toro's involvement is the saving grace with this game.

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Yea... okay.

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It wasn't Sony of Microsoft - Kojima totally stole the show this year; like completely.

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I'm still on the fence about this game despite how positive my story might sound. I'm all about naval combat and Unity's lack of any ship fighting has me bummed.

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Yea, I don't really understand what tastas21 is talking about half the time... they always seem to contradict themselves too.

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I guess if you didn't like Far Cry 3 you're not going to like this one... I don't really see how all Ubisoft games are the same though.

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I'm kind of okay with the game being so similar to Far Cry 3. I had such a good time with the game it doesn't really matter to me.

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