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Agreed. I like most old school Sonic games, just not the first one.

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The game hasn't changed, that's for sure, and that's the main thing I think is wrong with it. I feel like Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 offer vastly superior experiences, especially Sonic 2 (it's level design is awesome).

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I think I was 3, maybe 4. I played it a lot when I was around 7 or 8. Regardless of my age, today, the game just hasn't stood the test of time.

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I still like the game, but only for nostalgic reasons. If I didn't have a childhood connection with it... well, I wouldn't touch it ever again.

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Possibly, but I have a feeling Nintendo probably offered them some money. He has a cult following.

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I still think it's really weird they're bringing the game to the Wii U - it just doesn't make sense.

I imagine there was a ton of money involved....

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I really need to start playing Shovel Knight... is it only on the Wii U right now?

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Like the guy below said, the core mechanics are basically identical. In may ways Destiny is Bungie's Halo 4.

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Wasn't Halo out before HL 2? At least the original Halo.

Maybe I just missed the boat on HL 2 but I've never seen what's so special about the franchise. The whole experience felt bland to me....

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I'm almost surprised by how much the game feels like Halo but I guess I shouldn't be.

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Look! It's Riley.

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That's a valid concern. I didn't get to go hands-on with it for very long so the word is still out on how it'll actually play.

I've seen relatively positive previews so far though.

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My older brother actually just bought an Xbox and got the Kinect sku. He really likes the idea of using Kinect to control all his TV stuff.

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I think the whole Watch_Dogs thing is more about Ubisoft not having the final specs of the PS4 and Xbox One when they were developing the game (not at least until the last few months).

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I never thought of it that way. Is Ubisoft one of the company's charging more for their titles?

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I'm surprised it's only 10% to be honest. You'd think it would be much more.

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It's interesting to hear big Microsoft execs trying to justify dropping Kinect.

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Yea. It's nice that I was able to confirm everyone's suspicion!

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Yea, I knew it was totally inspired by the game but I had to ask!

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