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Obviously SOMEONE doesn't understand the piracy community or DRM very well.

This will be cracked within one month's time.

Even if it takes longer, D3 was recently cracked.

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what else is new. Japan always gets the best art.

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Exclusive as in I can't see the exact same screen when I boot up TR in 5 minutes and play for the rest of my work day? Exclusive... More like inclusive.

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Cash cows gonna cash.

It is a fact of life. The only way to stop it is to stop buying Assasin's Creed products.

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I should have said "her heart is in the right place" I too think the money was squandered on these videos. She could have donated it to a women's shelter indeed.

But there is a bit of a trend of misogyny in gaming culture today, and it needs dealt with... But Anita is overreacting, and going about it in the wrong way and blaming the wrong people.

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No, I agree with your opinions actually. Tomb Raider is a fantastic game, and the best entry in this fantastic franchise.

But the hosts of this podcast are very unprofessional sounding. Touting Camilla Luddington's only talent as being "hot" is just immature. She is an actress who has worked hard to get where she is today. This seems like something put on by Spike TV, or Maxim or any another sophomoric media puppet that has ties to big gaming corporations. If th...

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EA will only learn if you boycott their products... Or sue for bait and switch.

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I don't like these guys. They seem like they have no idea what they are talking about.

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Anita Sarkeesian is a well articulated young woman with a good heart, but she goes about her quest in all the wrong ways. Her information is cyclical and feeds off of itself, and her arguments are chasing their own tails. She only attacks the trope, rather than suggesting a substitute for it. Damsel in distress is the same trope (or rather the same plot device) whether it is a man or woman in danger, so really, her argument holds no water.

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The industry crash cannot come soon enough. I want the big boys (EA, Acti, Ubi) dead so we can return to a player-centered video game market, as opposed to the developer centered market we have now. These companies need to crash and burn, and EA is doing a fantastic job making sure all products are sub par bait and switch, as Acti is doing their part in over saturating the market with the same game every month.

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It isnt really news that EA thinks they can lie to you. They are one of many companies that doesn't see you as a person, rather as livestock from which they can harvest money.

They will do anything to trick you into paying more. In this case, a bait and switch, then a press spin.

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I think it is kind of funny that Nvidia cards, which are the preferred cards for Tressfx, have a hard time with the game that introduced Tressfx. I have an AMD card, and have no trouble with the game at all.

But yes, it is a shame that the quality control didn't catch these problems... Probably due to insufficient testing.

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The outrage is in no way overblown. DRM punishes customers. Plain and simple. EA is a shitty company with shitty policies. Pirates wouldn't pirate as much if they weren't afraid of the bait and switch that companies like EA so often perpetrate on their fanbase.

The answer to this problem is making better games, something that EA, Activision, and other big name developers are unable to do in this say and age, that is why they resort to DRM.

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I would say the franchise went stale at Tomb Raider 4. But your statement is no less true. This game is just amazing, and leaps and bounds above the next best entry, Legend.

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EA needs to learn one day. The only way that companies learn is by people not buying their products. Complaining doesnt help, because you already bought the damn game.

If you bought Sim City, you should ask for a refund, and if they refuse, then yell bait and switch, and take their ass to court. This game is not what they advertised. I am sure they know that. I am sure you all see that.

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This is not news. We all saw this coming. The only reaction to this shit should be a quick and harsh boycott of EA for their shitty practices over the years.

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This game is an amazing experience and a worthy successor to the franchise. Controversy comes with the territory, and it is a shame that such lame rumors get started by "journalists" and adopted by the public.

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I liked MSF but never finished. No better time than now I guess.

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Does she actually play games? Or does she just Pander? Panser? Oh, I must have read that wrong.

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But studying hard and working out aren't fun. Yu has fun slaying Jungian archetypes with hot school girls.

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