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Flamebait article.

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@Inzo You kind of have to have "/sarcasm" at the end of a text post, genius. It is kinda hard to discern sarcasm over text.

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It isn't surprising to me. I was guessing that it would cost around $500 since it is being marketed as Microsoft's "premium" console offering

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It will run at 30fps on PS4 as well. Bungie has said it will be 30fps on all consoles.

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Screw the exclusives! The hardware alone justifies the price tag. No way was this thing going to release for less than $500.

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It's GamingBolt, folks. Move on, nothing to see.

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I guess I will be saving for Astros. Based on the video, they are sticking with the headband style from the Stealth 420X, and that thing is uncomfortable as hell.

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Bungie have already confirmed that Destiny 2 is locked to 30fps across all consoles.

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Could you be any more of a fanboy?

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He most likely won't be. If anything I think they will bring back Nolan North or someone similar.

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You like crappy music then

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This thing is a beast, and I will definitely be getting one. I just hope they keep the ability to use external hard drives from X1.

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Doubtful. The press releases have all said Xbox One, PS4, and PC. I highly doubt it will appear on the Switch. That would be awesome if it does, but I just don't see it happening.

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You people bitching about the expansions being announced are utterly clueless. Games like Destiny HAVE to have post-release content in order to survive.

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It is an MMO-style game. You are naive to think that there wouldn't be expansions for this game.

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You have no idea how MMO-style games work after making a statement like that, do you?

Any game like Destiny HAS to have expansions to survive. People will get bored of doing the same missions on different difficulty setting, and the same strikes and raids once they have all of the gear associated with those raids.

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I doubt it. If RDR2 is coming out next year, if the game development process is anything like the animations process, the voice acting was probably recorded a year ago.

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Yep. They are called Royalties.

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Xbox 360 because I met some of my best friends on Halo 3 and had some of the best times in gaming on the 360!

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The videos I've seen speculate it being at around 420-430 which seems about right to me.

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