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They haven't said anything about that patch coming to console. They have said there currently are no plans for a 4K/HDR patch for consoles.

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Where does ODST rank in that? I think ODST is placed before 4 and 5.

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On the MP side yes, but on the story side, Halo 5 was awful. And for those that say people don't buy Halo for the story, don't kid yourself.

343 needs to continue doing what they are for MP in Halo 6 because it was spot on in H5. However, their story for H6 needs to focus solely on Master Chief. He IS Halo!

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Where are these plot holes? And be specific.

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That was actually stated in this article.

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To put it simply, Vivendi is trying to slowly purchase Ubisoft stock, so they will have the controlling stake in the company and slowly takeover Ubisoft that way instead of outright buying the company.

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That is the dumbest thing I have heard today. He makes videos using Firewatch. Therefore he is making money off of what they made.

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Got my digital version pre-loaded and ready to go!

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Well, logic would dictate that if something is unannounced, then no one has heard about it yet. Greenburg, you are a genius! /sarcasm

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I used to have this game on the SNES. Loved it!

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I mained a Hunter in D1, but I will most like be playing a Titan and Warlock in D2. Simply for the fact that I think their armor looks better in D2, and I like the changes they have made to the classes. It might change when I see some of the exotic armor, but I feel like the Hunters got shafted on armor design in D2.

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Rockstar and Pop Tarts? In my opinion, it is on par with Mountain Dew and Doritos.

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Yeah. Destiny 2 will be good, and keep me entertained for a while, but I think it will be hard for it to beat a game like Horizon: Zero Dawn for GOTY. You never know though, it could happen.

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There is a gameplay video of the European Dead Zone area on YouTube that I think Game Informer put out that is recorded at 4k/60fps. It looks so good!

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If they let the A-team studio work on it like they did the first trilogy, it can happen. Casey Hudson, one of the heads of the first ME trilogy, has said he wants to work on ME again.

With Anthem coming down the pipe, depending on its success, I don't think we will be seeing another ME game for a while.

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What are you talking about? The game will run at 4K with uncapped framerates on PC.

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Exactly. It seems like Microsoft is too afraid to take the financial risk of putting out new IPs.

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Used to be that way with Halo and Gears, but those franchises have gone down hill as of late. Now I would definitely say the title of Biggest and Best exclusives could go to Sony. And this hurts to say because I am an Xbox player.

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The why are you here?

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Honestly, it didn't surprise me. They made the majority of their big announcements at E3. The only thing I wanted to see was Xbox One X pre-order info.

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