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I already have a PS4 so, I will be keeping it and going with the Scorpio next since most of my friends are on Xbox.

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I definitely prefer the original 4 games, but I enjoyed the demo. What people need to remember is the game is still in the early stages and nothing that is in the demo will be in the finished game.

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I would imagine that they will reveal it at a Sony event kind of like how they did with the PS4, or they will wait until E3 next year.

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And they think that Sony didn't?

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The typos and grammatical errors abound! I really don't normally make these types of comments, but this author needs to learn to proofread.

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Gameplay was nothing special, but I liked the story.

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I would say yes as long as there is a similar twitch shooter to take it's place.

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Personally I think they need to take a 3 year break from releasing any CoD games, develop a totally new engine for the game (or use UE4 or idTech 7 or something), and reboot the series fresh.

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Exactly, and I think that is why Battlefield 1 got such a good response. It seems DICE are listening to the fans.

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Saw this coming to be honest.

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Something wrong with liberal thinking?

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Nope. They ask this question every year, and it hasn't happened yet.

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"I like to keep this...for close encounters."
"Too right, mate."

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I am kinda interested in seeing what they do with this game. I haven't played CoD since MW3, but the CoD4 remaster might entice me to buy this one.

I kinda get the feeling that they may be going in sort of a Killzone-ish direction as far as the setting goes, and I find that intriguing.

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I wouldn't get too excited about the CoD4 remaster having multiplayer. It is probably just a digital download of the campaign from MW. It wouldn't make any sense for IW to release a remaster of CoD4 with functioning multiplayer, which they know everyone and their dog would play, and take away from the multiplayer of the new game they have just released.

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Saw another one earlier that was supposedly a leaked picture of a pre-order card from Target that showed the "Legacy Edition" coming with a remastered CoD4.

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What grounds do you think these "Japanese game developers" have to sue Jim?

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I stopped giving a damn about Angry Joe a while ago. I used to watch his reviews for the comedy value, but now he has crossed over into being strictly annoying and obnoxious.

Can't stand him.

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Look up the map comparisons between this, Fallout 4, and GTA5. The full map is actually pretty big.

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I think I remember them saying some time ago that with DLC, they will be unlocking other sections of New York to add to the map.

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