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Go back to KZ 2&3 gunplay, improve the storytelling, and advance the graphics even further than Shadowfall took them.

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I have a rule of avoiding CheatCC articles altogether

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Who keeps approving this trash?

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This article is just asking for spam from Playstation fanboys and Xbox hating trolls

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Well, that's what he gets for breaking NDA

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Bring it on!

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Another one of these

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He has no case

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Halo 3! Loved the story and the multiplayer. Plus, the LAN parties were awesome!

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The thing about her prosthetic arm is, it was actually a period accurate design.

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Good. That faux outrage deserves to be mocked!

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That's the idea behind the forges in Black Armory, each family has roots in either Japanese, French, or Norse heritage.

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Super Mario World. That was what started it all.

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or just a fanboy

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I was about to say the same thing!

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Honestly, given how long it has been, I am very anxious about this game. Especially when you consider how many of the people involved with Borderlands 2 have left the studio.

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Just keep creating reports on crap like this.

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Doesn’t surprise me. I think Blizzard, Bungie, and all of the CoD studios maybe starting to get concerned, especially after the shareholders weren’t happy with BO4 even though it made almost $1 Billion!

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That is not how that works. Patenting and copyrighting is a legal issue. If you invented it, but someone else files the patent before you, you are shit out if luck.

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Did you file the necessary paperwork to actually own a patent/copyright on the dance? No? Didn’t think so.

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