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"JESUS that's a tasty burrito."


Donkey Kong Country Freeze not on that list?
wow...a slight oversight. #11
Seriously f**k all of you who can't be bothered with proper spelling, or even god damn sentences/paragraphs.

Your posts are s**t, and for the most part, those of you too lazy to actually make your comments READABLE, also don't even know jack s**t about your respective console of choice.

N4G as usual has no standards.

Seriously, this could be a fairly cool site, but it seems a lot of the people running it, would rather allow shitty com... #1.1.50
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The games aren't really the same at all, but c'mon, let the kids have their notions that Destiny will fail, and it's just like Titanfall....which means they also believe Titanfall failed itself.

Really these games aren't even alike.
But to bitter fangirls, it's all the same.
It's just big game vs big game.
Hell, most of them probably don't even actually play them! #3.2.1
I don't think you saw much of the feedback about the Destiny Alpha on PS4.

Overall, players loved the game.
I think graphics and framerate had very little to do with this.
Heck Titanfall Beta players love that as well, yet this game imo will be a fair bit "bigger". #1.4
Your one comment better than the article?


Dear author, delete your crap, then copy and paste lelo's comment.
Raise your bar! #3.1
The costumes look cool aside from the stupid hats. #4
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Smart strategy on Ms' part. #13
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As a WiiU owner, yes, of course other systems will have plenty of 75+ exclusives. #8.1.1
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Nope, Pro controller is still better. #3
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Since you got this bit wrong, let me correct you, NewMonday.

Press conference lengths:

Sony: 1 hour 48 minutes
MS: 1 hour 30 minutes
Nintendo: just 47 minutes

And anyway, you are just copying text from the graphs, is there an actual point to your post?

Click through and see the graphs's really not that hard. #1.9
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What's your name on there?

Also it seems you may be a person who makes multiple accounts to access sites where you are banned, just out of curiosity, is this your first N4G account?

(statistically that would be very unlikely, you "joined" just 4 days ago, and about 95+% of users on any given forum actually post...and you posted #15.1

I think seeing what he actually said is fairly pertinent in making the claim that the mods over there abuse power and perma-ban for such petty things. #1.10.1
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You have a single shred of evidence to back up that claim?

"At some point I'm going to share what I have learned about that place and about marketing and gaming culture on the internet. Another day perhaps."

Apparently you don't. #1.9.1
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"if you don't tow the line immediately you will be censored and banned."

That is just false.

If you troll you get banned, period.
You are completely delusional if you think they ban people for liking different things. #1.2.2
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Agree mostly with you Lukas, except this bit:
"E3 didn't let them in because they are just a gaming forum. They don't make news, they just display it. They make reviews, or's just a gaming forum. "

They are one the largest gaming forum on the planet.
They make news all the time.
They are sourced on websites all the time.
They have actual industry people post there. I myself talked to Albert Penello there.... #1.1.14
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Plug your controller into your PC.
tada, your controller works.....Jesus, it seems so many kids these days don't know how to use google.....ffs #39.1
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This is not a story, the fact that it's on N4G is a god damn embarrassment, admins and mods should be ashamed. #47
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Yeah, a controller based on a game that never released on 360 makes total sense! #28.1
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Are you just "that hardcore"? #27.1
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Exactly, there is nothing "new" about this, just the look of it.

Absolutely lame. #8.1
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