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Wooo! The socialist won! Can't wait for the forced government healthcare to kick in and for more of our freedoms to be removed with stuff like NDAA & ACTA that Obama loved signing.

No wonder other countries say that Americans are stupid. They vote for socialists like this when there has already been 4 years of him crapping on America.

The next President is going to have to fix a ton of Obama's mistakes. The next President will definitely need more...

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Halo 4/10

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He took the time to comment because he cares about his opinion, not about a review being made by a site most people don't know about.

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It's actually the other way around.

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It's a mediocre game. Definitely not even worth a rental.

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People still believe what S-E says? They obviously just want people to buy another crappy FF13 spinoff/sequel/crapfest.

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It's funny cause the Duke Nukem Forever designer was calling someone retarded. That designer is probably still butthurt over DNF flopping and wants to take it out on someone who gives shooters what he considers a low score.

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No. If he was in the game then they wouldn't have announced Raiden. If anything Raiden should've been the DLC character that was tossed to the side. Making characters that should be in the game DLC characters isn't even worth it. Once the Playstation Store goes down and you're no longer able to download the characters then the game is worthless.

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No point in getting a crappy port of an HD game with a buggy demo for a mediocre hack & slash.

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I'm sure he won't think anything of it cause Rising is garbage and nobody will buy that mediocre hack & slash anyway. That's why he decided to make MGS: GZ instead.

Usually people only care if a version is bad when the game is actually good so there is nothing to care about here.

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I have to disagree. Halo is not a competitive game at all. It's a generic sci-fi run & gun shooter. Nothing is competitive about auto-aim.

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It really won't be out until December of next year at the earliest for PC (the only platform worth playing it on as there will be mods so no need for any exclusive DLC bullshit).

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Joke review. We already know it's a crappy port.

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Must've been the kitchen light.

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Not on PC so I couldn't care less. When they announce it for PC then I'll start to care because PC can make it's own exclusive content in the form of mods.

Don't have high hopes for this anyway since GTA4 sucked. The older GTAs were more fun.

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So in other words the game isn't worth buying because it's a crappy port.

Looks like PC is still the only place to play these in 720p (or higher) with at least 60fps.

To top it all off they slapped on a demo for a crappy game on a crappy HD port.

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And likely about as short.

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This game doesn't show any signs of improvement. It became even more garbage once Platinum Games took over. The game will be overrated & mediocre like the rest of their games.

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It's spreading to games now...

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