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This was a good read, and that's basically what it boils down to: Developers want to make that 'Call of Duty' cash, thus put explosions, airstrikes, and some AC-130U-like section to make that 'Call of Duty Cash.' Good read.

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I like the new Lara better than the older one; curious how this reboot will go.

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Wow, very nice! Be prepared to get a big backlash, but this was very interesting to read. I agree with your points.

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The game looks really good so far! :) Very unique, and looks very fun.

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"We're nowhere close to giving up on PS3."

Sweet! :)

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I'm not liking the 'INCLUDES MGR DEMO' slapped across the front they could have set that to the bottom and out of the way more, but aside from that - the boxart looks awesome.

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PLEASE localize this!

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Unlike LOST, if anyone remembers that show.

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"One of the reasons I left Sega was, if I stayed there, I would have had to just make Sonic games," he told Polygon in an interview at Prope's Tokyo headquarters. "Right now I don't have to make Sonic anymore, so I'm enjoying that freedom a lot."

That kinda stinks if Sega wouldn't allow him to do other games, or make a new IP if that's what he means. :/

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Team Batman! :P

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Best to wait till it releases, and see for ourselves... But yeah, it does look different than before. Before it looked unique, and different. The trailer released was just... 'meh'. Explosions, explosions, explosions. Where's the wit? The charm? Gameplay we haven't seen a million times?

But still, I'll give them a benefit of a doubt and just wait before jumping on any kind of wagon.

Ahh... Haha, I really do like that first announcement tra...

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Same here, but 120GB Slim.

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It does look pretty cool... I know it's too early to say, but I have a feeling this'll be another underrated title. Hopefully it'll be fun, and if so - hopefully it sells well.

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"Killing the food addiction"

If you don't need it, don't eat it.

"Bayonetta 2 reactions"


"Will the WiiU succeed or fail?"

Who knows? Wait till it releases.

"What’s a megaton?"

A settlement in Fallout 3.

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I guess you do since you bothered to post.

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I think your avatar sums it up.

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"Captain Flapjack"

Lies, Flapjack isn't a Captain. K'nuckles is. *Gets hit by some Maple Syrup*

But a good article. Granted, it's Kotaku - so you can't expect much.

"The entire Uncharted franchise is basically a cross between the Indiana Jones movies (sans Crystal Skull) and every Die Hard ever made, and the truth is that when I surrender myself to such afternoons with my PlayStation, I'm partial to doing so...

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Wet yourself with laughing, or...?

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I'd want them to focus on the Singeplayer before moving to Multiplayer, but it would be a rather interesting scenario - those multiplayer modes.

Sounds fun. :)

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