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^^^ Haha there was a story doing the round here in the UK about a a guy who was in his 60s changing his age on dating websites to his late 40s saying he identified as that age. I thought the whole thing was genius.. if men with a penis can identify as a woman, why can't a man in his 60s identify as someone in his 40s?

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^^^ You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Exotics offered overpowered gear, the idea behind them was to offer players a tough decision to make with what they wanted to roll with. That decision was one of the things which made Destiny awesome, if everyone could just equip exotics in every slot, they'd have to homogenise the exotic perks or the game would be stupidly broken.

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It's presumably massive, it's multiplayer focused and it's online only.. it's a shooter MMORPG I never got into Diablo so I can't comment on how well that works but seeing how popular it is, maybe it will work well in Anthem too but I am a huge fan of MMORPGs dating as far back as the original EQ and this sort of statement puts off a lot of MMORPG fans because we want to feel rewarded for completing the hardest conten. Proudly gloating before release about how anyone can ...

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But it's not a shooter ARPG, it's an online game with an emphasis on mp.

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Nah you're a sexist pig trying to keep women down /s

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Please tell me Battlefield hasn't turned into Battlefront 2 where the progression system is clearly designed around giving those who play the game a distinctive advantage over new players? Hopefully you mean new players who treat Battlefield like the mindless shooters they're used to and are dying quickly because they're playing stupid.

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Something no hardcore MMO player wants to hear.

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Destiny has some of the best combat in a shooter released in the last decade. Anthem at least from watching clips looks very similar to Mass Effect Andromeda and nowhere near as satisfying as Destiny's. I hope to be proven wrong but the only decent thing about Anthem's gameplay is the flying from footage showcased at least.

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What has he done to show for his work this year? Forza sounds amazing and it's a game I'll definitely be buying once I've got some free gaming time but Sea of Thieves sticks out like a sore thumb, full priced early access game that never should have released in the state it was in. Spencer and Microsoft have made a lot of positive moves n 2018 but ultimately have very little of substance to show for it yet.

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So he won with smoke and mirrors? How very Microsoft of him.

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Agreed, in games like this, good character creations go a long long way, BDO's one was amazing. I hope they're not copying other big publishers in this respect.. The Division and Destiny's ones were a joke.

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Doesn't have money : He's poor and trying to get paid

Has money: Greedy son of a bitch

Can't win suing Epic lol.

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This list is an insult to MK fans

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Expected but great they've confirmed it, ASW have built up a small but dedicated fanbase here in the West after all.

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That was S3, S2 they shown off Akuma, got the crowd hyped then shown silhouettes for the rest of the cast while simultaneously announcing there will be no returning characters from past Street Fighter games killing most of the excitement. S3 they did it the best by showcasing all the new characters in the AE trailer and was universally praised by SF fans for this decision.

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I honestly never even knew he was a musician and I've been a horror fan all my life.. makes sense though, Halloween is as well known for it's iconic tune as it is for Michael Myers.

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Long may the lone disagree forever hear that iconic tune playing in their head whenever they look over their shoulder.

@Smokehouse was it considered good? Damn! I regret not seeing it at the cinema now, I assumed it was going to be as bad as all the other new films abusing the horror icons.. still not recovered from the last Freddy Krueger movie.

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Well I'm hoping the decision to pull the video was done by the higher ups and is both them noticing and reacting to the censorship bollocks.

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Pretty much, I was a huge Blizzard fanboy, didn't just preorder every one of their games but happily bought a large amount of their merchandise too. I could decorate an entire room with my Warcraft collection alone but 2018 will go down as Blizzard's death for me. BFA was and still is a mess, Overwatch design decisions have been eyebrow raising to the say the least and then Blizzcon happened.

This HotS esport mess is like the icing on the cake. They've gave the ...

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Yes, the devs will go to Switch at least. In Japan the Switch is arguably the more popular platform as the Japanese love their ability to game on the go. Seeing as most of the issues stem from Japanese developers, they'll happily "switch" for their local fans while putting our a censored version for the West on the ps4.

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