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"Sako Naoto" Go home Kotaku you're drunk.

Cool article otherwise and doing that with F.A.N.G no less? That's very impressive.

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Agreed, even as primarily a PS4 gamer, it doesn't exactly feel rewarding with this exclusive crap, it just punishes everyone else really. Hopefully they'll be a better deal for Destiny 3 too assuming it gets made, over a year exclusive access to content is taking the piss.

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Well I guess you need to have something to gloat about to soften the blow when you see all those great games you won't be able to play.

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So true, gamers are really unhappy at the moment with Sony and it's showing with the lack of sales.. o wait nope, still first place for how many consecutive months now?

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That IGN interview was terrible, didn't really give anything away and nothing more than a thinly veiled advert. Where is the important info, like whether progress carries over into the final product.

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MMORPGs are usually like this though, you rarely see games in the genre pushing graphical boundaries, it allows them to be played a wider range of systems plus probably helps when designing things like raids. Black Desert Online is one of the few exceptions and the last time I played that, the draw distance in that game was so bad it literally effected your gameplay experience and that's on a high end system. FF14 certainly does seem a little crude by modern standards but it has it's ...

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Meanwhile at Sony HQ, too busy counting their console sales to even be paying attention at this point. Keep begging though Microsoft sympathisers, I've missed the console war!

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Exactly, while Microsoft/Nintendo and whoever are scrambling to get as many of their industry pals to run articles screaming about cross-play, Sony are too busy counting all their console sales. I can only guess these articles keep cropping up because Microsoft are going to try and use cross-play as a console selling feature for the nextbox, most likely to mask their lack of exclusives.

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The best thing about this Belgium situation, defenders can no longer use the it's just business, how dare a business try and make money line. I mean EA have always been unethical and subtlety isn't even in their vocabulary but breaking the law with zero beep being given.. that's a new low but what do you expect from a company that senior government officials have accused them of and I quote "using predatory tactics to lure children into online gambling"

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EA and competition in sports games don't belong in the same sentence. They've had healthy competition in many different sports genres and the ones they could, they monopolised the licenses to effectively kill the competition. Poor Konami in PES were feeding off of scraps with their CL license.. EA went and bought that too. With them, there is no such thing as healthy competition.

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The game isn't even out yet, regardless of opinion, saying it deserves war game of the year without even exploring the final product is premature optimism at best, shilling at worst.

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I wish they'd take that approach with everything including titles with spoilers in them.

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Fans gave pages upon pages of detailed constructive feedback on the official forums after the initial wave of controversy in the Battlefront 2 beta. DICE/EA gave out a bunch of nice little statements about how they're listening and making the necessary changes but ultimately it lead to the changes having minimal impact on the final product. I can't see this being any different.

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I'm suffering from a case of Déjà vu, DICE said the exact same thing regarding upgrade criticism after the Battlefront 2 beta and look how that turned out. Not even following the game but gun attachments being considered cosmetic has alarm bells ringing in my head, probably for the best it's not on my radar.

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Beat me to it. Sony is smart and they saw that there is more than enough third party shooters, grab a timed exclusive deal for the DLC and associate the PS brand with the big ones and then focus on developing games that helps to round off and diversify the PS lineup. The sales figures speak for themselves on just how successful it's been.

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Why? EA get a percentage of the profits for doing absolutely nothing. EA loves money, especially free money.

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It's still funny.. in a sort of sad, facepalm inducing way. What's next, Fortnite Anonymous?

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Surely if EA shows zero respect to Belgian laws, the Government has every right to ban the sale of the game or give it an adult rating until EA removes UT purchases from Belgian copies. Typical EA though, just plough through with zero *beep* being given. Not quite sure legally how it works but presumably EA feels they can challenge whatever ruling Belgium comes to in the European Courts and win.. how funny it would be if they lose and see even more countries following suit and banning loot bo...

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Nothing else in gaming can quite give you the same sense of pride and accomplishment.

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Apart from the fact the game actively punishes you for playing players out of position.

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