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If they'd love competition so much, why don't they stop monopolising the licenses... yeah didn't think so.

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I actually never knew that lol, I've always known it as Smash or Melee, Brawl etc, my bad.

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I think calling it a sequel is rather kind let alone trying to push the angle of brand new game. It looks like a port of Super Smash bros to me albeit an extremely well done one with extra bells and whistles and then some. Nintendo aren't exactly helping themselves with the naming either though, why not just call it Smash Bros Ultimate? It almost sounds like the sort of naming Capcom would use.

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Would make sense, they'll likely want it to be their own GTA 5, release it around the end of the current gen, work on it some and offer an enhanced edition months down the line for the next gen.

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They'll do that with the RE3 remake trailer if this one sells well, showcase Racoon City maybe even tease it as RE2 DLC then cut to a silhouette and it'll end with "S.T.A.R.S"

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Capcom don't make enough games to warrant their own show. They already outsource a lot of their development stuff as it is, their show would be as short as Square's one which also in all honesty just didn't even need to happen either.

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It is spin at it's worst but he/they have a point..why should Sony open the doors and give Nintendo access to all those users that they've spent over a decade nurturing since PSN's arrival while Nintendo were out there chasing an entirely different market? The whole not being able to access your Fortnite account on other consoles if you have it linked to your PSN is bad and that needs to change but Sony aren't going to budge on crossplay when they blatantly bolster vastly supe...

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Honestly, Sony shouldn't block people with linked PSN accounts from accessing it on a different platform and I hope that changes BUT expecting crossplay from them is stupid. They'd gain very little while their competitors would directly benefit from their hardware sales success.

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"the only thing that smoothly transitioned from D1 to D2 was the Eververse"

I never even thought of that actually, everything myself and my friends loved that got added over the course of D1's lifespan got shunned for the "sequel" yet they sure as hell didn't have to think abou bringing Eververse over with them. Funny that.

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"Command & Conquer: Rivals is an addicting game and fast-paced strategy game that tickles your nostalgia bone."

It looks and plays absolutely nothing like c&c or does just seeing the title tickle the nostalgic bone because in all honesty, that's about all this abomination has in common with Westwood's beloved series.

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Should have killed off Tess instead, even if it's just to replace her with someone else for Eververse, killing off Tess would have gone down really well with the fanbase.

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It will be. Back before DoA 5 launched, they toned down on the revealing outfits to market it as a legitimate fighting game with their "I'm a Fighter" thing they had going on. My guess is, they'll add a ton of DLC in the future which will offer plenty of boobage

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Honestly, the conference had hands down the best games showcased at E3 so far in terms of gameplay showings.. I was excited for Ghosts of Tsushima but after that showcase, it's my most anticipated game. If it plays anything like the showcase, it's going to be mindblowing, it was like watching a Samurai movie with that combat plus the visuals were God of War level. Sadly, the presentation though was just horrible. Still, it redeemed itself with the RE2 trailer, easily my other biggest ...

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Sure why not, just like Halo is a breathing simulator and on Forza it's sitting on your ass simulator.

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Fortunately it's all about the games but yeah that presentation format has to go. What they did showcase though, was by far the best games I've seen at E3 so far.

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Worse than EA's? Come on, at least Sony actually showed their games in action, for that alone puts it above EAs. The presentation was horrible that's for sure but at the end of the day, the games they properly showcased was by far the best games shown at E3 so far. Ghosts of Tsushima was absolutely mind blowing, as a fan of Samurai movies, the combat looked incredible and those visuals were insane.

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Redeemed themselves with possibly the worst E3 conference in the world? Yeah, no!

The majority of their conference was them waffling on and showing "in engine" footage. Their only real gameplay demonstration was some cringeworthy mobile esports crap the majority of viewers didn't even want to see. The best part of their conference was probably Unravel 2 and they didn't even make that game.

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Or for $29.99 get the super duper elite deluxe edition pack, 3 days early access, an exclusive big badass gun and a badass paint job customisation option

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I was joking during the cringe esportsy thing they were doing that all EA need to do know is call it c&c to really seal the deal.. I WAS JOKING DAMMIT! Someone do us a favour and take this abomination to EA's deathpit and put it to rest alongside Westwood and all the other once great studios EA ruined.

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Ninja Theory acquisition was unexpected.

I think it was a solid overall conference for them but ultimately doesn't make me want to buy an Xbox and just reinforces my belief that PS4 and PC is the way to go this gen.

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