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I knew it, the whole media bad mouths PS3 for not selling nice, solely based on USA sales Figures & ignores the worldwide sales figure. which is a shame.

GO Playstation 3.

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They are cheap and will fulfill Everyones/My Gaming Needs, i think it's worth a buy, Original controllers are always better but they are very expensive as well.

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Demon Souls is one sick game, i usually do not enjoy these type of games, but after getting it as a gift by my Brother, i was really surprised how much i actually enjoyed it. I played it twice.

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so you didn't took the time to actually read it. now did you.

It a sarcastic Article.

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Of course you need them, what is this [email protected]#T

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I enjoyed a lot of games this year including : Bad Company 2, GOWIII, Heavy Rain, Just Cause 2, Split/Second..... & so many more,

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Heavy Rain Was Tremendous Experience, So Was Bad Company 2, GOWIII & so many7 more.

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Meh, having a PC is good enough, or if this was my product i would have replaced Xbox with a PS3.

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This seems like something only Girls would be interested in.

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Same here. i hope it not a Nightmare.

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Who's He, i got off the COD train after WAW, i am just way to happy with MOD at the moment.

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Pfft, Mass Effect 2............................. ................. > IT'S F**KING GAME OF THE YEAR.

Its awesome that PS3 gamers could get top experience the Awesomeness that is Mass Effect 2.

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I hope you have actually played Kinect & are not just trolling.

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No wonder my MILF alarm started ringing.

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It's Awesome, Simple.

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Stop it, just stop it..... always point out whats BAD even if it's in something you dearly love.

Stop being a pathetic Fanboy as well, you don't how good Killzone 3 is gonna be, you are judging it before even playing it & nothing is more stupid than that.

Killzone 3 is looking one of the best FPS that we'll play next year.

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It sure does, the game also looks like a great improvement over the last game. can't wait to get it & play the heck out of it.

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Even if i can afford it i will not get this.

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you should buy the full version of the game, once it's $30 or something, the game is amazing but the Length isn't worth $60.

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